How false Belief Systems created False Spirituality

Spirituality = Rejecting Money

But if you are spiritual, you should reject all things material and live a virtuous life, away from Sin & Karma, try to help people instead of exploiting them?

The assumption that Spirituality effectively results in being poor is as wrong as it has ever been.

It is a human assumption, derived from a human mind with human belief systems – and there is nothing of Spirit in any of it.

Even if you were to just think logically and assume that Spirit created the entire cosmos and Universe, wouldn’t all that have been created from an INFINITY of Energy? An Abundance of Energy so vast that there could never be lack of anything?

Yes indeed.

That makes Spirit the richest being there is.

Hence, the more spiritual you become, i.e. the more connected you are to your Soul and innate Divinity, the richer you become.

That will not only manifest in money, it will manifest in absolutely everything.

The Quality and Quantity of your Relationships.

The kind of Sex you are having (Conscious Connection, Twin Flames etc.).

The favors you can call upon if need be.

The true Friends that support you in times of need, that have your back at all times because they know you have theirs at all times.

The Benefits you are given simply because your energy exudes ‘I am rich and I have a lot to give & share’.

And so on and so forth.

The beLIEf that money is impure stems mostly from white Westerners who have rejected their heritage and ventured off to Latin America or Asia to ‘find themselves’.

Once you do travel the World a little bit and you get to visit places like India, Egypt or Nepal – all places considered highly spiritual or charged with spiritual energies of old, you also do realize how important money is to all of them.

And if you happen to be white, they will consider you their money savior.

Their own personal Jesus Christ with an infinite supply of ‘gifts’.

A walking ATM , as it were.

So instead  of using that very gift of being from what humans have established as ‘1st World countries’ and maximizing that gift to then share it with others, many simply reject it and cower in Fear of all that impure money tainting the sanctity of their spiritual beliefs.

Spirituality has thus, for these groups of people communing in Spiritual Circles & Communities, become a dogmatic-driven religion of its own.

Driven by Karma, Trauma & Self-Rejection.

Not Love & Light, as they claim.

They are the furthest away from – you cannot be that which you claim to follow every day while rejecting it so violently.

This is the Time to be richer than anyone ever before

Tune into the collective (un)consciousness channels called Social Media.

What do you see?

EVERYONE is trying to sell something, make money, become rich and influential.

Many sell you their so-called ‘Secrets’ to lure your Ego into their little MasterClass trap, designed to make them ‘rich’ while giving you some breadcrumbs to keep you a somewhat happy slave and participant in their play of false power.

Let me tell you something: Once you discover your spiritual Gifts, i.e. the very channel through which you can bring Light and Love into this world, there is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON for you not to maximize and capitalize on that.

The more you enable yourself to do your Lightwork, the more you can enable others.

Spirit wants you to have Infinite Riches so that you can go forth and do your utmost Good in this World.

After you have proven yourself worthy of it by clearing all your Shadows and thus blockages, that is.

If you choose to block yourself off from all those means, then you are signalling to Spirit: I consider myself weak and powerless, I do not trust myself with the Power of Money.

So it is, for you have made your choice.

If you receive Infinite Riches and then start egotistically using and abusing them to leverage your dark desires and to gain control over others, Karma will be your Judge and karmic partners/friends will be your Executioners.

If you want to truly change the world for the better, commit yourself to do intense Shadow Work, find your inner Light and then amplify it to gain more and more Power to influence the World in the lightest of ways possible.

As we are so advanced in our Planetary Ascension, it is overdue for many activated StarSeeds and thus Lightworkers to gain true Power by being rich beyond belief.


Reclaiming The Gold of Atlantis – Light Entrepreneurs

If you travel the world with somewhat open & conscious eyes, you will notice how lavishly ornate all places of religious whoreship or governmental buildings are.

The many Great Pyramids of Egypt were once fully covered and coated in several layers of Atlantean Gold to channel their energy.

There are many remnants of Atlantean times, in the form of Gold or derivatives of Crystals, that after many years of insignificance have now become active and ready to serve a new purpose:

5D Gaia, Lightworkers and a completely new kind of entrepreneur.

A Light Entrepreneur that ventures forth to create good and uses his or her creativity to bring forth technology and products of a higher frequency, assisting Human Ascension.

It is no longer a secret that the Old World Money, that which was inherited by certain families to other family members or confidantes, has long been surpassed and replaced by New World Money.

Or that which has been called The Nouveau Riche.

Even one of the most famous and prestigious families has broken apart with what has been called ‘Megxit’ in the Mainstream Media.

Fewer and fewer Souls incarnate in a younger generation choose to inherit their parents’ business.

When they do inherit their money, they feel they have to somehow wash it clean of its past by giving to charity or simply ‘creating something good’ with it.

Being Rich & Spiritual is no longer Optional, it is a Necessity

Think of all the Riches in the World that could be created at your hands if you had the molding clay to make it happen.

Think of how much you could enRICH your own life by having the money for different treatments, better food, a safer and more reliable vehicle, organic skincare and so on and so forth.

The more you give and gift to yourself, the more you can give and gift to the world.

This is not exactly new – yet very, very few live and apply this mantra and philosophy because they are inundated by their own Trauma and karmic sets of beliefs.

It has, of course, always been easier to talk the talk and not do anything.

Just lie about it all day long – I have done so much Shadow Work and thus I deserve all this stuff.

While in Truth, you have been using every waking hour to avoid doing any Shadow Work and are therefore unable to perform any type of Light Work.

No matter how high the Frequency rises, there will ALWAYS be an exchange of Energy happening.

If you do Light Work, you will receive Light Currency.

If you do Shadow Work (as in dark and deceitful deeds for Money), then you will receive Dark Currency.

And as Ascension progresses very quickly now, all those Dark Money days are not only counted, they are effectively already over.

So simply ask yourself this: How do I want to live?

Do I want to live well and flourish, nourishing my Soul with all the Light Energy that Spirit sends my way?


Do I want to keep lying to myself and others, knowing that it inevitably will be exposed and I, the Consciousness rejecting and away from Spirit, will have to die eventually.

The choice, as always, is yours and yours alone.