V. Dharma

Your Divine Purpose on Earth

Once you have become aware of your Karma (higher 4D) and have begun healing (5D) and understanding (higher 5D) your Karma, you are now stepping into your Dharma.

Your Divine Purpose on Earth.

Your Soul Mission is revealed to you.

Be it for a singular entity called ‘God’ of whatever name or a construct of deified glory such as communism, money or any other source of inverted power, none of that which humanity has served or done was directly in alignment with its Spiritual Nature.

The Fall of Atlantis and therefore a densification into spiritual unconsciousness (below 5D) was planned.

It was planned for the purpose of experience.

Experiencing that which in the higher realms of existence cannot exist.

To experience Death.

To experience Pain.

To experience Suffering.

But also

To experience Love, Power & Light in Physicality, in an individualized form of Existence.

A most unique and daring adventure, indeed.

If you imagine yourself to be an infinite Being of Love & Light, then how much fun would it be to play a game in which you forget your true nature, testing yourself and learning from experiences that are universally unheard of?

If all that sounds evil to you and you feel a strong resistance or denial to these words, then ask yourself this:

Who made you come here?

Are you the victim of a galactic game that you had no power over choosing?

Or is it more likely that you, as a Soul and an infinitely wise being, chose to come here out of your own volition.

To test yourself.

To grow, live and learn.

To face adversity while not knowing your true & infinite power?

While this may be a difficult truth to realize, it is simply that.

The Truth.