IV. Karma

You have forgotten who you are.

Your Nature is Spiritual.

You are an Infinite Being that, from a human perspective, can only be described as God/Goddess.

So why have you forgotten all this?

How is it possible that you could be this infinitely powerful Entity – yet you think so little of yourself?

The answer is simple.

You are blind to the Truth.

You are blocked from accessing your Spiritual Nature, thus keeping you within the extreme limitations of your human vessel.

As you have learnt in II. Ascension, the only way to master your existence here and break out of the Illusion is to ascend.

To increase your Frequency and thus your Consciousness, learning a greater understanding of your Self while simultaneously expanding your Energy into the Universe, merging with it more and more along the process.

Eventually, you will dissolve into a greater Consciousness, leaving your Human Identity forever behind.

This is the greatest feat known in the Universe.

It is incredibly difficult and thus only a few (in relative terms) Ascended Masters have succeeded. So far, that is.

Now is the time for many Millions of Souls to awaken and bring God/dess Consciousness, Spirit, to Earth.

By embodying it.

By becoming it.

By being it.

Your Past. Your Trauma. Your Karma.


So what exactly is standing between your Human Ego self that is always afraid and constantly planning to survive and your Spiritual Self that knows its infinite Nature of Love & Light?

This is all encoded in your DNA.

It is your Past.

Your individual Karma based on previous lifetimes lived as well as your ancestral karma which you took on.

Before your Human Form, purely existing as Energy, as a Soul, you chose an Earthly Family to play the Game of Life with.

You incarnated into that family by choice.

In doing so, you knew you would take on their Karma and their Trauma.

While trying to figure out who you are, you would either submit to that Karma and go with it – or you would choose to break it, freeing yourself and your entire ancestral line.

Your Karma is your Prison

Here is the simple Truth: Your Karma is the ballast, the baggage, the amalgamation of your suppressed Shadow aspects.

If you ever asked yourself

“How do I deserve this?”, “Why is this happening to me?” or “Why can’t I do what s/he can?”

Then the answer is simple: Your Karma.

This may sound like your Karma is your Punishment.

It may sound like Karma is Evil.

And it is okay if you feel this way.

But please know this: This is how your Soul makes sure that you learn the lessons that you came here for.

What is an incredibly magnificent and beautifully empowering Plan in 6D (The individual Soul level), very easily becomes great pain and suffering in 3D and even in 4D.

But your Soul knows what it is doing.

It knows it is Infinite, Powerful and eternally loved.

Only this way is it even possible to experience the Pain and learn extremely powerful lessons – because you will always find your way back.

You will always remember who you truly are.

Through Ascension and becoming spiritually aware and awake in the human existence, you get to live your 6D Soul Mission while being in a highly densified experience of what we have come to term “The Human Experience”.

Ultimately, all you need to know about Karma is this: It represents your Life lessons that you are here to learn.

When you do learn them, you break your Karma.

You break free.

And you remember you truly are.

Shadow Work will set you free

To truly understand your Self and the Nature of the Universe, you have to learn about Good & Evil. About Darkness & Light.

Once you begin to understand and to accept that you are both Love & Hatred, both Dark & Light, both Good & Evil, you shall reach a state of Consciousness that is beyond Duality.

This is not what the Buddhist have understood as non-Duality.

It is Polarity.

Polarity is a State of Consciousness that begins in what I describe as 5D.

In order to reach and hold it, your Heart has to be open and Love has to permeate your Existence.

If you have ever been looking for True Love, then this is the way. In fact, it is the only way.

You can only ever hope to experience True Love when you open your Mind and your Heart to the Universe – letting your Soul shine through.

You cannot exist in a dualized state of Consciousness in which you are seeing yourself as the victim or the perpetrator.

The Good one or the Bad one.

The Lover or the Hater.

Those Two are merely different expressions of the Same.

Visualized on a spectrum of Energy, one resides at one extreme pole, while the other resides at the other extreme pole.

Yet with a 5D Consciousness, you start to allow both of these States into your Being, understanding the bigger picture and merging yourself with your true spiritual nature.

It is here that you begin to discover your Dharma – your Soul Path & Divine Design.

What your Higher Self has in store for you in this lifetime.