The accurate Definition of Feminism is as follows:

Women who believe that they are inherently inferior to Men (which makes them Sexist against themselves as per their own well-established logic) needing to feel false Power over Men so that they can get what they want.

Whenever something goes wrong, it has nothing to do with them for they are never responsible as they are eternal victims in need of restitution. However, men are always to blame for everything.

So even in times of a tyrannical Matriarchy, it will be ‘The Patriarchy’ who is the perpetrator and at fault.

1980 to Now

The Year in which Planetary Ascension started co-incides with the Rise of Feminine-instigated Tyranny.

There is a very simple explanation for that: Planet Earth has a very strong feminine charge.

Due to the Awakening of that Feminine Energy in 1980, initiating Planetary Ascension that would help Humanity’s Ascension by providing a higher Frequency as a baseline Energy present on the Planet Humans live on.

This Awakening of Feminine Energy has inadvertently led to an Awakening of the Human Feminine Collective – Women.

In many various stages, they started breaking free from old karmic Beliefs, old ancestral Karma and much more.

Due to that, they started feeling a sense of self-empowerment, banding together more and more in groups of women who adopted the same set of beliefs due to their human experience changing more and more rapidly.

While agreeing on the true fact that they and their energy were oppressed, little did they know that that applied to everyone.

Somehow, Women started believing that they should be like Men. Just better.

Work the same Jobs, have the same Rights and in effect: Be exactly the same. Just better.

Decades later, with 3 Generations of Women through the experience and experiment, the results are in:

No matter what they do and no matter how much the laws have changed in their favor, to a degree that is criminally insane, no matter how much men have rejected their masculinity and acquiesced to women and their wishes: it still is not good enough.

In fact, they barely got started – according to themselves.

This Insane Abuse of Power ends now.

Abuse of Power

Due to the sheer Abuse of Power that Women have been exacting and enacting throughout all these years, they have accumulated more, new Karma.

In fact, most of them are so heavy & loaded with that newly-accrued Karma, they can’t go anywhere else on their Journey.

They have locked themselves into a karmic cage of their own making.

This Prison is usually replete with Diamonds, Sex Toys and an emasculated Provider who is willing to humiliate himself for the false idea of Love he never received from his Mother to begin with.

All in the name of EGO.


None of that which they do serves a higher purpose.

None of that which they do is in any way aligned with Spirit.

Due to the prevalent energies on Planet Earth now, a lot of them intertwine their false enlightenment yoga beliefs with an abhorrent desire to prostitute themselves for money.

As Men are the Arbiters & Harbingers of Money, even the most selfish women acknowledge that they need access to Masculine Energy to create their false idea of Wealth.

The Divine Feminine Emerges

Divine Femininity has been absent from Planet Earth since the Days of Ancient Atlantis.

With Sacred Masculinity being strongly established on the Planet since 2019, The Feminine now has to follow the Lead.

All false feminine energies & beliefs have to be purged so that the Divine Feminine can be embodied by Human Females.

In effect, that means that Women have A LOT OF WORK ahead of themselves – as the timeline has been well-defined through different Planetary-to-Galactic Node Points that have to be met.

These Node Points mark an End of all that which needs to go while making way for that which needs to be.

As is the innate Nature of Ascension, all has to be purged & left behind which has become ballast, so that Higher Frequencies can permeate the Planetary and Individual’s Body.

All that Human Females have to do now is to surrender to those Men embodying True Masculinity, allowing the Light to Lead them into Love.

True Women Empowerment is a result of the Feminine surrendering and receiving Masculine Power.