Money is God

Living in an Age of Human Consensus that Money equals God, it can be very difficult to navigate one’s life in the absence of Money.

Due to the externalization of inherent value by humans (I am not worth anything so something in the outside world must be), coupled with a Spiritual Awakening of the Planet in 1980 and a Human Awakening in 1999, Money has effectively become God to most humans.

They believe that everything and anything can be purchased.

And as the saying of selling your Soul to the Devil goes, many are prepared to do just that.

All in an effort to feel value within.

To fill the inner void by creating external means that are entirely artificial.

To create an Illusion that is well-known to end imminently – yet so many cling to it like it is the only thing worth living for.


To truly know your own value, feeling valued and valuable within your SELF, you have to open your Heart.

Then, you will find the Value you seek in the outer World within yourself.

The more you learn to love, cherish & celebrate your SELF, the more you will feel valued, esteemed and loved.

Not by others – but by yourSELF.

You always feel value because you always create value for, to and within yourself.

Ultimately, you become so independent in evaluating yourself that you don’t need anyone else to ever tell you about your intrinsic value.

Narcissism begins where Self-Love ends.

Those who seek others to fill their inner void are doing so because they cannot fulfill their own basic needs.

Once you value yourself, Money will simply appear as a matter of materialization of that intrinsic value.

That also has nothing to do with any amount of money.

If you feel rich by having a nice bed, good food, good people around and 100 Dollars in your pocket, then you are rich.

If you feel rich by having 10.000.000 Dollars in your pocket whilst crying yourself to sleep over being surrounded by backstabbing assholes & how bad the world is to you – or let alone lie to everyone about how great your life is while it is not (Hi there, Social Media), then you are poor.

The more at Peace you are with your SELF, the richer you are.

The more you feel like you have to seek external validation – usually just as an attempt to absolve yourself of your existential guilt – the poorer you are.

Try and fill that void with material stuff – and let me know how that goes for you.

I see it all day, every day: Poverty is everywhere, pretending to be rich.

And to remind themselves of how guilty they are – women especially – they have to have that certain phone with a bitten apple.

Look here, I ate the Forbidden Fruit. I am such a good girl. Money will make it all right and absolve me of my sins.

Money has thus also become Jesus.

“Once I have a lot of money, I can absolve myself of my guilt. I will give to charity and externally-proclaimed ‘good causes’ to make myself feel better about the lack of Light in my Life.”

To all those who go that route: Karma shall continue to be your Teacher. 

To all those who choose The Honest Route of Ascension and Spiritual Fortitude, your work shall be rewarded with true Abundance, experiencing the Richness of the Universe as a spiritually-aligned Individual.

An Expression of Love & Gratitude

As a Being of Light knowing its Value, Money can only be one thing: An expression of Gratitude for Services rendered to you.

As will you receive that exact same Expression of Gratitude towards Services rendered by yourself.

Hence Money, once considered the root of all evil (it never has been, the root was always within those who created and used it), has now become a Tool for New World Light Frequency.

I also call this kind of Money 6D Money – due to the current and imminent future Planetary Stage of Ascension and as an expression of Higher Frequency Currency than what was available to us ever before – even the Gold of Atlantis did not compare to the kind of Money that can now be made, given & received.

The more Money you use to appreciate others, the more Money you will have available to yourself for appreciating your SELF.

The more Money you receive by offering Services of the Light, the more Money you will be able to give to others.

And thus the Circle of Light is complete.

Everything has now become an Investment – there is no such thing as senseless or useless spending anymore.

Everything gets recycled and upcycled energetically – nothing is ever lost or in vain.

This is the true Template of Money now.

6D Money buys Happiness, Love & Freedom

In an Old World riddled with Karma & Dark Deeds, Money did indeed not buy happiness.

Rather, it made everyone seeking it as a means to enrich themselves for egoic purposes only more miserable.

With the Advent of a New Currency, a Currency that represents the Light Frequency in the form of Money, anything is possible.

Anything that is bought with and in this Frequency either is or gets transformed (old to new) into a 6D Material Possession.

Physicality has thus been rearranged to match the Frequency of the 6D Template.

The Consciousness required to conceptualize this kind of Money has already been placed on the planet.

Even 5-dimensional Beings can receive & create Money of a 6-dimensional Frequency now.

It has been decreed, it has been decided.

Enjoy your new Riches, Beautiful Souls, for they will be needed to construct a New World of Infinite Possibilties.

Radiating with Bliss & Light, Money shall be cherished as a means for spiritually-aligned Self-Expression and Self-Realization.