This is the corresponding Twin Flame Article to “Sacred Masculinity – The Powers of God“.

For Completion (from a 6D perspective) and the purpose of Ascension, there are articles on the Dark Masculine & Shadow Feminine ready and linked here as well.

The Divine Feminine – Cradle of all Creation

The Divine Feminine Principle is the Source of all Creation.

Everything is birthed from here – everything she holds will be given form via Organic Creation.

The Feminine is indirect, passive, waiting, ready to receive.

It can be described as an Energy that is Loving, Caring, Beautiful, Compassionate, Surrendering, Healing, Motivating, Cyclical, Submissive & Nurturing.

This Energy gives Life to everything that it is seeded with by The Sacred Masculine.

The Divine Feminine is the Creator, Recipient and Giver of Love.

This Love permeates all of Creation.

Even that which is cut off from its True Divine Blueprint (such as 3/4D Humans) is, at its core, divine.

No matter how worthless you may feel: Your true worth & value is INNATE.

All you have to do is to surrender to that.

This, naturally, applies to all Women/Human Females.

Yet it also applies to Men/Human Males.

No Human, no matter how feminine or masculine they strive to be, is only one or the other.

That Reality is Duality and thus Unconsciousness.

Once a 5-dimensional State of Consciousness is reached, the Polarization of a Human makes it equally familiar with both Polarities.

These Polarities are mastered once a 7-dimensional existence has been reached.

Everything begins with Her.

She is the one that comes first (feel free to take this as sexual advice).

The Divine Feminine is the True Source of all Creation.

Feminine Energy

Feminine Energy stands in literal Polar Opposition to Masculine Energy.

Both Energies complete each other, one another.

The Polarization is only possible when both Energies are present.

The Feminine is the Receiving Energy.

Women give to Men by receiving them.

Without the Feminine Reception of Masculine Energy, Creation cannot happen.

The Feminine Geometry is that of a Flower of Life.

The Flower represents the Feminine Nature: Dripping with the Juice of Life, filled with Nutrition, always abundant in Beauty, Gentleness, Life-giving Sustenance and Loving Care.

6D Love Feminine Grace


Love as an Energy is Feminine.

Love is an Allowing.

Just like Water, it flows.

Obstacles are being allowed, therefore no Resistance can exist.

Love (True, Unconditional Love) is the Allowing of all that is.


Caring about and for themselves, for Men, for children, caring for others.

Care is the Feminine Way of Restoration.

Caring for someone, nursing someone, is the most beautiful expression of feminine Love when someone is in need of being cared for.

Feminine Care is the an expression of the belief “Your Life matters – you deserve to be treated well.”


Another Form of Divine Feminine Restoration is Rejuvenation.

Like (Self-)Care, a Woman that knows how to rejuvenate herself from her Heart and the Depths of her Soul will permanently be beautiful.

Even the most sexually-active woman – when done in completely alignment with her Heart’s Desires – can emanate the Energy of a Young Woman and Virgin.

As long as she knows what is good for her and truly listens to her Heart.


Nurturing, Breastfeeding, Feeding, Creating Sustenance and Food, Birthing Fruits to be harvested – this is all Mother Nature in its Pure & most nourishing Form.

All Life can be sustained when there is an Abundance of everything.


Life ever-lasting.

Infinite Resources.

Infinite Life.

Infinite Love.

A Well of loving Energy that never stops.

The Goddess is the Embodiment of Abundance.


A compassionate female can take away the pain of others.

By feeling their pain, allowing it, giving it love, women can allow those who feel pain feel a sense of joy, relief and love in that same moment.

This is necessary for healing to occur.


Surrender is Flow.

Flow is the Natural State of the Feminine.

When in a State of Surrender (as can be induced by drinking strongly femininely-charged Plant Medicine such as Ayahuasca), all stagnant Energies are removed.

Reception = Submission

The Feminine receives Energy.

The Female Human Body is a Receptacle.

She can only give birth to that which she lets in.

Receiving Energy, cleansing it, transforming it – that is the main task of Mother Earth, for example.

Being submissive to a dominant (masculine) energy will open her further and to the level of surrender that she experiences.

The more a Woman surrenders and submits herself to a Masculine Man, the more she can receive his Light and make it her Love.

Her Love can then be given to her Man (ready for the taking or ripe to be harvested like a fruit tree).


Forgiveness is the Feminine Way of saying “It is okay”.

Nothing is beyond Forgiveness.

Everything can exist within Love – no matter how “evil” or “dark” it is.

To remember who you truly are, you first have to forgive.

To forgive, you have to open your Heart and allow the Energy to be – that same energy that is stuck and has turned into Trauma, even more permanently Karma, even.

Feminine Forgiveness first, Masculine Gratitude second.


Faith, removed from its religious burden (5D+), is one of the most Power-Full traits of the Feminine.

In the darkest of moments, having Faith in herself and the Goodness of her own Heart will turn the tide from Darkness to Light.

From Hatred to Love.


When a Woman’s Sexuality is practiced in divine alignment, she will always be a Virgin.

The Divine Wells of her youthful Energies will replenish and she will be able to offer the same clean and pure energy, time and time again.


An eternal virgin (due to the cleaning and reset through replenishment of feminine energy), a woman can be and stay fertile forever.

While an unconscious Woman’s Fertility is easily and quickly depleted, a conscious Woman’s Fertility will still follow cycles – yet she will always replenish herself eventually.

Her Feminine Fertility is the Match for His Masculine Potency.


The Feminine is Beauty-Full.

Her Beauty inspires the Masculine.

Beauty is attractive as it helps everyone remember their true nature – as well as the many different ways that Beauty can be expressed.

Thin or “overweight” – when it is the true 5D+ embodiment of Love & Light, then everything is beautiful.

Starving and torturing yourself for “Beauty” or being a sloth that can barely move are equally despicable and ugly choices to make.

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder – which is You Yourself.

If you find yourself to be beautiful with an Open Heart, then nothing can stop you from being the most attractive version of yourself.

Only then will you be able to see and appreciate the Beauty of others.


Expecting goodness does not mean that it comes easily or quickly.

Having the Patience to wait for all good things to come while working towards it with Love, Care & Compassion is the best way for a Woman to realize her Dreams & Desires.

The Feminine Principle is Time.

She has more Time, therefore she can literally take her time with everything.

As long as she is in sync (Flow) with her Heart, all that is hers will arrive in good time.


Flow is feminine Action.

Like the River Waters, through simple surrender of and to her true Nature, she can achieve anything and everything.

As her Heart is open and her inner Well of Inspiration and beautiful Energy is laid bare, the Powers of the Goddess are embodied and realized.

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