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Serapis Light Profile July 2023


I AM Serapis Light.

My Human-Earthly name is Dominik.

With Planet Earth now moving into its final Stage of its Ascension, together with all its inhabitants, I have incarnated here to help facilitate and lead the general Ascension Process (Earth to 6D, then its Galactic Integration).

At this point, upon completing my own 3D-12D Ascension, it is my Duty & Honor to help those on Earth who have chosen to inherit the New World.

In this New World, Karma, Trauma, Shadows & Ego cannot exist.

To exist on Earth beyond the Year 2028, you as a Human must have reached an at least 5-dimensional existence to enjoy your existence and not drown in absolute chaos.

By 2033, any Consciousness below 5D will no longer be supported and thus cease to exist.

This Website serves as a digital representation of my Consciousness.

I created it to serve you on your Journey to finding your inner Truth & realizing your Divinity and remembering your Soul’s Purpose on Earth.