This is the corresponding Twin Flame Article to “Divine Femininity – Powers of the Goddess”.

For Completion (from a 6D perspective) and the purpose of Ascension, there are articles on the Dark Masculine & Shadow Feminine ready and linked here as well.

Sacred Masculinity – The Architect of all Creation

The Masculine provides Order, Structure, Rules & Law to Society.

When The Masculine starts to embody God-Consciousness (5D-6D), his Role becomes that of “The Father” or “The Almighty” as it is understood in 3/4D Religion.

His Strength, Courage, Valor & Integrity provide the Safety & Security that make up the Backbone of any societal construct.

Without his Leadership and fatherly Guidance, everyone and everything is lost.

Plants, Animals, Humans, Aliens, even building a House.

Masculinity is the Structure & Form – Femininity is the Essence & Flow.

When The Masculine Light uses The Feminine Love, Creations of 5D and beyond become possible and real.

On a 6-dimensional level, Temples of Divine Architecture can be created solely by using geometric forms of the corresponding Consciousness.

When The Feminine surrenders to The Masculine while He fully stands in his Divine Power, then God & Goddess become ONE.

The Masculine is the Principle that guides, leads, directs, protects and loves through his actions of Valor & Honor.

Masculine Energy

Masculine Energy is direct, proactive, taking the lead and “making it happen”.

The Masculine initiates.

It has Edges, geometrically like a Square or a Triangle.

Masculine Energy is overt, external and obvious.

A Sacred Man’s Aura points outward, like his genitals.

He is the electrical current, the Fire that runs the engine.

He carries the Seed of Life that fertilizes the Egg of Life.

His Thoughts are the polarized Energy Pattern to Her Feelings.

Lion Man Warrior


The Masculine Version of Love.

When a Man loves, he shines a Light on whoever or whatever it is that he holds dear in his Heart.

Enlightenment can only come from an at least 5-dimensional Consciousness – a closed Heart begets a sad & dire Reality.

An open Heart that is of Masculine Polarization will shine his Light bright and clear – for everyone to see.

It is his Light that opens up the Feminine Heart to her own Love.

That is why Ascension is, first and foremost, Masculine in Nature.

The Light shines bright upon all those who are willing to Be it, Receive it & Embody it.


His Strength is the Power that drives him.

A Sacred Man desires to be stronger so that he can protect, provide and care for those that he loves and holds dear.

Only with an Open Heart can a Man become the Embodiment of Godly Power.


Courage is needed when your own Capabilities are not sufficient to meet the challenge you are presented with.

Courage is what gets a Man through his Trials & Tribulations in Life.

Without Courage, there is no Strength.

Strength is derived from Courage as you choose to meet your challenges, no matter how inapt or incapable you may be at the moment. 

The Feminine Equivalent to Courage is having Faith.


Pride is the emotional expression of Confidence.

Therefore, Pride has nothing to do with Arrogance.

A man that takes Pride in his Work and in his Achievements will serve with his Skills in Honor & Integrity.


A Man’s Honor is what makes up his Self-Worth & Value.

The more he conducts himself with Honor – a Code of Morality that he abides by, no matter what – the more he will perceive himself to be honorable.

To a strong and courageous Man, his Honor (and his Word) is everything.


With his Honor & Value System established, living in the Integrity of it every day – no matter how hard or difficult that may be under whatever circumstances – is the true test for any man.

With the right set of values, a Man is willing to die for the right cause and to defend himself at any given moment.

Where there is Integrity, there can never be Corruption.


Masculine Potency is the energetic Match for Feminine Fertility.

The masculine Seed stores the Templates for Creation – which the feminine Egg then fertilizes, nourishes and grows.

The Potency of a Man is his Prowess and Power to seed his Ideas and create the World in his own Image (The Powers of God).

The more potent a Man becomes, the more Light he can seed into Women.

The more fertile a Woman becomes, the more she can receive his Seed to create Beauty, Love & Compassion.


A Man speaks the Truth of his Heart & Mind.

He is straightforward in his language, always strives to be forthright and direct in his approach.

No Lie could ever taint the Truth of his Soul that he is willing to fight for.

The Truth itself is Freedom & Liberation from the Prison that Lies are.

Without knowing Truth, there is no Light.


His Judgment forms the basis for his Decision-Making.

Divine Judgment is made based upon weighing in all factors and opinions to then move forward with a well-informed decision.

Judging constitutes an assessment of the situation at hand.

Many despise judgment of themselves – yet only those who feel overwhelming guilt will falter in the face of false judgment.

True Judgment is Justice.

Justice is what keeps a society from becoming corrupt, despicable and destined to fail.

Justice and Truth always walk hand in hand.


What a Man loves and cares about, he protects with his Life.

Protecting a Woman/The Feminine, he allows her to open up by feeling safe, secure and deeply valued.


Keeping his Mind sharp and learning more, gaining more Wisdom to share with others whil retaining valuable information is one of the key identifiers of an intelligent men.

His Thoughts shape Reality, his Thinking leads and inspires others.


Being persistent in reaching his goals and dreams is a requirement to actually get there.

Having the Endurance to see it through until it is done.

The more you want something, the more you will see to it that it happens.


An open Heart begets a grateful Heart.

Giving Gratitude, giving Thanks, is to the Masculine what Reception is to the Feminine.

Only when he learns to Honor what he has can he move forward and bring more Goodness into the World.

Without Gratitude, there will be no Recognition nor Concept of what is valuable and what is worthless.

Men create Value through Gratitude – Women receive Value through Submission & Surrender.


The Masculine equivalent to Feminine Rejuvenation.

Men make repairs for Maintenance.

Through Resting and calm hours, Restoration at a cellular level can occur.

It is only through proper Rest that good & effective Action can taken. 


A Man takes Action once he has made up his Mind & Heart, and after he consulted his most trusted council.

What is Flow to Women is Action to Men.

It is the Action taken, with utmost Integrity and Persistence, that brings the Dream into Fruition.

That creates a Kryst-like Reality.

A man that takes Action from his Heart is an unstoppable Force – nothing can stand in his way, all Darkness shall be obliterated in the wake of his powerful Light.

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