Karma is the sum of all your beliefs and convictions given weight by your deeds and actions.

In a dualistic world, there is positive karma & negative karma.

This has at length been discoursed and explained in Religion, Buddhism & Hinduism specifically.

It is also worthy of mentioning that the concept of sin in more modern religions (Abrahamic) is of a much lesser understanding and consciousness than what the Ancient Vedics (Descendants of Osiris) understood about the World.

Given the more modern interpretations of the Vedic teachings on Karma, one could simplify this concept as follows:

Good Deeds 👍🏻
Bad Deeds 👎🏻

In the World as it exists now, a Planet of a 5D-6D Consciousness, there is no such thing as positive karma – only negative karma.

Karma is ultimately an express manifestation of unconsciousness.

Acting out beliefs that you have either accrued in other lifetimes, earlier in your current lifetime or handed down through lineage (ancestral karma), is not aligned with Spiritual Truth as it exists on Planet Earth RIGHT NOW.

4 Different Types of Karma

Present Life Karma

This is the Karma you have accrued to date in your current incarnation.

Usually, most Karma at this time is centered around Money/Business, Friendship/Relationships & Spirituality (or the false practice thereof).

Due to the Frequency of our Planet and recent adjustments in Consciousness towards Higher Principles, the karmic debt & load from your current life are rather minimal. 

Past Life Karma

Deeds done in previous incarnations. This makes up the BULK of your Earth-bound Karma.

Depending on what incarnations you have chosen in the past and the depth of your Darkness manifest (The Nature of Evil), your karmic debt may either be unbearable or somewhat manageable.

If you have chosen a lifetime in Earth’s Dark Ages, you most certainly have experienced great Evil – both received as well as given.

I personally have made it a point to go further than anyone else and commit greater evil than what was imaginable before.

To prepare for my current role, I had to go through challenges unprecedented and unheard of.

As a result of that karmic debt, after dying in the radioactive fires of Chernobyl, my life became so unbearable at Age 14 that I was ready to kill myself (and energetically did).

It also caused my extremely rapid-intensive Awakening & Ascension.

It allowed made me go from mostly 3D-Consciousness to 12D-Consciousness in just 5 Earth Years.

Make no mistake: Your past life Karma is BY FAR the most important on your Ascension Journey from mere Human to Galactic Being.

There is a reason you have forgotten your previous lives: You can’t bear to remember it in your current form.

The Journey to TRUE SELF is only attainable through Remembering.

Remembering EVERYTHING.

Ancestral Karma

Also called Lineage Karma, your direct Ancestors imprint you with their own set of DNA.

That DNA holds certain beliefs, experiences, trauma and otherwise.

In the Old World, before 1980, inheriting your parents’ belief system was a given, a standardized norm to enable the Human Experience.

Since the 1990s, those belief systems have been changed & transformed more and more, even before the actual point of incarnation.

Since the 2010s, every single human on this planet is somewhat aware of their Ancestral Karma.

Everything that is ‘wrong’ gets questioned, the path to morality & ethics has become an individual idea, more so than a pre-defined mindset.

Once a 5-dimensional consciousness is reached, you tap into your indirect Ancestors’ Knowledge.

This usually dates back to the past 200-250 Years as there are well-defined borders for how far Karma can be passed down through Lineage.

It is very easy and normal to confuse Past Life Karma with Ancestral Karma.

In some cases, your Past Life and the Ancestor’s Life that you are remembering are one and the same thing.

In other words: You yourself, as a Soul, have incarnated into that Lineage before.

Ancestral Karma is usually rather Light- and therefore easier to heal and remember – as it does not reach into what is known as ‘The Dark Ages’ at this point.

Galactic Karma

Galactically-accrued Karma is a completely new level of Karma, so far unbeknownst to Humanity.

The Pyramids of Giza are a Technology of a non-human. alien nature.

