The Power of Numbers

Those experiencing Number Synchronicities such as “11:11” on their Clock repeatedly or receiving different bills with similar numbers on the same day already know of the amazing Power that Frequency Alignment holds.

Noticing a certain number Sequence while experiencing “Soul Shivers” is a sign of spiritual alignment that you can feel through your nervous system (Energy Meridians becoming active and firing with High Frequency Plasma).

It is the very opposite of the nervous showers of Fear (more specifically Anxiety) crawling down their spine that Humans are very familiar with from their usual unconscious experience.

Spiritual Guidance comes in many forms. Energy-Alignment via Numbers is one of the absolute Favorites of Spirit to help you keep on track and know if you are out of alignment or if you are doing what you are supposed to.

The simplicity of Numbers, an easily recognizable and globally applicable system that even the dyslexic are able to work with, makes it a perfect conduit for powerfully-encoded messages.

With this Resource, I want to educate you on the Significance of different Number Patterns.

Like Sacred Geometry, Numerology is 6-dimensional in Nature, containing a vast amount of Light-encoded Information.

This article shall serve as an Index Key to decode the information that you receive.

While the term “Angel Numbers” is still commonly used, I want to completely detach from that notion altogether.

Simply because it is deeply rooted in Religion and thus 4-dimensional as an energetic concept.

This no longer serves anyone with their Ascension.

Numerology is thus defined as pure Light Language, 6D Figures, that are interpreted either on a purely intuition-based level (5D) or you can eventually decode them yourself by activating your LightSight and decoding the information contained within (6D).

Numerology – the inherent Reasoning and Logic of Numbers.

Numerology as a Tool for Divination

Just like steering a ship into its port of destination, you have to check your life’s course by different means.

How aligned are you currently with your Higher Self, with your Soul?

This is called Divination.

There are many ways – truly infinite means – to divinate your course.

Some of the most well-known and energetically established ones for humanity are Tarot Card Readings, using a Pendulum, Mediumship, or Numerology.

Synchronicity = Frequency Alignment

The Nature of Spiritual Alignment always manifests via Synchronicity.

In Essence and at Heart, this is an energetic matching of your current Reality Creation process with what Spirit wants you to do and to be.

Just like misalignment is communicated with gradually increasing (escalating) severity of negative experiences – Pain & Suffering are the guides rather than Fun & Joy – the more you are in alignment with your Spiritual Nature and thus what your Soul wants you to do here, the more you get rewarded for it.

It is an energetic confirmation turned bodily realization – and therefore also a Trigger for your Ascension.

Your Human Ego will think “how is this possible?”, “this can’t be a co-incidence!” or “this is crazy!”

All the while your Soul will cheer you on to guide you along, helping you realize that you are infinitely more than you ever thought possible.

Number Sequences, since 2007, have been presented to Humanity to trigger their Soul’s Memory Matrix. In other words: Messages have been encoded in a way that the Human can at least decipher the basic underlying idea of it – usually while the emotional trigger behind it went either unnoticed or it simply did not compute as a trigger through numbers.

Numerology, together with Astrology, has played an integral role in the Ascension of Humanity, aiding in the remembering of their True Origins.

Spiritual Activations via Energy Transmission

So how exactly does this Memory Matrix Trigger work?

We will use the example of The Locksmith / Keymaker and that of Cryptography to understand this better.

The Locksmith crafts Locks to which a unique Key pattern is necessary to unlock the lock.

Both the Key (Masculine Principle) and the Lock (Feminine Principle) need to be present for the Magic to work.

In Cryptography, the original information is encoded so that it stays safe and secure while being transmitted (and for unintended eavesdroppers to not be able to understand the information).

Using the example of a door, a key is needed to both lock and unlock it.

If you do not have the key, you will not be able unlock the door to gain access through it.

For simplicity’s sake, let us not involve the possibility of forceful entry here and stay with the example at hand.

To decode the information that was encoded with a key such as a password or a numerical sequence, you have to know the corresponding answer.

When speaking of spiritual transmissions that are read and interpreted by the Soul on a 6-dimensional level, there is no such thing as forceful entry possible as the frequency does not allow for it.

Speaking in more current real-world terms considering digital technology, imagine a password so long and well-encrypted that no one could ever guess or hack it.

Also: Just because you and many others know the number 6, for example, does not equate to thinking and feeling the same way about it, let alone gaining the same insight from it.

6D Numerology, Decoded

Numbers usually appear in combinations. If you see the same number in succession, then the Energy of that number is amplified.

In some cases, it takes on a different meaning altogether, encoding a specific energy pattern (such as 1111, 1234 or 666, as decoded at the bottom).

