About Serapis Light

The Short Story

After living 25 years of strong emotional challenges, experiencing a wide spectrum of abuse, loss and being lost, I finally found myself in August 2018.

After living through cancer in my family, seeing my father die for 5 years, nothing but problems at school and a lot of disappointment from those I believed to love (women) to then quit university, travel the world, start my own business and become as free as a human can be, I finally arrived at my final destination.

My Spiritual Purpose, my Soul Mission – what I came here to do.

Then induced by 5-MeO-DMT, I reached the same and much higher levels just 6 months later – through rigorously intense Spiritual Discipline, deep Shadow Work, not giving up on Love and always re-aligning myself with Spirit.

Come Summer 2019, I used my year-long aggregated funds to travel the world and to do Energy Grid Alignment Work for the Planet.

Already knowing what was about to happen in 2020 – The Great Ascension Shift for Humanity – I needed to make haste to complete the task at hand.

Starting with the energetic destruction and re-appropriation of the Vatican in June 2019, I traveled to Egypt, Paris, London, Ireland, Manhattan, Washington D.C., The Georgia Guidestones, throughout California, Las Vegas, Mt. Yellowstone, Mt. Shasta, Hawaii, Japan, Thailand, Bali, New Zealand, Australia, Latin America, Peru/Sacred Valley, Europe, South Africa, Istanbul and finally: Egypt again in December 2019 to destroy the templates of the Illuminati and thus the inverted planetary Reality since the Fall of Atlantis.

After traveling throughout Europe, Jerusalem/Bethlehem and then India, my last deeds were the alignment of the Crown Chakra in Tibet/Nepal, March 3rd of 2020 and visiting Angkor Wat, Cambodia.

Shortly thereafter, the energetic flow of Ascension emanated from the Planet, ‘infecting’ humanity with the ‘virus’ of Consciousness, making them aware of how sick and insane they truly have become by suppressing their true nature for far too long.

I used the years of 2020 and 2021 to integrate my experience and to make plans for the next steps.

Come 2022, I started being of Light Service to Humans on a personal, integrated level. That meant living with them and helping them in exchange for the basics of life.

Having had such rapid success thanks to Plant Medicine, I started testing out different methods in early 2023, running a Retreat Center in Tulum, Mexico.

In August 2023, my Ascension was complete while it took me until mid-October to fully realize just that.

Since November 2023, I have been preparing the 2024-2026 Chapter on the planet.

Continuously training others to do Lightwork at an at least 5-dimensional level, I shifted my focus towards 6D Training with the big Shift that occurred in March 2024, complete in April.

Integrating all aspects of my Ascension as well as my Past Lives, having been a part of the Galactic Council since April 2019, I continue to define the Spiritual Evolution of Planet Earth as well as taking on more and more galactic roles & responsibilities.

The Full Story

Due to the immensity and energetic mass of my Ascension & Lightwork since 2018, this is work in progress.

Everything is currently complete until mid-2019.

I will keep updating this as I finish my Story (which I expect to achieve for Summer Solstice 2024).

My Human Incarnation

October 14, 1992 – October 14, 2017

On October 14, 1992, I incarnated into a German Family of 4, being the youngest of 3 sons.

My Human-given name was Dominik Grüneberg.

Our Upper Class standing made life materially rich, replete with BMWs, all kinds of Toys and multiple Holidays per Year.


Due to the immensity of my task, being a Spiritual Leader on Earth, I decided to incarnate with an activated 5-dimensional Template.

I experienced an activation of my sexual Energy when I was around 3 Years old.

Shortly after I got moved into Kindergarten, I was sexually abused by my Female Kindergarten Teacher – this, together with the lack of Love I felt from my Mother, left me mistrusting Women from early childhood on.

In fact, the Fear of Abuse is more apt an expression to describe my feelings towards Women from here on out.

In 1999, we moved from the Danish/German border to the Dutch border in Northwestern Germany.

Due to the massive Frequency Shift in 1999/2000, while entering my first year of school, I felt how different I was.

As others felt that, too, I was soon the target of excessive bullying.

This built a lot of strength from an early age on within me, without ever resorting to physical violence (which I promised not to enact, unlike in many previous incarnations, finding a different and better way to deal with abuse).

By the time I was 11, I realized how I do not fit in.

Due to my 5-dimensional Activation, I was looking for Love in every way I could think of it – Girls/Women.

When I had my first romantic experience at Age 13 and then my first sexual experience at Age 14, I came to realize that I really did not like myself.

This realization, coupled with a materially rich yet emotionally dysfunctional family situation, made me want to take my life at Age 14 already.

