Christ vs. Kryst – A Lesson in True History

There is Christ as an external Savior Figure whose Existence has been both misinterpreted as well as misrepresented – probably more than any other story in the more recent (past 2000 Years) Earthly Human History.

And then there is Kryst as a sovereign Light Being, a Savior of Self, entirely independent.

The Kryst is the Light unto himself.

Everyone, no matter of which Gender, Religious Belief or otherwise, has the Ability to embody Kryst Consciousness on Earth.

The Christ as it has been presented by Christianity is nothing more than an attempt to rid oneself of Guilt (called ‘Sins’) based on one’s overwhelming feelings of Negativity.

There is nothing true nor divine about The Christ.

The one called Yeshua or Yeshew who actually did live in what is now known as ‘The Holy Land’ was a humble Man of Great Abilities.

He did indeed make the blind see by initiating them into a Spiritual Awakening, bringing a 5-dimensional Consciousness back to Earth that had been lost since the Days of Atlantis.

He was also not the only one at his time to embody that Consciousness and bring Love back to Humanity.

There were 10s of Thousands of Individuals incarnate at that time who were on their way to becoming Ascended Masters or they already were.

The same applies to the Time of Buddha, by the way, which predates Yeshua by at least 3.000 Years (The Times of the Vedas in modern India and North of it).

The Idea of Jesus Christ as a Savior and a Day of Reckoning for Humanity is entirely rooted in The Dark Ages – which happened right after the Days of the Old Kryst (indeed around the Year 0 based on our current Western Calendar).

Enlighten Your Heart – Become Kryst-Conscious Yourself

By choosing Ascension and a Spiritual Enlightenment of YourSELF through the opening of your Heart to Spirit, you automatically transition into a Kryst-like Consciousness and Empowerment.

By becoming ONE with your INNER KRYST, you merge your current existence into that which is known as ENLIGHTENMENT.

It is only then that you will find Absolution from your Sins, Karma, Guilt & Shame.

It all starts with Awareness and the Intention to Love Yourself.

Now, with all that said and under the auspices the current Frequencies on Planet Earth, everything set for Ascension and 6D Consciousness in 2024, your decision to make a commitment to SELF could not come at any better time.

Merry KRYSTMAS & Much Love to You!

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