The more attuned to spiritual guidance (divination) and the more proficient you become at using and understanding your own energy patterns, the more you will be able to identify the specific meaning of a number sequence at any given moment.

The base Frequency and thus the Truth of information held within, however, will always be the same.

A once established Truth does not change – as long as the core essence of it has been truthfully identified.


The Zero Principle. Source Energy. The Womb of Creation. Noticeably shaped like a Vagina.

The Number 0 represents the Birth of something.

While in Mathematics, 0 equates to “Nothing”, it actually happens to be the Cradle of Everything.

When you see the Zero Frequency manifest in numbers, especially for Midnight (00:00 resets the Day), it is an invitation to reset your Body & Mind – to realign with Spirit.

It can very well mean the announcement of a completely new chapter in your life (the actual beginning would show up as a combination of 0 and 1).

Zero Hour marked the new beginning after World War 2, Ground Zero described the sight that marked the definitive End of the American Empire.

So whenever you resonate with the Power of Zero, make sure to come back to the Basics, focus on the Core of your Existence and depending on your situation: Start all over again.

In Life’s true Application, especially for those who have yet to choose Ascension consciously in the Human Form, this usually equates to breaking up your current relationship(s), moving to a new country, giving up your job or your business.

Simply put: To surrender your idea of Life to Spirit – so that you can realize your Soul’s Purpose and learn to Love yourself wholeheartedly & unconditionally.

To re-create yourself from the ground up – start at 0.


Number 1 marks the Beginning. 

Truthfully, the 1 simply is the starting point.

It denotes the act of having moved into action – from 0 to 1.

From a spiritual perspective, it can easily be a point of guidance for you to put yourSelf first.

Your Soul, your Spirituality, your Ascension, your Happiness & Wellbeing.

1 does indeed denote what is Best – The Best for you.

The Number 1 also stands for Leadership in the sense that someone is First to lead off on something.

Going from 0 to 1, you have now started moving into action – Well done!


To the Human Ego, it also denotes “The Best”. That which comes first.

If you are very focused on your Egoic pursuits, then the 1 will remind you that this is the very Shadow you are enacting.

If your Soul chose to let you experience the Ego one more time before you ascend, then following this number will get you to where you need to be.

1 represents the Chosen One – a call to remembering your true purpose here.

You have been chosen as much as you have chosen yourSelf.


Number 2 carries the Frequency of Pairing, Duality, and the Existence of Feminine & Masculine Energy.

It also represents Polarity – a higher-conscious understanding of Duality.

Focusing on Number 2, Balance between 2 seemingly opposite (dualized/polarized) states can be realized.

When we give up the fight between Good & Evil, for example, acknowledging that both are equal measures to the same Truth, an enlightened state can be reached fairly easily.


Number 3 holds mystical powers. The Third Eye, The Number 33 (explained further below), Trinity, and so much more.

3 resonates with Intuition and your psychic Abilities (6D Light Senses).

It is also the number that is the first geometric completion.

Like Father, Mother & Child – it takes 3 to form a family.

Numerology 3 is a representation of Ascended Masters.


Number 4 – The Angel Number. Signifying great Synchronicity, Help (Asking & Receiving), Alignment & benevolent Guidance.

When you resonate with the Number 4, benevolent / angelic Beings are reaching out to you, offering you their Help, Guidance and Resources.

The Number 4 also represents the Destruction of the Human Ego.

Once there are 2 Pairs of whichever form and dynamic present (Couples, Brothers, Sisters or otherwise), 


Number 5 stands for Freedom & Truth.

The Throat Chakra corresponds with the 5, reminding you to speak your Truth and to not hold back when it comes to your freedom of/for expression.

Like the Hand has 5 Fingers that are shaped like wands and the Pentagram describes a particularly karmic History of Humanity, the Number 5 stands for Magic.


Number 6 holds many karmic imprints, mostly from days long past.

Focusing on Shadow Work, the 6 itself stands for Karma, Wickedness, Obsession with the material world.

It also signifies a necessity to return to the Basics.

On the Light Side, the 6 represents Harmony.

Number 6 is an invocation for Gratitude & Grace.

As the 6th Chakra, it offers Enlightenment.

A state from which everything can be perceived truthfully (upon integrating the Energy of Number 5).


Number 7 – Spirituality, Crown Chakra and Mastery.

Seeing the Number 7 in your life is testimony and remembrance of your Divinity.

Number 7 carries Royal Energy, like the crown that signifies it, and also marks the Mastery of a Human Being, reaching a level of Spiritual Evolution that is significant (Unifying all bodily Chakras).

7 marks a completion on its own – like 7 days to a week, or a 7 year cycle (such as 2012 to 2019).