Knife in hand in the middle of the night, with a farewell letter written, something (my Soul) stopped me – I simply could not go through with it.

So I decided to completely go my own way and simply shut myself off to the World until I had found a better solution.

Successfully failing my way through school, realizing how meaningless this entire system was, I became an auto-didact thanks to the internet, reading and learning English, History, Politics, Philosophy and much more until the early morning hours – to then go to school, half asleep.

I did this for several Years until, at the very end of my school time, I became more social by participating in alcohol-drinking and partying.

Getting myself somewhat stuck in a relationship that would lead me nowhere, just like my drinking and excessive video game addiction, I was then faced with 3 cases of cancer and 1 suicide in my immediate family.

Once I finished school, after having realized that I have a problem with outside authorities, I knew that I could not have a job.

I bought myself time by attending different universities, getting away from the Trauma and Desperation at Home helped me in making several good decisions for myself.

Then, in September 2014, my father finally died after 5 Years of Pain & Suffering.

While the loss hit me very hard it also liberated me: I knew that I now had to become my own man and take care of my myself in every regard – including financially.

After a few nightmare sweats that Winter and saving up Money by working, come January 2015 in the middle of Winter, it hit me: If I don’t change my life now I may as well end it.

There was nothing about my life that I truly enjoyed.

So I went on to look for answers.

In April, I found them within a week from one another: South East Asia was the location, Amazon FBA (eCommerce) was the Business.

I made my decision: Before I turn 23, I will have a one-way ticket booked to Chiang Mai, Thailand, to start my 1st Online Business.

I spent my last summer ever in Germany to then arrive in Chiang Mai early on the 9th of October, 2015 – with a good 10.000 Euros to my name.

I quickly found my way around and got to work.

As strange as the culture appeared to be, I felt at home immediately.

I knew that this was everything I had wanted.

Within a few months, I made many friends and started selling my first products via Amazon USA.

In January 2016 I moved to Vietnam and started working through the whole year, taking just a few days off.

Almost running out of money, with my back against the wall, I had the opportunity to prove my resolve and determination: What was I willing to give to make this work?
Once I had made all the right decisions, my first Online Business Money started flowing by the end of January.

By the end of the Year, having had more and more success and having built my confidence between working, socializing and many hours in the gym, I felt like returning to Europe.

In January 2017, I moved to Budapest, Hungary, after I had fallen in love with the city upon my first arrival there the summer before.

Experiencing a Strong Eastern European Winter with below 0 Day & Night for 8 Weeks on end, all I felt like doing was sleeping, eating and watching Game of Thrones.

Once Spring came, around April, I realized that I had suppressed and ignored a fundamental problem of mine for far too long: My non-existent Sexuality and sexual function.

I hadn’t had sex in 4 Years at this point and Erections were more or less non-existent – at Age 24.

Once I finally got a Testosterone Lab Test done, the results were shockingly awakening.

Despite my exemplary Health Lifestyle – Diet, Weight Training, no Alcohol/Substances, … – I had lower Testosterone levels than an 80-year old.

After a hot and somewhat enlightening summer, in September, I both made the choice to start Hormone Replacement Therapy as well as booking a Private Tour to Egypt, including the Great Pyramid.

I had no idea that this was to be the beginning of the End for Dominik…

My Spiritual Awakening

November 2017 – August 8, 2018

When making the decision to go on this very expensive trip to Egypt, I had no hesitation. There was such a strong call for it, I simply could not deny it.

Having been extremely rational in recent years, I could not explain this feeling – yet it overpowered all my doubts.

After visiting various Tombs & Temples as well as The Sphinx itself, something changed in me when I entered the Peak Experience of the Trip: The Great Pyramid.

Once I returned to Budapest, my Hormone Replacement Delivery from the UK had arrived.

Just a few days after that, it was Black Friday.

When I started my Online Business, I had the goal of making an average of 10.000 USD per Month Profit while having everything on autopilot.

Between Black Friday & Christmas, I multiplied that several times over.

On December 19, I made more money in 1 Day net than most full-time working Germans make in an entire month.

All the while I was visiting the Opera with my Brothers, doing no work whatsoever.

While the feeling was great, it also made something obvious to me: 10.000 or 10 Million – I couldn’t care less about Money if it doesn’t derive from something I truly care about in my Heart.

After a very emotionally upheaving beginning into 2018, I made the decision to visit a destination I had been longing to see for myself since I was a child, watching Animes: Japan.

This was when I truly felt a Spiritual Awakening happening that was lasting – for over 3 Weeks, I had the most amazing time of my life and automatically stayed away from work and my laptop for this time, other than checking emails and for my own entertainment.

