“The Ego” has had a notoriously bad reputation amongst Humans for quite some time now.

Be it in Spiritual circles, religious texts and teachings or simply modern culture – The Ego is the enemy that needs to be vanquished, fought, suppressed & controlled.


I remember being in Saigon | Vietnam in 2016, starting and building out my first business, where I found myself amongst the young and aspiring Digital Nomads who, for the most part, thought so much and oh so very highly of themselves, superior to the rest of the world.

The Ego/I is the Enemy – fight yourself to the Death?

Ironically and hilariously, it was then I first saw the very popular works of Ryan Holiday centered around “The Ego is the Enemy.”

Your Ego is, as per the Greek etymological derivation, simply the I.

So whenever you seek to control or vanquish your Ego, all you are thereby calling into life is a struggle in which you are fighting yourself.

Do you want to get rid of yourself?


There is a way to do so and it is quite straightforward: Suicide or Death.



is it Self-Acceptance, an Allowing of your I, that you are looking for.


Even better: Do you want to Love your SELF?


Imagine what would happen if you were to fall in Love with your Ego – you ardently learn to love your current idea of SELF, thus realize the Truth:




No matter what you do about it, change it, improve it or whatever else you attempt – your Ego will still be there.


So all you can do, after all the fighting is over, is to accept yourself.

Only then will you understand what it means to truly vanquish and defeat your Ego.

The Human Ego does not know what Love is – so it seeks to assert itself in an effort to be more important, more worthy, simply better than others.


Once that has successfully failed:

Having all those Millions and still not feeling good about yourself.


Having had sex with all these people to boost your false sense of self-esteem and not feeling confident.


Having accomplished so many things yet nothing has filled the inner void.


You are ready to go beyond the Unconscious Human Experience and discover how great you truly are.


Kill your Ego with all that you have never allowed yourself, forgive yourself and never look back.


The more you do that, the lighter you will feel.


The more you accept yourself, the more you will accept others.


Instead of focusing on your own perceived wrongdoings and shortcomings that you see mirrored in others, you will focus on everything that is RIGHT with Yourself.


To see the good in others, you have to see it in yourself first.


To bring goodness into the outside world, you first have to know that there is goodness within.


Practice Self-Love – and you just might end up getting it.


Give to yourself all that you want others to give you.


Stop being a parasite siphoning energy from others and start creating from the inner place of Infinite Source.


Do that and you will see how quickly your life will change for the better.


SELF-LOVE, LOVE FOR SELF, is the only way to kill your Ego forever.

Ultimately, seeking, discovering and committing yourself to your SPIRITUALITY will automatically take care of your Ego.

Your sense of Self will merge into an Infinitely greater existence throug the organic process of Ascension.

Enjoy your Ride from the Human Ego to Your Higher Self – it may very well happen much faster than you ever could have expected.

Your Ego is your Enemy as long as you don’t understand WHO YOU TRULY ARE.