The Nature of Sex(uality)

Everything in existence is sexual.

Every thought you think is an act of creation.

A thought is the seeding point of that which you want to create and manifest.

Every feeling you feel accompanies the thought you have.

Thoughts are Masculine, Feelings are Feminine.

Feelings guide the Thoughts you have (or rather that you choose to have).

When a Thought and a Feeling come together, Emotions are created.

Emotions describe the Flow of Energy.

Energy in Motion.



Emotions are by far the most powerful creative tools available in the Universe.

A Thought without a Feeling will be an impotent idea that will never come to Fruition.

A Feeling without a Thought is just floating energy without any Guidance, without any Direction.

Feelings without Thoughts will never create anything.

Thoughts without Feelings will never create anything.


It is only when Thoughts and Feelings become ONE that Emotions are created.

If these Emotions are of a negative (Fear-based) or a positive (Love-based) charge is entirely up to the Source of the Emotions (The Creator or Creatrix).

When a Fear-based Thought & Feeling create a negative Emotion together, the result will be what all unconscious Humans know as their daily normal:

Fear, Anger, Denial, Violence, Bitterness, Sadness, Insecurity, Depression, Scarcity, Hatred & Insanity.

When a Love-based Thought & Feeling create a positive Emotion together, the result will be what all Humans of a 5-dimensional to 6-dimensional are calling their normal:

Love, Compassion, Care, Nurture, Strength, Power, Safety, Abundance, Intelligence, Openness, Happiness, Joy, Purpose, Light & Health.

Love-Making = Organic Creation

When a Positive Feminine Being and a Positive Masculine Being come together (read that again until you get it), Magic and Alchemy are created.

Making Love with each other, a mutual surrendering to the Divine Feminine & Sacred Masculine Principle occurs.

It is a Dance of Life.

A Dance of Love.

Even when it gets rough – or what one would call fucking – it can still be a pure expression of Love.

Going fast, going slow.

Soft or Hard.

Everything is beautiful and amazing when it is an expression of Divinity from one Heart to another.

Healing of ancient wounds becomes possible.

A Remembering of the Infinite Nature of Love is unlocked.

To create organic life, 5-dimensional life and matter, a Sacred Union of Energies is required.

Only a SELF-conscious being with an open Heart, allowing the Flow of Divine Love to be received and given, can merge with another of an equal Consciousness.

For Humans to create completely Karma-Free children, a 5-dimensional Man & Woman have to come together to create the 5D Host Body for the Soul to come into.

This means that both Individuals are free of any Ancestral/Lineage Baggage – like The Story of the Kryst.

Immaculate Conception meant Sex of a Divine Consciousness – not no Sex at all.

Once more, Everything is Sexual.

Nothing can be created without creative-sexual energy.

Which is why those without children often take to creating a Business or anything else that they can call ‘my baby’.

Love is Love

Love can only exist in the Absence of Fear.

Where there is Fear, there is no Love.

Where there is Darkness, there is no Light.

For when there is Love & Light, Fear & Darkness cease to exist.

Every Trauma, every Karma, in short all beliefs not aligned with Source, with Spirit, with The Truth, have to be integrated into The Light.

Healing means just that.

Learning to Love your Trauma and your Fears is the only way to Heal them.

Healing them transforms them into your Capacity for Love & Light.

It is impossible to exist as a fully 5-dimensional Being while being a negatively-polarized Human.

You have to embody LOVE at a Critical Mass that allows all the Fear.

That is why, anywhere and everywhere in my Teachings, you will hear me talk about 5D as a Baseline for any Truth, any Love, any Light.

Below the 5-dimensional, no Connection to your Divinity exists.

Therefore, Love is the baseline for everything.

Without Love, there can be no Light.

Without Light, Love cannot exist.

Without Women, Men could not exist.

Without Men, Women would not exist.


Once you exist in Pure Unconditional Love, Negativity and Fear will be a long-distant Memory that is savely stored away in the Akashic Records.