Spending a month in Lisbon with a good friend, bringing I returned to Budapest, signing another 1-year lease.

After having good results with hCG, I decided to drop it and go straight to therapeutic Testosterone.

Being mentored by one of the leading figures in the Hormone Replacement Game at that time (Jay Campbell) who also had great initial spiritual training to offer to me, I felt confident in pushing my body further.

The results of it all you can see right below – Dominik as a fit, healthy & successful entrepreneur at the young age of 25.

And yet, I was not happy nor satisfied with myself.

I was missing something fundamental – and it was time that I discovered what that was.

On July 14, while visiting a Trance Festival in Prague with friends, I took my first Ecstasy Pill – it directly led to me agreeing to an Ayahuasca Retreat on Mallorca in early August.

I first heard of Ayahuasca in December 2015 from a friend – once I heard the word, my entire Being was vibrating undeniably – I knew, I eventually had to do it.

I also knew that it would mean facing my innermost Fears.

And there I was – ready for it all upon having exhausted the limits of my Human Self and its Experience.

Dominik July 2018 BUD
Dominik July 2018 BUD 2

My Ascension

August 8, 2018 – October 14, 2023


Death, Rebirth & Full Awakening

2 Retreats for my Full Awakening

On August 1, I was getting ready to leave to Valencia very early from Budapest.

Walking through the city for over 10km in an intense Heat for many hours, I felt unstoppable – with infinite Energy.

That Night, we went to an EDM Event on Ibiza. Not getting any effects from my 2CB Tablets, I tried liquid Mushrooms.

Next thing I know, all I can see is Demons & Darkness in the Club.

Experiencing an immense Psychic Activation, not only did I feel Fear – I saw Fear.

This was my first conscious encounter with the Darkness since I was a small child.

A few days later, I took a ferry to Mallorca – my 1st Ayahuasca Retreat was coming.

In the scorching Heat of an early August Spain, the first Medicine I tried was Kambo. I resisted the Frog Poison, not willing to show Weakness or Surrender to it. My Resistance and Strength Training had paid off – the Shaman has never seen someone do what I just did.

I would soon realize that my idea of Strength was Resistance – and it was getting me nowhere anymore.

The next Night, my first Ayahuasca Ceremony unlocked so many Doors for me, it took me until the End of the Year to unpack it all.

After an initial disappointment of the 1st Dosage not doing anything, once the 2nd came, I was gone within Minutes.

Seeing myself in Ancient Egypt, meeting and talking to the Soul of my 4 year-deceased Father, laughing like never before, accepting my own Insecurities and Fears on a level I never knew existed.

I had unlocked my 5-dimensional Template fully now.

The 2nd Night was a Continuation and Integration of the 1st – I did not actually need it.

The next experience was neither planned nor offered – yet it was most instrumental in my Rapid Awakening.

The Shaman offered 5-MeO-DMT in the form of Yopo. Within 5 Minutes of absorbing it, I died.

For the first time, I experienced a complete disassociation of my human-physical bodily experience and went to meet Source – met by my Spirit Guides.

I was told that it is time to ACT NOW. A lot of cleanup has to happen and I was to have an absolute leading role in this process.

My Search was finally over, after almost 26 Years of looking everywhere, I finally had found it: This was my Destiny, what I came here for.

My Life finally had a Purpose – and my old Consciousness was done.

Dominik Grüneberg died on August 8, 2018.

Only 1 week after that, against my hesitation, I booked my 2nd Retreat for mid-September.

What called me most was San Pedro / Mescaline as a Medicine.

I knew that my Testosterone Therapy was merely the masking of a symptom – not in any way a solution.

Also, I specifically asked to meet a spiritually-activated Woman soon while on my 1st Retreat. Little did I know that I would find my Twin Soul during my 2nd Retreat, along with the most challenging Journey I had ever undertaken until then.

After visiting Odessa 1 Year after my first extremely sickening visit, once more looking for Love, I realized that I was searching in the wrong place entirely.

I also would very soon learn why I got sick upon crossing the border the summer before and my obsessive fascination with Chernobyl 1986 since I was 10 years old.

Having my Mother visit me in Budapest and spending a good time together, I arrived at the Retreat once more on September 13.

I was ready for the next step.

The 2nd Night being filled with great Evil and a Demonic Exorcism, myself drinking 3 Full Cups, I unlocked Powers and a spiritual depth of being that I never knew existed within me.

I also recognized my Twin Flame at that Retreat.

When September 17 arrived, I was ready for my Initiation into my Sacred Masculinity – and my first Hero’s Journey into my Shadow, Karma & Destiny.

