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My Message to Humanity

Beloved Humans,

The Time has come to remember who you truly are.

With the Planet going into its final Ascension Phase, completing it in 2027, it is now of utmost importance to ascend as fast as possible – to reach a minimum 5-dimensional existence (Open Heart Human) by 2028.

Life below 5D will no longer be supported come 2029 on this planet – and thus will lead to your life not being enjoyable nor liveable if you do not open your Heart to the Truth of your Soul.

Humanity is very late to its Ascension, at this point.

The Grace Period is over.

If you do not choose Ascension now, soon enough, you are going to ascend via the old-fashioned way (Death).

All the crises, catastrophes and stories of impending doom (religious & scientific) are the result of an Old World that is taking its last breaths.

So what will it be: Ascension or Death?

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