They will not be your Reality anymore.

Love has become your Reality.

Fear has been vanquished forever.


The way that Energy of Flows, according to the Principle of Polarity & Energy, is from one to another.

There is no such thing as sameness.

A Seed cannot grow by being planted in another Seed.

Fertile Earth cannot grow anything by adding Fertile Earth to it.

The Principles of The Divine Feminine & The Sacred Masculine are undeniable.

Homosexuality is unnatural

In the Human Days of Rainbow Flags, LGBTQIA(xyz-+-+), Feminism and an abysmal lack of understanding for basic organic processes, one could almost be tempted to think that it is normal to be somewhat queer.

It is not.

It never has been.

It never will be.


Speaking from extensive personal experience of a few lifetimes past (when such experiences were aligned and served a purpose), I can assure you that there is nothing good, healthy nor fulfilling about being homosexual.

If you are a Woman, you do not need to add another.

What you do need for Completion of the Universal Principle of Love is a Man.

The exact same applies to Men, naturally.

Polarity and its undeniable resonant energy field of Attraction exists for a reason – to remind you of The Truth.

Of Nature.

Of Source.

The Act of creating a child only works between Man and Woman.

The artificial-technological means of creating false fertility is just that: Artificial & Unnatural.

Why Homosexuals cannot ascend

Twin Flames can never be homosexual.

As the Twin Flame Relationship is a direct 5-dimensional Mirror of Source in the Human-energetic-spiritual Experience, creating Polarity towards Unity, two individuals of the same polarity CANNOT go beyond the 4-dimensional.

As a 5-dimensional Consciousness can only be reached through the organic template of natural polarity (not forced as is the case with any gay/lesbian couple – one is more masculine, one is more feminine), homosexual humans cannot ascend.

Sometimes, even Religion got a few things quite right.

Homosexuality is a Trauma-based decision that serves as a tool for avoidance of one’s Shadow.

That is why Diseases and Perversion are so common here.

To be fair, it must be mentioned here that, due to all the Trauma and Karma permeating Human Sexuality, heterosexual couples create a host of Diseases and Perversion as well.

This does not change the fact that a polarized relationship, Man & Woman, is the only choice for Ascension.

While it is okay to be somewhat open and curious at a younger age – while one is still finding their idea of Love & Sexuality as a Teenager or very young adult – once the Human Age of 21 is reached, being straight is the only healthy & natural choice to make.

Practice Divine Love-Making

You either practice Divine Love-Making with yourself or you look for a Divine Sexual Partner to make intimate Love with.

Whatever you choose, make sure that your Intentions are pure.

If you know that you have Sexual Traumas, i.e. Perversions and false Beliefs, accept that fact.

Try not to judge yourself for that.

Simply recognize your issues and have the pure intention of healing it – and all will be well.

You cannot expect to find a loving partner when you don’t approach a relationship with love yourself.

The vast Majority of Humanity is choosing Relationships based on their own Trauma.

This is called Trauma Bonding.

Through Trauma Bonding, only Negativity will be created.

Thanks to Ascension being in full Flow, especially since 2012, all old relationships that are rooted in unconsciousness and thus karmic ties, have been gradually dissolved.


If you seek to Give & Receive Love, make sure to focus on Love, not on your Pain or past Sufferings.

They were valuable experiences to get you to where you are now.

Just because you have been raped as a child or young adult should never prevent you from enjoying your sexuality.

Stop feeling like a victim and meet your past experiences with Love, Compassion and Understanding.

Your greatest Trauma can become your greatest Light.

For Ascension, it must be so.

For your own Self-Acceptance and Joyful Happiness, it must be so.

Open your Mind.

Open your Heart.

Man or Woman, Open your Sexual Chakra and attract that which is organically yours.


Only when you connect to your Sexual Energy will you be able to create and manifest all that which your Soul desires to bring into this Universe.


At this time on Earth, You loving & enjoying your Sexuality is one of the greatest gifts and healing services you can offer to Humanity.

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