Once I returned to Budapest, I knew that my old life was forever over – and that after watching The 1st Matrix movie so many times, I had finally done it.

I broke out of the Matrix (4D), never to return.

When I met my Twin Flame again for 3 intense days of intimate bonding, Lovemaking and mutual Activations, everything happened very quickly.

We experienced a depth of Love that I never thought existed.

And for the first time ever, I truly felt that I had found her – and found true Love.

October – My Shadow Work Begins

While she was about to leave her old life behind, leaving for Bali, I just returned to Budapest on October 9.

That evening, I booked my flight to Bali 1 month later.

That night, I met my first Shadow Entity/Demon face-to-face.

After having been haunted by “Shadow People” and regularly having very dark nightly dream experiences that summer, I now finally got to face it with courage, rather than

In the following weeks, I switched to a completely plant-based / vegan diet to cleanse myself of my old life (going from a bloated-muscular-painful 88kg to below 80 in just 2 weeks).

Remembering my Darkest Incarnation broke me – yet it made me resolved in what I had seen 1 month before during my San Pedro Sacred Masculinity Activation.

Shortly thereafter, visiting a Shaman for deeper Past Life Remembering & Shadow Work Activations, I went straight to Chernobyl – finally, I was about to find out why the 1986 event had fascinated and terrified me since I had first learnt of it as Dominik.

Realizing my most recent Past Life in full Physical Reality shifted my Perception of myself and thus all Reality completely & forever.

Feeling a massive relief upon completion, I had about 10 Days to close my Old Life completely and leave for Bali.

Come early November, during one of my daily meditations, I fully realized my past life in Ancient Egypt.

This was congruent with what I had first experienced 1 year before while physically in Egypt, experiencing the full opening of my pineal gland (and thus permanent access to The Astral Realm) as well as my more recent Ayahuasca Experiences.

This time, though, due to the Shadow Work done, I realized how dark and low in Frequency that life’s experience truly was.

Seeing a Dark Sun, right above The Great Pyramid, I gained my first direct insight into true Human History and ultimately the Fall of Atlantis.

November – My karmic Past unravels

Once I arrived, meeting my Spiritual Partner / Twin Flame, the Shadow Work entered a completely different level, revealing infinitely more of my Darkness & Evil to me.

Upon leaving Budapest, for the first time ever, I missed my flight due to missing my actual flight’s takeoff by 1h as well as a huge traffic jam to the airport.

When I arrived, check-in was already closed.

I was purposefully slowed down to prepare me for the biggest Shadow Work Event yet to happen to me.

I booked another flight, leaving the next morning.

Arriving on Bali in the early morning on November 9, I stood at the luggage collection carousel.

All I could think while watching the carousel moving: “This better be worth it”.

When arriving at the welcome area, I simply could not see her.

Our Frequency was not matching so she was invisible to me.

This was a product of my extreme incease in Frequency – while she suppressed her Shadows more than ever.

Sitting in the taxi together, “the air” between us was very off.

Once we arrived at the Tree House in Ubud, nestled in the back of an Organic Farm, the first thing I remember is stepping into the Heart made of Flowers as I did not see it.

Immediately I knew that this does not bode well for what was coming next.

Extremely Karma-conscious at this point, I felt Guilt arising.

That night, we took a small dosis of San Pedro: The pain of losing my father in 2014, now filtering through 6D Templates of Divinity, defined as “The Father”, was cleared and released.

The next day, we continued with San Pedro-dosing.

When a tropical-torrential rain & thunderstorm arrived around noon, we just started remembering slaughtering and torturing each other in that Spain Lifetime I already uncovered.

Working through the Duality Template turned Polarity between Feminine & Masculine Energies for Humanity, she was the victim, I was the perpetrator.

While I asked for Forgiveness, being on my knees, I couldn’t believe that this story got even worse than what I had already uncovered the month prior.

She was guided to forgive – whole doing anything but that.

Through my Guilt, I was an easy target for any kind of manipulation in this moment – especially by her.

And so I found myself burning different parts of my body with incense – including my testicles.

I ate a spider (my Shadow Animal since childhood) and found myself going out into public, naked.

The Guilt & Shame was so great, I somehow had to absolve myself of it.

And embarrassing / humiliating myself in public seemed just the right thing to do.

Shortly thereafter, it was over.

While she was certainly very intent on continuing my torture, the process ended.

The Day thereafter was 11/11 – which carries many different energies, including judgment with it.

Once more, in an extremely unpleasant yet highly effective way, I found myself cleansed of my Guilt & karmic imprints within just 36h.

