To understand why The Human Experience is a Prison, we have to shortly go into the origins of Humanity – how it all began.

The Anunnaki, God, Allah, Odin, Spirit, Enki, Enlil, …

Many attempts have been made to deduce the beginning and the purpose of the human species.

So where does Humanity originate from?

While there has indeed been a very long and intricate process to create the idea and full Manifestation of Humanity which warrants an entire book, that question is inherently futile and entirely misleading.

If you want to know the Truth of your existence, you may only find it within.

Asking about the Origins of Humanity is an externalized way of saying “where do I come from?”

Your Origin can only be determined by yourself.

The Truth lies within – it always has, it always will.

Your Origin is YOU.

For you are The Creator of your own Existence.

The Human Experience

The whole point and premise of the Human incarnational Experience is to become unconscious.

To manifest yourself into an existence of Unconsciousness, inhabiting a human vessel with your Soul and its Divine Presence.

By becoming human, you are effectively playing a trick on yourself:

You pretend to not know who you are, where you came from and that it was YOU all along who chose to come into this experience.

Since the Earth Game is so well-created and complex in nature, the ‘pretend’ becomes reality.

While not true, it becomes real.

Anyone who has ever incarnated into a Human Existence can attest to how completely believable and real it is.

That is why I make the distinction between Real & True.

Reality and Truth, in an unconscious existence, are polar opposites to one another.

While the Human Existence of Unconsciousness is absolutely real – with all its Fears, Darkness and Shadows – it is not true.

This experience has been a Divine Creation, serving a Divine Purpose for all those who participated in it since the Days of Old Atlantis.

As of 2012, this experience has stopped serving Spirit entirely – and thus the lessons are complete.

Now, the only purpose Spirit has for Humanity is for it to ascend.

Ascension = Remember The Truth & Break out of your DNA Prison

Overcoming the Human Condition with all its Limitations and Delusions, you have to first realize that your Human Existence is limiting you.

Along with that, your Human Ego, your assumed Identity of Self derived from your Human Experience, is The Problem.

By making the choice for Ascension, you start seeing through the illusions of your own making.

The Lies you’ve been told are the lies you’ve told yourself.

Ultimate Responsibility for your Existence is what will set you free.

As every Ascension, it is a process.

Ascension has been ongoing for 44 Years on Planet Earth while Humanity has moved into its Core Frequency from 1999 to 2012.

Human Ascension will continue until 2033 – which is when Galactic Ascension will take over as the main energetic template & paradigm of existence on Earth.

Activating your Galactic DNA

Once you reach a 6-dimensional Consciousness, you automatically remember your Galactic Origins.

In effect, you stop becoming “Just Human” once you reach this level of conscious existence.

This is the True Remembering for Earth’s Starseeds.

Once you have had a peek into your galactic existence, you can never go back.

It is like meeting yourself as an alien, realizing that you are much more than human.

As of 2024, your Galactic DNA holds all the Keys that you need to realize your Divine Mission.

Your Soul Blueprint resides in the 6th Dimension – therefore, to access your Light, your TRUE SELF, a 6-dimensional consciousness is required.

Fortunately, as of 2024, this has now become the baseline for all Humans on Earth.

A Decision for Life – or Death

Humanity is at Crossroads.

Heaven and Hell co-exist on Earth, like never before at this scale.

As of early 2024, about 66% of Humanity is dying an unconscious death.

About 22% are transitioning into a New Consciousness, aligning themselves with The Light & Ascension.

The other 12% are already there.

Disease, Crises, Fear, Anxiety, Poverty, Mental Insanity – The Titanic has been sinking since late 2019.

Everyone who is still on it is, at this point, a long way towards the bottom of the ocean.