If you’ve ever felt betrayed by someone you considered very close and dear to your Heart, you know what a disgusting and heart-wrenching feeling this is.

examples of Treason & Betrayal

1) Being cheated on by your partner and finding out.

2) Karma Cherry on Top: Finding out that the cheating happened with your best friend. I call this Revenge Porn.

3) Your family works hard at foiling your plans of living better than they do and perhaps ever could.

4) Something that you created and poured all your Heart, Blood, Sweat & Tears into is being appropriated by someone else – they claim they did it, perhaps entirely without you, even.

5) Your closest confidante shares your most vulnerable secrets publicly.

6) Hard-earned and worked-for money is being stolen from you by someone you know. Perhaps even your business partner.

7) You are doing Lightwork that requires your absolute Focus and Dedication – while someone in your group actively works against you.


Most religious texts and stories are merely allegory and metaphor, serving as energetic templates for a Higher Principle (if applied correctly, that is).

Probably the greatest example there is happens to be of biblical Jesus Christ.

The Messiah of Love & Light who, according to the story, brought Healing, Love and sheer Wonder to humanity to then be betrayed by one of those closest to him.

Why did that happen to him?

What inspired this hateful deed?

Jealousy, Resentment, Bitterness.

Not a single being that feels somewhat aligned & happy within their existence will want to have or be something that someone else has or is.

If Love is betrayed, then Hatred reigns supreme.

The individual (Judas) feels so much hatred for the the being embodying love (Jesus) that, in order for his pain to be alleviated, he has to eliminate the very being that shines Light & Love to its pain.

If the resentment and hatred has grown enough, there will be torture involved as well.

There is killing someone with and in kindness, somewhat mercifully, neutrally, dispassionately.

And then there’s purely hate-fueled murdering with torture to inflict the most pain and suffering possible.

Using the story of Jesus, having to witness the deceit, carrying his own device for sacrifice, the Cross, to then be nailed to it and slowly die, one should certainly think that this deed was entirely fueled by hatred.


How to Identify Betrayal before it happens

Or: How Jesus knew that one of his own was about to betray him.

Just like psychological profiling aims at identifying psychopaths, serial killers, rapists, murderers, sociopaths and so on, there are very distinct signs to look out for that allow you to anticipate a betrayal.

Everything is intent and intention.

If someone is ‘up to no good’, having a basic sense of intuition goes a long way to know.

CONSCIOUS AWARENESS OF SOMEONE’S BETRAYAL before it happens renders it non-effective and ultimately, no betrayal to you.

Someone trying to pull a kife on you while you know good and well to expect that allows you to avoid the situation altogether or bring a pistol to the fight and keep your distance.

Now, if you yourself are up to no good, full of negative intent, you will of course meet your match and stay within the same karmic game of false friends and betrayal.

Because you are the exact same archetype: Judas meets Judas.

Many Criminals and Governments are a wonderful representation of this – we are friends for as long as it suits me, then I’ll feed you to the wolves.

At least a lot of organized crime in the past has had a Code of Honor, their own Set of Laws, to abide by.

Being lured by Money, Fame and a Position of Power, who wouldn’t betray their closest and sell their Mother?

Enough of the sarcasm, let’s learn how to easily identify the treacherous, mischievous and dishonest.

1) False Flattery / Emotional Manipulation

They always flatter you and shower you with compliments.

This signals a huge lack of self-respect.

Giving an honest, heartfelt compliment is noticeably received and registers deeply by an open Heart.

Unlike a dishonest flattering comment given with the intention of influencing you through emotional manipulation, an honest compliment will make you smile, make you feel humble, perhaps even make you blush a little. It will feel good. Awkward perhaps, but in a welcome way.

2) Lack of Integrity

They go back on their word. They say what is convenient and beneficial to them – not what is actually and factually true.

They have a history of cheating on partners, manipulation, stealing and telling lies even when there is absolutely no reason for it.

 Unreliable, untrustworthy, unethical.

3) Me, Myself and I

Egoic motives abound. Everything is built on the premise of ‘is it beneficial to me?’

If I don’t benefit from this directly or indirectly, I won’t do it.

And fuck others and their needs.

The very definition of Human Ego.

4) No Responsibility – Blaming everyone but themselves

Responsibility is a virtue.

And the virtuous will hold themselves accountable to their actions, at all times.

Even when they can’t see (yet) how they are wrong, they are already asking themselves the question ‘Am I wrong?’