Not knowing if there was more to be revealed, we stayed together at other pre-booked locations across Ubud.

On the 20th, we separated into 2 different locations in Canggu, situated on the sea.

From here on out, I could continue my work without seeing much of her.


December – Ending my Karma

In early December, we attended a Leela game led by a Russian Man in his 40s, highly 4D-trained and -activated.

It wasn’t until the End of the Year that I started to realize: Setting an (un)precedent example by 5D (even 6D) blazing through my individual Human Karma in just 2 months, I was on a massively-accelerated path that would prepare me for what was next: Lightwork around the World.

It was also on the last day of December that I dissolved my UK Limited – and therefore ended my self-made gravy train of automated income.

The signs couldn’t have been more obvious: Even though I was fully stocked in both the American & European markets, I sold less than 1/3 of what I sold during the same time frame the year before.

I did not know what was to be next when it came to the reality of Money being needed in a Human World of inflated & greed-driven value exchange – but my guidance was very clear: You will never have to worry about money, ever again.

Considering the factual Truth of my feeling in late 2015, when I first started it all, that this is merely to set me free from the Job & Money Slavery Matrix and not to be truly fulfilling nor it being my purpose on Earth, I felt all the more confirmed in completely trusting the process.

I had absolute faith in my Spiritual Guidance – and started to have ultimate faith in myself.

2019, Part I

6D Enlightenment & Preparing my Mission

My 1st Dark Retreat – 6D/7D Enlightenment

After an emotionally challenging start of the year, purging more of the pain of my life as Dominik as well as the death of my father and my attempted suicide at age 14, it was time to meet my Woman to go to Ko Phangan, Thailand, together.

While still on Bali in December, we booked a 9-Day Dark Retreat together.

Hearing of the opportunity instantly interested me and I knew I was ready for it.

Just like my intuitive insight with San Pedro months ago, I was certain that this was to be the next big step on my journey.

Shortly upon landing, I realized I was to be without Woman – she left straight for Bali.

Oh well – touché, little girl.

I was more determined than ever – hardened by that loss which also did not come as a surprise given the previous 2 months, yet it still struck me at my Core, in my Heart.

Thus it served as an opportunity to reassess who I am, how I feel and what Love is to me now.

And it made me realize very clearly, how much Love I now had for myself. It was overwhelming.

On January 26, it was finally time: My Dark Retreat began.

Just a few nights before, during Dreamtime, I realized that I would die in there.

I welcomed it with an open Heart – within 3 Days, I was in such a deep State that I began to realize: I am about to reach the DMT-induced state of consciousness from August 8.

Except this time, I did all by myself, without any external/exogenous means.

On Day 5/6, the breakthrough happened.

I learnt how to use my Lightbody/Merkaba to travel across Galaxies and do Lightwork on a completely different level now.

Both on and off planet – at the same time.

What was once mere fantasy and imaginative had now become experiential reality.

While my communication to my Spirit Guides was very clear yet rudimentary and simplified before, now I met them face-to-face in there.

I could see their Pure Light Bodies sitting there with me. Right next to me – we were all gathered in a circle.

My Telepathy now reached a level at which I could have a full conversational exchange even with my eyes open and driving around – all I had to do was focus intently on my own being.

Within just 3-4 months, I had absolutely mastered Telepathy of a 6-dimensional Consciousness.

After all the Shadow Work of the Months past, I also got to sit with my own Luciferian Consciousness once more – to say goodbye forever.

At sunset on February 4th, I left the Dome.

I had reserved myself the option of doing 14 Days – on Day 8, I realized that there was nothing more for me to be gained by staying longer than 9 Days.

I had to resurface and recover from the depth of this experience. And there was an adventure to be had for me very soon.

When I exited the Dome, greeted by my great Host Santosh, everything was vibrating.

Looking up at the Stars, all I could see was Frequency & Light. Exactly like I experienced with Yopo on the Night of August 8 the year before.

That evening, stumbling around the Jungle for a walk, I saw my first Fireflies.

Like Pure Light Manifestations given animal form, I was fascinated by the leaves that now seemed to talk to me as well.

I could feel and see Frequency now.

What I did not know was if this state was about to last – or to disappear once more.

Either way, the fact of the matter was: I knew I had done what I set out to do 6 months before: “I need to reach this Frequency on my own.”

I had done a whole lot more than just that, as I was about to find out.

The next Day, once I had truly returned to my Earth-bound Body, I learnt that the Woman that was supposed to have the Dark Retreat with me was about to go to India.

Something felt very off and alarming about the way she talked about it – yet I had to go and see for myself.