The Wars that have happened throughout the Galaxy (this part of the Universe) are given to and interpreted by humanity in various works of popular Science-Fiction (Movies such as Star Wars or Video Games such as the Halo Series).

Your Galactic Karma begins coming into effect the moment you realize your non-human, alien nature and origins.

None of this Karma will be Earth-bound, even though you may have visited Earth as an alien being.

When people speak of Starseeds, Pleiadeans, Arcturians, Anunnaki etc., this is what they are referring to.

Galactic Karma is much more complex and takes much more time to resolve than Earthly Karma – simply because of the involvement of entire foreign species and galactic systems.

If you are incarnated on Earth at this time, rest assured that you have alien lifeforms helping you, acting as your Spirit Guides.

The Stages of Karma as Consciousness

This step-by-step Conceptualization of the different Realization Stages of Karma requires this essential article of the 12 Dimensions of Consciousness for understanding.

3D – Karma Unconscious

Imprinted in your physical DNA, you have different sets of beliefs that are rooted in your immediate past, your distant past and your lineage – generational/ancestral Karma.

You have no idea that your beliefs are a sum of the aforementioned conditions, therefore you are acting them out unconsciously.

You don’t know why you think the way you do, you just do.

At this Level of Consciousness, the only way to alleviate your idea of sin/karma is to try and do good things in the world and paying the ultimate price, sacrificing your life force energy to redeem yourself through death.

4D – Karma Awareness

This is the Level that most of Humanity finds itself at (until 2025).

Past Life Comments are made, either somewhat seriously or as part of a joking expression.

Karma is mentioned extensively when someone experiences a negative situation.

A lot of contemplation and self-reflection happen.

The line between Good & Evil starts to dissolve a little bit.

This is also the Level of Awareness necessary for an individual to seek out Healing & Improvement, even in a pseudo-spiritual way by going through religion.

Awareness of Karma exists, a resolution for it does not.

One has to go beyond its current consciousness to learn the Truth.

5D – Karma Conscious

Our current planetary GAIA Consciousness.

You have accepted your karmic load & debt to such a degree that you start working on alleviating it.

You seek out Healing in many, various forms.

Plant Medicine, Meditation, Yoga, Detoxification, etc.

You experience “Instant Karma” as the mirrored match happens in real time, without delay.

At this point, creating new Karma becomes impossible.

Once an upward spiral of conscious Healing has begun, due to the supportive structures in place since 2012, it is very difficult to stay stagnant and not move into a Higher Consciousness.

6D – Karma-Free & -Integrated

At this Level of Consciousness, the Integration of Karma as Pure Light Frequency has occurred.

You effectively don’t have any Karma anymore once you have reached this Level of Consciousness.

That which was your Karma and effectively your own worst enemy, blocking you from realizing your own Greatness before, now has become your greatest Source of Strength & Power.

Navigating your individual experience has now become such a conscious reality-creating affair that you can’t help but enjoy it all.

Even when you sometimes may fall into a lower state of consciousness in which Karma is momentarily created, you will (almost) immediately become conscious of it and will be able to resolve it – as if nothing ever happened.

Karma Freedom means ‘Nothing Evil ever happened’ – because it is all seen as part of a greater spiritual playbook that can never go wrong.

Even the Darkest Darkness serves the Light.

Always has, always will.

Divine Justice Scales

7D – Divine Justice

With Karma as a Tool for Learning eliminated, something of a MUCH greater Frequency takes its place: Divine Justice.

Effectively, this means that every deed done is held in immediate regard of Spiritual Alignment.

Justice is done according to the level of severity of the deed.

Amongst beings of such a Frequency, 7-dimensional individuals, there is no such thing as Karma. They are both fully aware of what they are doing, thinking, intending, enacting.

Once the level of Divine Justice is reached, Karma can be no more.

From the perspective of looking down upon the lower levels of consciousness, As Above, So Below, Divine Justice manifests itself as Karma.

True Freedom can only be attained through PURE CONSCIOUSNESS.

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