When something goes wrong, the spineless and cowards will turn around immediately and seek to blame it on someone.

“If I am feeling this way, then someone else must be at fault. It definitely couldn’t be me, I’m infallible!

My partner, the president, my friend, my parents, the immigrants, the homeless, the rich, the poor, … whoever is at fault here, but definitely not me!”

All the while bringing the matches and the gasoline to the very home they claimed was burnt down by evil wrongdoers. Where’s my insurance check, please?

5) Competition & Superiority

Yet another core motive of the Ego: I always have to be better than.

If someone follows you because you inspire them to be better, great.

However, if that following is done for all the wrong and impure reasons, that will quickly turn into ‘I will be better than him/her and I declare this person my arch-enemy No.1.’

This is all built on the foundation of deep-seeded jealousy, of course.

And what better way than to eliminate the competition but to wait for the right opportunity to strike and kill thy enemy?

Be careful what you wish for (Social Media is full of this).

6) Promising Heaven, Delivering Hell

Making Claims and Promises that they know they can neither keep nor live up to.

Falling short on everything because it was never intended to be fulfilled in the first place.

Causing problems and a clusterfuck due to narcissism-induced collateral damage.


7) They never apologize (they are always right)

An apology is only necessary when a mistake and fault has been admitted.

An admission of guilt would break the narcissistic image they have created of themselves – so nothing wrong to be seen here, carry on.

They will either pretend that 1) nothing ever happened or 2) it’s all your fault anyways.

It takes a great amount of narcissism to consider oneself infallible and perfect, never making any mistakes, while in the human form.

It is a widespread disease these days and much worse than any Virus ever could be.

8) No moral compass nor concept of Good & Evil

What is Good, what is Evil?

What should I do, what shouldn’t I do?

How to treat others?

All these questions either never got asked by these individuals or they simply don’t care (the next level psycho-/sociopath).

Even the Mafia and criminals of the Old World had a codex to live by. They didn’t just randomly kill or rob people. There were specific motives and a code of conduct & honor in place that dictated how their criminal cosmos worked.

Which is why I respect Old World criminals a lot more than modern governments, by the way.

Anyhow, to the point: a foundation of philosophical and psychological fortitude and honesty has to be there in order for a Moral Compass to actually work.

If everything is just morally relative and nothing truly matters, then it is Sodom & Gomorrha.

Or Purge Anarchy, to speak in more modern yet equally accurate terms.

9) Wanting/Expecting to be saved from themselves

This all comes back to ‘I am a savior’ while not even being able to flush their own toilet.

Wanting the world to be a better place while doing absolutely nothing to make it better.

This all stems from a deep intrinsic knowing of ‘I am guilty’ and ‘I am in the wrong.’

Rather than taking the easy way out and admitting to one’s faults, they go ahead and torture themselves, holding onto all the pain that eventually becomes prolonged suffering.

Do as the Kryst did: Forgive – Let Karma do Justice

While taking revenge and payback can be very appealing at times, it is getting you nowhere – yet guarantees keep you stuck in the same loop.

The amount of thought & energy going into devising a plan to ‘get back’ or ‘get over’ someone is much better spent furthering your own Agenda of Self-Love.

There is a wonderful Universal Principle and Law called The Law of Karma which takes care of these things.

In essence, the person who committed the deed will be reminded of it until the day they realize their wrongdoing and take responsibility for it, making amends and rectifying that which they intentionally wronged.

Forgiveness will not only liberate you from the deed done to you, it will also make you completely lose resonance with the person that wronged you in the first place.

Divine Justice and a higher frequency version of revenge is choosing a better life, leaving the old and the decaying behind.

This all comes back to the most fundamental principle of Ascension and Existence itself: Self-Love.

Instead of focusing your energy on that which is already past and long gone, anchoring yourself in low frequency nonsense, you start focusing on your own version of paradise – that which is beyond reach to those who wronged you and are intending to betray you once more.

They will meet their match and have done to them what they did to others.

So trust in The Universal Principles & Laws and let Spirit take care of everything for you.

There really is no greater or more divine path to choose than that.


Forgive & Let Go.

Forgive & Move On.

You owe that to yourself and your Soul’s Journey here on Earth.

What did Jesus do once his betrayal was complete?

He forgave his wrongdoers and ASCENDED to ‘Heaven’.

So instead of choosing the lower route of vengeance, resentment and karma, he broke free from all earthly woes and became an Ascended Master.

It really is that simple.