Having connected to the Energy of Shiva in the Dome, a guiding light for my own Sacred Masculinity, I was excited to meet him in his homeland, exploring the Vedic History layered underneath India.

After 5 days of deeply resting, sleeping and eating, having secured my visa to India, I decided to go to the local open air gym. After all the excessive & hardcore training I had done, I never came close to fainting. This time, after just 20 minutes of physical exercise, I lost consciousness.

Another young man from Poland helped me get back on my feet.

This was my confirmation of the intensity of the Dark Retreat – and how my entire Body had changed at a cellular, DNA level.

India – Cultists, Vedas, Enlightenment & Black Magic

From Bangkok, I flew to New Delhi – not being able to book any flights, I took an 8h road trip to Rishikesh, over the bumpy roads of India.

Once I arrived and settled in, I went to see Mooji – along with 1000s of his ardent supporters and loyal cultists of various worship ambitions.

It was an extremely enlightening experience – showing me the falsehood of Indian-derived Enlightenment, all built on the illusions of the Mind. It also exposed the “Conscious Community” like I had felt before – yet never realized with such clarity what it was all built upon.

On February 14, I learnt that the Woman that was still my Twin Flame was now with another man (another boy to control and take care of) and about to come to Rishikesh with her new-found friends from a spiritual group.

Looking at it from my recently remembered experience, everything about it screamed Satanic Cult. The moment I learnt of it and started thinking the latter, a thunderstorm came down in full force.

Once I met her, saw her and attended their little Cult meetings, all I could see was Reptilian-Draconian manipulation – coupled with Indian/Vedic Black Magic which massively amplified the effects.

From Shapeshifting to Dark Spell casting and the entrapment of the Soul in a grid of false Love & delusional Community belonging – it was all designed to siphon Energy, twist the Mind and manipulate Feelings.

In short: It was Old World Evil. Old World Methods were employed to siphon New World Energies. Multiple Starseeds in their late 20s to early 40s were part of this cult. They all looked much older than they were – a manifestation of the energy-consuming nature of their community.

All I did was observe and decipher what is happening and how exactly it works from a purely energetic point of view.

By the end of Day 2, it was time to break my utterly lost & arrogant little girl out of it.

Once she realized what happened and I explained it all to her – she went right back to what she did best: Run in complete denial of herself.

It was then that I realized how much I had learnt to despise Women throughout my life – by sheer merit.

Talking about Love all day and doing the exact opposite. And now, through spiritual activations that fully brought their Shadow to the fore, the female Ego was bigger than it ever had been.

There were self-proclaimed Goddesses everywhere.

And if you don’t believe it, you are misogynist who cannot handle a strong & powerful woman.

Spiritual Feminism.

Lies, Deceit & Manipulation.

Karma did indeed show its most ugly side in India – while I realized how free I was to do whatever I chose. Untouchable by the Darkness, immune to it all as I had removed all its leverage on me in just a few months.

I was now on a Spiritual Mission of planetary correction and alignment. And the next few months were to the final preparation for exactly that.


Dominik Bali Apr. 2019 e1698165029269

Dominik Bali, Apr. 2019

Final Resolution & the 2nd Dark Retreat

Come March, I found myself on Bali – with her in more denial than ever, all we could agree on was to do a Dark Retreat together as was originally planned – March 31 to April 5.

I started to wonder why I am wasting my time with her.

But I knew it wasn’t over. Not yet.

Emerging from the Darkness once more, this time after 5 Days, after an initial admission of her being wrong in the wake of having her Shadows illuminated so starkly, she went right back to her old Self.

Trying to humiliate and embarrass me, as per usual, our Resonance became less and less.

Even the Sex that was once the greatest experience of Love now slowly became an arduous task of Energy Transformation for me – having to deal with her unresolved Shadow Trauma while I was ascending into a pure Form of Light.

Feeling quite awkward after this 2nd Dark Retreat, I also felt a completely new level of Energy & Aura coursing through me, surrounding my being.

I had now started reaching in to 7D Consciousness on a much more permanent basis.

Just a few days after leaving my 2nd inner Enlightenment experience, the Galactic Council contacted me to tell me that there was “a lot of work” waiting for me. I was filled with excitement – and met with Fear & Jealousy by my Twin Flame.

We spent almost 2 weeks together on Ko Phangan after the Dark Retreat ended.

All signs were pointing towards a final breakup that would leave me free to do my work, unhindered.

On one of our last days, we went to a hidden bay on the other side of the island where there was a “Conscious/Ecstatic Dance” t o take place at night. Taking Psilocybin while there, I once more saw the “Conscious Community” in action. And as always, I was far less than impressed.

