Understanding your own Energy (for Ascension)

Being a necessary & timely supplementation to the 12 Levels of Consciousness described as Dimensions (Frequency of Reality Creation, Time & Space, Thought & Emotion), this article describes a fundamental Truth that was last known to the Atlanteans (Energy Masters).

The 7 Levels of Power are a Universal Descriptor and Conceptualization of how much Energy can be stored.

This pertains specifically and especially to The Human Lightbody.

While a Human can reach a 5-dimensional Consciousness very easily at this point on Planet Earth, that does not mean that he or she mastered that State of Consciousness – at all.

You can think of this like shooting 1000 arrows at a target.

Only 1 time, you hit bullseye. Another 10 times, you score close to it.

Over 900 Times, you either miss or you barely hit the target.

That one successful shot, along with a few others, does not make you a Master of Archery.

Least of all, it allows you to lay claim to the ability of replicating that same feat with confidence.

From a Human Perspective, reaching a higher level of consciousness (especially when induced by powerful adjuvants such as Plant Medicine), may merely be for a moment – to then return to the original baseline of Consciousness.

You see: Nothing in the Universe is just given to you.

Even the Lottery Millionaire or Trust Fund Inheritor has a great Responsibility.

If that Gift is squandered and used for egoic purposes, furthering Evil and Corruption, then you have failed any and all tests that Spirit has given you.

To further understand the Vastness and Complexity of your own Being – thus of the Universe and Creation itself – we can consider this presentation of information a crucial addition to the 12 Dimensions of Consciousness.

The 7 Levels of Energy

Level 1 – Awareness

First, you become aware.

Awareness is Consciousness.

Without Awareness, nothing can be “in the Light”.

Without Knowledge, nothing can exist.

Once you enter a completely new level of Consciousness, you become aware of your Perception having changed.

Your Perspective is entirely altered.

It is like being given the Keys to your inner Sanctum.

You unlock a new Set of Abilities – and therefore, a new Level of Power.

Level 2 – Learning

Upon becoming aware of your new Abilities, you now must learn how to wield them.

Just like with more physically-focused feats like Martial Arts, upon learning of your innate “psychic” (4D) Abilities, or at this point on Earth much rather Light Abilities (6D), you have to try and make sense of them.

Why do you have them? How can you use them? What is the nature of these abilities and how can they serve you?

This also marks the first stage of Acceptance: “I acknowledge my Abilities” – that eventually leads to Integration.

Level 3 – Embodiment

This is where Awareness & Learning begin to manifest through your being.

It is your New Consciousness permeating the Body.

Your Faculties & sensory Abilities are being aligned and upgraded to be a proper conduit for the Consciousness that your Body is about to become and merge with.

This is the Level at which Ascension begins – you take your body with you into this New Consciousness and you start to believe that this is “really real”.

As you use your very own Body to enact the learned Consciousness, you start to put it into practice.

The more you practice, the more you are on your way to achieving Mastery.

Level 4 – Integration

As you continue to practice and learn through your own practice, finding new ways to use your body for the Consciousness you are training it for, you are now changing at a cellular level.

The Embodiment of your Practice is now merging with your own bodily being.

Without this step, the full bodily realization of your learned Ability, you will not be able to advance to the last Stage of your Embodiment.

Full Embodiment is the direct Precursor to Mastery.

Level 5 – Mastery

Upon Embodying and Integrating the New and learned Consciousness, you are now attaining Mastery.

To use the Archery example from above: Where you barely hit the target before, now you can confidently hit the target while even targeting different areas with repeated success.

At the level of Mastery, you have fully embodied & integrated the Skill you chose to practice and learn.

You have become a Master of Archery.

Whichever Ability it may be, you have to go through the different Levels of Energy to attain the Mastery of your chosen Skill.

Level 6 – Service

Once you have mastered your Skill, the natural progression is to start teaching it to others, offering it up as a Service to others.

A good Teacher can speed up your learning in a way that you can reach a Level of Embodiment so quickly – what may have taken you years (or even lifetimes) to achieve, you may now be able to do in just a few months – or weeks, even.

Having mastered a Skill and teaching it to others, being of service to others, is one of the most beautiful experiences you can have.

Just like raising your own children and teaching them the way of living an open-hearted life, being of Service is the natural progression from and of Mastery.

Level 7 – Being

The final Stage of Energetic Progression – pure Being.

The Being is far beyond the level of Mastery.

Upon mastering your Craft/Skill/Ability/Power/Consciousness and serving others with your Wisdom, you now completely embody your own Mastery.

That Embodiment of Mastery has now become your Nature.

You live it, you breathe it, YOU ARE IT.

Like tying your shoe laces, brushing your teeth or driving a car – it all becomes so natural that you can do and learn other skills simultaneously to performing the Level 7 Skill.

As you easily get bored upon Mastering a Skill, the Level of Being is where you usually move on to learning another Ability.

Eternal Learning, Mastering and new, powerful Creations are the very Nature of Spirit.

Thus, it is your Nature.

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