The Definition of a Leader

A Leader of is someone who, through his own life experience, knows how to show others the way that they intend to walk.

Someone can be a leader of a trade, a political party, a war or any other endeavor in which others choose to participate in.

As a Spiritual Leader myself, I have lived 27.000 Years worth of dense-as-Earth experience and remembered it ALL. I know how to lead others into their own God Self while being in the human incarnate form.

You Lead yourself first, then you lead others.

A Leader can only lead on others in an area of his very own experience and expertise.

When someone in a leading position realizes and recognizes that they are not the best at something, they will defer tasks to others who are better at it than them.

Appointing others and filling roles with those who are best-suited for the task is one of the greatest responsibilities a leader has.

When a Leader is no longer capable of fulfilling his duties, he resigns his post and transfers the Powers to someone else who can replace him.

Temet Nosce – Know Thyself

Knowing yourself entirely is the very foundation upon which Integrity is built.

You have to know in equal parts what you are capable of – both Dark & Light.

You can never expect to lead with your Light without knowing your Darkness.

Trying to be one thing without acknowledging the other is False Light at best – and thus Dark entirely.

If you do not know your SELF, how can you ever expect to show others the way to SELF?

The blind have led the blind for a long time since Atlantis on Earth – that time has come to an end since 2012.

The Journey to God is the Journey within.

Some of that which you will find within will enlighten you, you will thoroughly enjoy discovering different aspects of your SELF.

Many other aspects, however, will terrify beyond belief and wording.

The Darkness within is something Humanity has gone to great lengths to hide, reject, deny and cover up for over 26.000 Years now, since the Fall of Atlantis.

Being a shepherd to the sheep is only possible when you know THE WAY.

Knowing the way means knowing your way.

Becoming God in human form through Ascension means to remember EVERYTHING.

All the answers necessary to lead yourself and thus others home are within.

All you have to do is go find your SELF.

Masculinity is Leadership, Femininity is Surrender.

In the modern days of Human Confusion, many women assume that they can be ‘strong & independent’ while having a busy life of making money, having children and simply managing & doing it all.

This insanity has already revealed itself to be toxic to Human Society – yet many still don’t want to see the Truth.

Leadership, Strength & Independence are all Masculine Traits.

Care, Nurture, Love & Surrender are all Feminine Traits.

It is as simple as that.

A Man is equipped to go find himself in Nature, in Business, in Life.

He ventures through harsh life lessons and after having proven himself, can rightfully call himself a man.

Or he dies honorably in the process.

A man who does not seek adventure, harsh lessons and puts himself to the test is not a man.

If that sounds familiar, then ask yourself why we have succumbed to a crowd of criminally insane people (Feminists & LGBTQIA) who are both confused and filled with Spite & Hatred, living in a feminized society which rejects Divine Masculinity and Divine Femininity equally?

The Masculine finds himself and his Light & Power in the Fires of his Darkness, then leads the Feminine into Love by supplying her with the Trust, Support & Protection needed for her to open herself to the Divine Feminine within her.

Lead Yourself, not Others

A true Leader leads by simply being himself.

He is the example for others that they can appreciate, admire, secretly talk about, try to copy, take advice from, whatever they choose.

He simply goes about his way and stays true to his Honor & Values.

Wanting to help others live a better life and offering advice is in itself honorable and respectable.

Yet that cannot happen at the expense of one’s own wellbeing.

Being a sacrificial martyr for others is not only not enjoyable, it is outright narcissistic.

Wanting the attention of others is something only insecure people do.

And as those are still the vast majority, being a Leader truly is a rare character and always has been on Planet Earth so far.

A Leader needs no Followers

He is enough unto and for himself.

He does not define himself by the amount of followers, onlookers, the approval or disapproval of others.

That is for little girls and boys who are insecure and need their parents’ permission before making a decision.

He is his own Judge and his own God.

There is nothing anyone can say that will make him deviate from his path – for only he knows where he is heading, why he is heading there and what will await him there.

Others will recognize the Power of this individual and therefore choose to follow him wherever, whenever.

Unconditional Trust is established because it is earned & deserved.

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