Also, my prediction of her trying to publicly embarrass and emasculate me was correct.

Once we made it back to the pier with a boat, while driving the scooter, it just hit me: This is over. And there is no going back. I cried tears and almost didn’t notice the curve in the road. But I also felt a sense of relief.

Just like with my father’s 5 years of slow death, despite the grief and the confusion, it is a huge relief when the suffering and pain finally comes to an end.

Realizing that this was over, I left for Bali mid-April while she went back to Germany to see her family.

“You are the Leader of Ascension” – Becoming fully 6D Kryst Conscious

I barely arrived in my House in the Rice Fields of Ubud, my final stage of spiritual self-acceptance began.

Now freed from the Shadows of my now former Twin Flame, I had more than enough Energy, Time & Space to think clearly – knowing that I had given it my all to do right by her, love her, guide her and help her on her path.

A few days into my 2 weeks of being there, I was told “You are the Leader of Ascension” – and thus to be Spiritual Leader of Earth.

Even though this is exactly what I was given and While I first rejected it, suggesting someone else must be it or that I could be one of the leaders but not the leader, I eventually gave up my fight and surrendered to it. Fully so during my last 2 days & nights on Bali which I used to do a Mushroom Ceremony for myself for the Full Moon.

It made me reach Kryst Consciousness in full embodiment (6D), allowing me to now fully establish myself in a 6D Consciousness, soon to be reaching far beyond that, into 7D.

I left Bali on May 20, visiting Budapest and a few old friends for the first time since I left it all behind 6 months prior.

Around the same time, my old Flame reached out to me – vowing to make right what she had wronged. We had booked a trip to Italy together 1 month before. We left to go to Naples on June 1.

At this point, the only reason I agreed to going on this trip with her was my Spiritual Guidance asking me to do so. And soon, it would all come to an end – one way or another.

Twin Flame Split, destroying the Vatican & Becoming Serapis Light

Since she was so bound by her karmic imprints of having lived her life for money and the illusion of wealth as superiority & comfort for a lack of Soul (literally selling her Soul for Money, many times over), going to Italy on an expensive trip was just perfect to bring all that to the fore.

Starting in Napoli, The final destination was the Amalfi Coast.

Already knowing quite a few details about my past life as a (gay) fashion designer of the post-Renaissance time in Italy, I was excited to see what else may surface for me.

While her streak of ingorant Bitchdom took on new heights, the decision of where this was going was truly reached while being on Capri.

Amplified by the energies of this very karmically-loaded island (with Atlantean imprints underneath) and the absurd of money spent on our hotel (700€ per night), I then mentioned that I had dried mushrooms that I grew myself just before leaving Budapest the year prior.

Since she brought up the idea of doing a ceremony, I mentioned the extra items in my luggage.

The moment I did, she became very fearful.

Once again, all I could feel was projection of her own rejected and therefore Shadow aspects – just like always before.

After we checked out a shoemaker, making typically Caprese shoes, and me being interested in the red or green version of it, she remarked how that is once again “The Elites, the Vatican” and my Dark Past.

Having integrated all of it at that point, shining in pure 6D Light, I simply told her: “I wasn’t the one having 1000€ dinners just a year ago on someone else’s dime – I was working my ass off, building my own business while living in South East Asia on 600€ a month.”

That sealed it.

She closed herself off and that was the end of it.

Once we left Capri, the finale was about to happen.

We reached the Amalfi Coast.

Staying at various places, we reached our final destination: A Spa Hotel, right on the ocean.

On our 2nd last night, from June 8 to 9, we took the dried mushrooms (Golden Teacher) in the evening.

The last thing I heard before I laid down to get into my quickly-developing process was “I don’t know why I can’t trust you”.

While first slaying some demons of my darkest past, getting to a much deeper level than I had ever experienced before, I then found myself – fully within my Lightbody – at the entrance of the Vatican, then standing right in front of the Egyptian Obelisk.

When looking at the Vatican from above, you can see how the Vatican itself is shaped like a keyhole – and the Obelisk is the key that powers it.

Having received and integrated all my wisdom from Ancient Egypt, I recognized the energetic signature being used here – which was then very easy to break for me.

This effectively reclaimed all the stolen Energies of about 2.000 Vatican Years from the Darkness, reintegrating them with the Light.

Once my process was done, I was resting in peace.

Making a move on her, I could see how – once again – I was the devil and that she had to protect her perfect-loving Self from me.

Shortly thereafter, feeling a disturbance of energy and awakening from my rest, I saw her on top of me, putting her hand on my heart.

