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Here are all the Resources I recommend for your Ascension Path.

I make the stark disctinction between Light Work & Shadow Work here.

All mentions in the Category “Light Work” are of an at least 5-dimensional Consciousness.

All mentions in the Category “Shadow Work” are of a 4D Consciousness – the Old World idea of “Enlightenment” while being completely in the Dark, with a closed Heart and a hyperactive Human Ego.

Both Categories present an invaluable opportunity to learn more about YourSelf, your Past, Humanity, Human History, the Universe and the Nature of Spirit.

As we are still in a transitioning process on Earth for quite a while, bringing the Old into the New is a necessity.

I will rank the Consciousness of the Recommendation listed as well as comment on what purpose it serves/what its focus is.

Click on the respective Image to go directly to their websites.

Light Work

Teal Swan

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Teal Swan is a great example of a 5D Female Lightworker that fully integrated her 4D Shadows (since ~2022).

I highly recommend her work especially to and for Women.

She is a role model for being a highly psychically gifted Woman of great Spiritual Prowess & Integrity.

Speaking as a Man, I find her compassionate Honesty & feminine Leadership Qualities very attractive.

David R. Hawkins 🙏🏼 2012

cropped @@VPLogoHawkins2

David R. Hawkins was an Ascended Master of his time.

His work on Kinesiology to gauge Consciousness, as well as the Map of Consciousness derived from it has re-defined “New Age Spirituality”.

This is a man who dedicated his life to furthering his and human consciousness.

His Soul has my utmost Gratitude and Praise for the work he has rendered, helping me break through the last layers of my unawakened consciousness in 2018.

Eckhart Tolle

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Eckhart Tolle is a well-known and highly regarded public figure specifically for the “Enlightenment” movement. While most of his teachings are of a higher 4-dimensional consciousness, he speaks with an open Heart. He is an ideal teacher for all those transitioning from the Old World to the New World.

Dolores Cannon 🙏🏼 2014

Dolores Round Cut Headshot2

Dolores Cannon was an amazing teacher and motherly figure of her time.

Her channeling & earthly invention of QHHT provided a groundbreaking tool for awakening Starseeds & Lightworkers.

Having had a 3D grounding with 4D Activations in the Old World, then transitioning to a 5D Consciousness around 2000, staying around past 2012, makes her an extremely knowledgable being of both Old and New World.

Her Work created a most necessary bridge between that which was, is and that which will / must be.

While there are much more effective ways to tap into the subconscious and reveal Past Lives now, studying her work allows one to understand the Shift of Consciousness on Planet Earth.



Mooji aka Moojibaba. He embodies the Sacred Father to many who have enjoyed his presence.

While I saw a lot of Orion Mind Control in early 2019 as well as very heavy Energies in his Aura, he has successfully upgraded his being to 5D.

He speaks of the Human Mind with an open Heart.

Having reached a 5-dimensional Consciousness while coming from a 3D World is a most impressive feat that few so far have achieved.

Coming from an Old World perspective, Mooji has rightfully earned the title “Ascended Master”.

He is a great teacher for all those who seek to transcend their Human Conditioning and who have their Mind set – while their Heart is still closed.

Jordan B. Peterson

Maps Of Meaning Logo

Jordan B. Peterson has become the voice of reason in a quickly degenerating & spiraling-into-insanity Western World.

His Consciousness oscillates between Highest 4D (Peak Intellectualism) and lower to even mid 5D (especially when his daughter is present).

He embodies the good Father and the honorable-wise Man of Integrity.

As much as he credits Carl Gustav Jung and many others, he now only begins to realize that he has far surpassed all of his teachers & idols already.

His near-physical-death-experience in 2019/2020 marked his Shift into a 5D Consciousness that is now complete.

Apart from Human Psychology, History & Self-Development, there is a lot that can be learnt from how he deals with the most vile and antagonistic people that see him as ‘the enemy’.

Courage, Fortitude & Integrity are at the Core of his Being.

Shadow Work


1700834565 sadhguru xl image

Sadhguru embodies the Vedic/Hindu 4D Karma like no other “famous” figure.

He is stuck in an idea of Enlightenment that stems from the late 80s.

He is of a smiliar Consciousness as Osho – except not having made any progress in decades.

Having been a distinct supporter of vaccinations, he embodies the idea of False Light and thus False Enlightenment.

His Heart is closed and his Karma is plentiful.

Around 2020, he has become a Guru of Death Consciousness (manifest in his book of a similar title).

Bentinho Massaro

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Bentinho Massaro is a self-imposed Messiah for the younger Western audience. Being a narcissistic Playboy, he has sought to establish a cult around his persona.

He is a case study for Vatican Karma (“The Priest”) that seeks to embody the enlightened Eastern Guru.

It is a most bizarre mixture of “The Lost Boy that never felt loved” and “The Savior has arrived, praise his name!”.

Keeping  a safe distance – there is a lot of religious Dogma and Old Magick to be observed here.


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Osho, the Spiritual Playboy with his own tarmac and many Rolls Royces.

He managed to dupe and lure many Americans into his Cult of Sexual Perversion and false Light promises.

Playing Mind Games with his subjects, paying close attention to his Aura, Bearings and Words, he was completely controlled by Draconian influence, manipulating his subjects that so willingly came into the midst of Osho’s deceptive foolery.

Osho was an Eastern response to a Western Hippie movement, rooted and united in the fact that they were all lost.

The Blind led the Blind.

Ralph Smart

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Ralph Smart started out before 2012 as a motivational and somewhat inspirational speaker on Happiness, Money and other 4D topics of Human interest.

Since then, he has made absolutely no progress.

In fact, he is completely caught in his own karmic Prison of Greed.

His “Teachings” are always the same superficial nonsense.

His delivery can be very entertaining initially – but then follows the same routine as he lacks any and all true wisdom or knowledge.

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