The Gift of Fear

Have you ever wondered what the purpose of Fear might be?

Fear guides you towards and into your deepest Shadows.

So that you can experience them.

Live through them, learn through them, eventually become them – to accept them entirely as a part of your being.

If you reject and ignore them, they will destroy you.

If you choose to face your Fears with Courage, you will learn to accept them as your own.

Eventually, you will even learn to love them.

To see Fear as something permanently Negative or “Bad” is merely a Reflection of one’s own Illusion and Cowardice.

Love is True, Fear is False.

Your Greatest Light lies in the depths of your own Shadows.

These are aspects of your Soul that you have to retrieve – to remember who you truly are.

The Importance of Shadow Transformation Work

Without consciously facing your Shadow, you will NEVER be able to illuminate an aspect of yourself that has the potential to become your greatest Light.

Using my very own example: My greatest Fear used to be that I am Evil and that there is nothing that could ever redeem me.

In October 2018, I remembered the severity and vastness of the evil – MY EVIL – that I enacted across past lives.

One life, in particular.

I knew that I had exactly 2 choices:


1) Kill myself

2) Forgive myself


As I am here, 5 years later to tell you about it, you know which choice I made.

Fun fact: when you practice 2), 1) eventually becomes the exact same thing.

Every time you forgive yourself, you kill your Ego.

And along with that your guilt, shame & false beliefs.

Now, you may wonder how any of this is relevant to you?

Why have you found these words and they found you?

As a God Being yourself, a Divine Creator of consciousness, you too have the ability to create anything you like. As limited as you may feel in the Human Experience, everything you think-feel-do creates your reality.

Now, that reality can either be Good or Evil.

Light or Dark.

Hatred or Love.


Have you ever found yourself creating a reality that was not to your liking?

Of course.

Did you then blame it on someone or something else (‘God’) because you were neither willing nor able (willfully ignorant) to assume responsibility for it?

Well, that’s Evil.

Have you ever told a lie in an attempt to hide the truth?


Have you ever wished someone misfortune by cursing them one way or the other?

Evil again.

You see, there is no such thing as an ‘only good’ person.

That in itself is the lie that a great many people live in.

Which is why psychopathic killers are such a blessing, by the way: They take a lot of evil upon themselves to show others their own.

It is all a Mirror Game – as long as one does not understand this, consciously process it, one is liable to play the game in perpetuity (at least until Death ends that particular experience).

If you want to become ‘a good human’ or much more even than that, then knowing about the evil you are capable of and integrating that directly translates to the good you are capable of and can create.

Your Darkness becomes your Light.

And what you once feared most has now become what you love most about yourself.


Becoming a Conscious Creator

Without knowing when, why and how you are creating Negativity (or Positivity) for yourself, you will never be able to work in Harmony with the Universe (5D+ Lightworker).

It is only when you at least acknowledge the fact that your own Creation knows both sides – Good & Evil.

You can be your own worst punisher – our you can be your own greatest delight.

That choice can only be made consciously once you have illuminated your own being.

Knowing your SELF is the absolute requirement to being a Conscious Creator – to being a God or Goddess in your current Human Form.

The more you reject aspects of yourself, especially come 2024-2026, the more you will suffer a conscious Death.

Feeding your own Fear with more Fear is going to strip you of your own Life Force.

That Life Force will only be yours once you have learned to free it from the shackles of Trauma, Karma & your Shadows of the Past.

The sooner you get to work on that, the sooner you get to live a life that is truly divine and godly in Spirit.