I. Spirituality

What is Spirituality ?

In Essence, Spirituality describes your true Nature.

It is who you are and always have been – you simply have forgotten that when you came to Earth and incarnated into a densified field of matter that disconnected you (Descension)


Finding your Spirituality as a Human requires you to become aware, accept, realize and become your very own GOD SELF.


Coming from a World of Unconsciousness with much Karma and Negativity in needing of clearance, you need to rise through these lower Frequencies to reach the Level at which you can consciously perceive yourself as a Divine Being (The 5th-Dimensional Human Template).

To get there –¬†you have to Ascend.

Ascension itself is the path towards Spirituality for any being that has descended & densified itself.

To live and exist in Pure Consciousness, without Fear and with Ultimate Power by being ONE with SPIRIT.

To remember your Divinity as a Human, Ascension and thus an Increase in your Frequency is necessary.

II. Ascension

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