When you meditate on the Frequency of Number 7, you will find Connection to a more universal, higher Mind.


Number 8 – Infinity, The Universe, Cosmic Balance, Abundance.

This Number signifies an Abundance of Energy coming your way.

That Energy may manifest in a great many ways.

Abundance comes to you via Money, Friends, Opportunities, Experiences and so much more.

Number 8 offers you an opportunity for reaching your inner Equilibrium

Like the 8 itself, it is perfectly equal, no matter which way you turn it.

Both aspects are perfectly balanced in a way that they have reached Equilibrium – a state in which that same balance has been permeated.


Number 9 – Completion, Responsibility, The Choice, Decision-Making.

When one has arrived at the last step – 9 – it is time to turn knowledge and experience gained into Action via Decision-Making.

The 9 stands for Leadership.

The Nine is the wisest of all numbers as it is the oldest and most experienced of all.

In order to reach Number 9, all previous numbers have to be reached first.

Seeing this number can also be an awakening to your own hesitance.

Standing still at the last step without making the decision and taking action.

The true decision made from this position and level of perspective will inadvertently lead to Number 0 – which marks the beginning of that which has been decided while then preparing to move into a State of 1. For only then does it start to manifest and be put forth into reality.

Special Number Sequences


Rooted in Ancient Egypt and adopted by various Masonic Cults, the “33” marks the highest degree of scholarly wisdom and is the greatest level of mastery one can achieve within the disciplines of the Old World.

Removed from that karmic past, the 33 is an indicator for the Ascended Masters.

When the 33 appears to you, you are being called to listen in, use your intuition, to connect with the Ascended Masters. It is like a call of duty. Most probably, they have come to remind you of your own greatness and the task you have to fulfill. Let your training begin.


369, as deduced by Nikolai Tesla, marks a Secret Key to the Universe and its infinite Energy potential.

3, 6 & 9, when applied to Ancient Egyptian Templates, will unlock the Power of Ancient Wisdom, alien in origin. This would be a higher 4-dimensional representation of the 6D Akash.

Using this number Sequence on a pyramid-shaped structure, you will gain access to the true power of your Soul.

369 symbolizes the Perfection of Universal Creation.

The Creator itself.

1111 or 11:11

The Twin Flame Number 1111. Especially common as a number representation on the clock as it strikes 11:11, this sacred number sequence reminds you of the Truth that many make up the whole.

While the Integrity of the unique individual is honored, coming together with others that are equally powerful and conscious, will amplify your consciousness to a degree that is unprecedented for the individual to ever dream of attaining.

The more Love you are, the more Light you can create.

11:11 is one of the most powerful numbers to confirm Synchronicity with the Cosmos.


The Number 1234 epitomizes the principle of “step by step by step”.

1, 2, 3, 4.

One step after the other, you reach your desired goal & destination.

Seeing this number sequence usually means that you are making all the right steps to arrive at the destination your Soul has marked for you.

All you have to do is to “keep at it” and not deviate from your current course.

You shall soon be able to reap the benefits of the good work well done.

2222 or 22:22

The other Twin Flame Number.

Seeing 2222 or 22:22 on the clock is a progression from 1111.

It very much symbolizes the idea of surrendering your individual identity to a Greater All.

Merging and fusing your Consciousness with another will make good on the Old World Wisdom of “The whole is more than the sum of its parts”.

This number’s Power is so strong, it is usually the first or at least one of the first numerological synchronicities that an awakening human will begin to notice.

Rather than focusing on the individual as with 1111 – 2222 is the number of the Family, Togetherness, Achievement through Unity.

If you find yourself in a romantic relationship, then this is your confirmation that you have met your Twin Soul, empowering the very meaning of that relationship and amplifyin your energies as you have merged into one singular entity.

Ironically, the signifier for that merge being complete can then easily be 1111 once more.

By going from 5D to 6D in Consciousness, you will inadvertently merge your Consciousness from an individualistic experience to a cosmically-integrated one.


While the information presented here holds true as a basic understanding of what Numbers signify and how Numerology serves Humanity on their Spiritual Journey throughout the Cosmos, it must be mentioned that the meaning given to each number or number sequence will always be somewhat unique to you and your individual imprints.

Just like with memories made and coupled with a certain musical piece or location, the Resonance you will feel from seeing and feeling a certain number will be unique to you. And only you can properly decode its meaning to you.

The more conscious you become, the more intuitive you are.

Once you reach a fully 6-dimensional consciousness, you can throw out all the books and learning materials: As an Ascended Master, you are now working on your very own creations.

As such, you dictate the meaning of numbers – or anything else – in your own reality.

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