All I could feel was evil intent, seeing that she was holding an energetic dagger, with the destination of my Heart.

I immediately put up an energetic barrier to protect myself.

Next thing I know: She is screaming in pain.

And there she did it: She closed her Heart off, permanently locking away her 5-dimensional Self.

The next day, she was crying and pretended like she didn’t know what happened.

When it was time to say goodbye, I felt the finality.

I needed to rest and decided to go visit my mother’s far up north (I was in Frankfurt). I rented a car to go there.

While on the road, collecting several speeding tickets, I felt the freedom & relief – like never before.

About 1 week later, the final messages were exchanged.

According to her shaman, I had now lost my Soul and was beyond saving.

I now knew for sure: She is going to go ahead and be herself, seeing it through until the bitter end and its logical conclusion.

If you want to see where her path led since then, you can do so here: Her Instagram.

Freed from the Insanity of a little girl and an evil Witch who had very serious Shadow Work to do to help Planetary and eventually Galactic Ascension, now doubling down on her Shadow, I was about to begin my Lightwork Journey around the world.

This should have been a Journey of Two – The Masculine & The Feminine united in 5D Love to bring 6D Light – yet now, I had to do all of it by myself.

Story Complete until here – Please come back later

2019 – Part II

Planetary Lightwork, Defeating Evil & Ending the Illuminati

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Lightwork Complete & The End of my Human Existence

The Year that changed everything for Humanity, The Planet & Ascension.

While I was resting after the Energies of Old had been purged, I was preparing the grand finale: Activating the Crown Chakra in the Himalayas which would mark the End of my Journey, set for 03/03/2020.


1 Nepal Crown Chakra Activation March 2020

1 Nepal Crown Chakra Activation March 2020


Preparation & Integration

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Light Service

With the last hours of 2021 spent moving from Cyprus to Mallorca with my girlfriend, I was ready for the big 2022 – a year that I had foreseen to be huge in my 2nd Dark Retreat April 2019.

Living in the Cold of an unheatable house (due to the energetic void and closedness of Heart by the woman subrenting it in bad faith), I spent 8-10 Hours a day for several weeks, just sitting with my laptop and recording my first Video Course.

When it was all ready to launch in late February, I quickly realized: This is not going to work.

We just ran out of the money we had and I did not have the time nor resources to market the course nor did I see it being the time for it.

Next thing I know, it is early March and we move in with a Family of 4 on the other side of the island under a ‘Workaway” premise.

Quickly upon arrival, that turned into a 2-months commitment of emotionally and spiritually helping a distraught family run by women with no man in the house to give a sense of guidance or direction.

In these 2 months, I got to witness a lot of human kindness as well as the nastiest back-stabbing behavior there is.

Being so walled-in to my process and of Integrating the Past and preparing the future in 2021, I really had no idea what the average Human Experience was like after the 2020 Shift and all the Vaccinations done.

Filling the fatherly role in the household, it provided me with a great perspective of my childhood and family situation in the past – while finding a new level of compassion amongst my strict directness.

What also became infinitely clear, just like living with a closed-hearted leftist bitch for 2 months prior in a shared house, the Matriarchy is hard at work once more.

Since my girlfriend didn’t do any of the healing work I asked and required her to do, she quickly fell into the victim role in the presence of a dominant motherly figure like her own was.

I often found myself 5:1 sitting on at the lunch or dinner table, being the only man in the household.

3 adult women and 2 girl children sitting across from Sacred Masculinity, providing Strength & Light.

The occasional visit of the older, c0nfused lesbian sister did not help that.

Once again, I found myself in a highly accelerated learning experience.

I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Except this time, I had to completely surrender to the experience as I had absolutely no financial means left and thus nowhere to go.

I was put in a position of constant defense, ready to stand my ground and not walk away as I had done in the past when I considered a situation non-negotiable or futile.

I now was forced to put up with the Human-unconscious Bullshit, highly amplified by the nature of being polarizing in 2 ways: Being a Man amongst Women and being the Light amongst Shadows.

While it did make me realize how powerful I am, it once more illuminated the Shadows of Humanity in a post-2022 World.

The human karmic past of slavery, “my house, my rules” (so that I can protect my own Shadows), and the idea of Money.

The idea of money passing down through lineage, no matter how unearned or undeserved – rather than merited through goodwill and high Spirits.

The utter lack of Self-Love (for which reason most women have to talk about Love all day long – in an effort to suppress it).

Yet the truth was: 


Serapis Dos Ojos Nov 2022

Serapis Dos Ojos, Nov 2022


Ascension Completed


Divine Justice

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