Twin Flames

Twin Flames or Twin Souls have been a topic of conversation for many humans, usually those inclined towards the more spiritual-esoteric.

The term remains elusive for many, not knowing what the significance of it is.

While many claim to have experienced a Twin Flame Relationship (5D), they really just had a Soul Mate (4D).

Amongst Humans, Twin Flame Relationships were not possible before the Year 2012 as the 5-dimensional Base Frequency was non-existent before the Shift to Gaia.

There only have been a select few who managed to have a 5D Relationship on Earth since the Fall of Atlantis.

And even then, their relationship had to be anchored in 4D Frequency.

Jesus Christ & Mary Magdalene were the last Twin Flames in Full Manifestation before the 2012 5D Shift.

2 = 1

The Point of Twin Flames is to remember your Divinity, realizing that you are what you seek.

The Love you feel for one another seems of cosmic proportions (from the 4D Human perspective), you have never felt anything like this.

A deep Spiritual Awakening comes along with the relationship.

You activate each other into your Spiritual Purpose.

For the time that you are together and that your Soul Contract as Twin Souls has validity, you will feel like you are Two Halves that complete each other, making up one Whole.

With both individuals fully activated into their spiritual potential as humans, they become an unstoppable force of Love, Light & Truth.

The Harmonization & Fusion of Energies creates one Entity – The Twin Souls become one Soul.

Shadow Work & Karma Clearing

When this happens, Shadow Work and Karma become the most important aspects of clearing, dominating your relationship until you have cleared it together.

This dynamic will require both individuals to work on themselves on a deeper level than they ever thought possible or necessary before they came together.

Past Lives, Ancestral Karma, Relationship Trauma, Sexual Trauma, Abuse – everything will come up and needs to be cleared.

Depending on the capacity and divine mission of the individuals, this can either take a few months or several years.

If only one party clears the Negative Frequencies brought to the fore while the other remains static in their karmic ties, the relationship will be separated.

If this continues for too long – the decision for what is too long is made by the Higher Self in accordance with Spiritual Guidance – the relationship will be terminated completely.

This cannot be reversed – the Soul Contract has been fulfilled and that is it.

6D Relationships – Beyond Twin Flames

To get to a 6-dimensional Frequency, a 5-dimensional Twin Flame Relationship is absolutely required.

If the aforementioned Shadow & Karma Clearing has been successful, a 6D Relationship can be formed.

This is no longer “Two Halves create The Whole”.

It is Two Wholes create something MUCH BIGGER.

This is an unprecedented level of Love & Light on Earth – no one has ever been able to reach this state of conscious Co-Creation.

Not even in the Peak Days of Atlantis.

Once such a relationship is first formed and experienced on Earth, the Planetary Frequency will change forever.

Humans will have fully ascended with the Planet, fully manifesting the possibilities of Human Ascension.

It all starts with you choosing Love, choosing Light, choosing Ascension.

Your 1st Twin Flame Relationship will always be the starting point for a greater Love than you could have ever dreamt of.

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