II. Ascension

What is Ascension?

Ascension describes the Divine Process of Remembering.

Remembering The Truth: You are a Divine Being, coming from a Spiritual Source – you simply have forgotten that Truth.

Ascension requires you to leave your unconscious Human Self behind to meet your Spiritual Self of a much Higher Frequency.

A Frequency that can only be described as “Pure, Light, Love, Divine”.

Via Ascension, you become God in the Human Form.

And eventually, you can even transcend that.


Ascension leads to the Opening of your Heart, Remembering your Soul and to start walking in Synchronicity with your very own & unique God Consciousness.

All the Questions you ever had: You shall find your Answers here.

But make no mistake: This is the most challenging thing you have ever done.

And yet – it is the very reason you came to Earth for AT THIS TIME.

A simple Choice: Life or Death?

Death has been a certainty for Humanity since the Fall of Atlantis.

No matter what you do to prolong your human existence – eventually, you will die.

Now, because of Ascension and the consequent Return of The Light, taking your Human Body with you is not only possible, it is entirely supported.

Just like the few who mastered the Earth Realm before – Ascended Masters like The Buddha, Mary Magdalene, Jesus Christ – they did not die.

They consciously chose to leave their bodies behind upon completing their chosen and given tasks.

The Great Adventure of your Soul

To Ascend means to take your Body with you into the Higher realms of Existence.

To cheat Death, Fear & Disease.

To become more than Human.

Immortal, embodying the eternal Truth of your Spiritual Self.

Merging your current Consciousness with a Higher Consciousness.


On the way up, becoming more and more Conscious, more and more Light, more and more Love – you will encounter many Challenges.

There is no greater Feat known in the Universe than Ascension.

It required a Leap into the Unkown, into Fear, into Darkness – Your choice for Incarnation on Earth.

Now it is time to REMEMBER what you came here for.

This is the Greatest Adventure you have ever undertaken, no matter how old your Soul.

So prepare yourself for Greatness and Divine Powers beyond Belief.

III. Invocation

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