5D – 6D: The Shift from Gaia to Metatron

With 2024, we have now entered the next phase of Planetary Ascension AND Human Ascension.

While the Planet is ascending further, reaching a fully 6-dimensional Template by March 21, effectively transitioning from Gaia as “Earth” to Metatron as “Earth”, Humanity is now experiencing a Higher Frequency than ever before.

While there have been isolated Frequencies and thus Realities until the End of 2023, it is now ALL ONE.

A unified Planetary Frequency that allows the Light to shine EVERYWHERE.

The process that has begun with the Winter Solstice 2019 (which mostly became known to unconscious Humans a Coronavirus), has been completed with the Winter Solstice of 2023.


The first phase of the 2020s, from 2020 to 2023, is complete.

This phase can be called “Alignment & Preparation”.

It served as a Preparation of Humanity for stepping into their true Potential and Calling on Earth.

It also paved the way for DNA Upgrades, such as telepathic communication at all times (5D Human Templates activated).


This next phase will be from 2024-2026.

It can be called Lightwork & Destiny Fulfilled.

It will be pre-empt Galactic Integration, awaken more Souls in 1 Year than in the past 10 Years combined and in essence begin the Golden Era that all Lightworkers and Starseeds have been waiting for.

For the Lower Frequencies Рespecially the unconscious  3- to 4-dimensional Frequencies so dearly held onto by Humans by virtue of Fear-Full Familiarity Рthis means that they are now folded into the Higher Frequencies on a 5-dimensional baseline.

Imagine Filo Dough that consists of many different layers of dough, all kneaded and folded into 1 singular entity.

In other words: The Ascension of the Lower Frequencies is now unavoidable and irrevocable.

For all those Humans still entrapped in their 3D bodily and at this point very sickly Consciousness, this means that their Health will deteriorate even more and faster than ever before.

Now, the only way out is to Make a Decision.

Ascension or Not.

In or Out.

Life or Death.

5D Ascension for Humanity

With Light permeating all corners of the Planet, making it impossible to hide any energetic pattern, 5D Ascension is now the baseline for Humanity.

While Humanity as a Collective should have reached a State of Consciousness that is coherent with Gaia’s Frequency in 2019 – a 5D Baseline which would have meant that “Coronavirus” aka a Pure Fear Reaction to the 2020 Shift would never have occurred – they are being divinely forced now.

Human (Egoic) Free Will is overwritten.

Divine Will now reigns supreme.

As everyone’s Soul agreed to come to Earth for Ascension at this time, Free Will is still honored – yet anything below 5-dimensional Consciousness is no longer cared for or taken into account anymore.

Key Figures & Ascension Leaders

As ALL those Souls who signed up for a leading role in this Ascension before the Earth Cycle of 1980 began have terribly failed in fulfilling their promise, these roles have now been given to others.

All of them will have to answer to their Soul’s Promise between the Years of 2024 and 2026.

Depending on their choices past, they will either have to make up for their lack of fulfillment – or, in some cases, the commitment to utter Darkness than to The Light – or they will simply have to give up their pre-incarnational chosen responsibilities and transfer them to others more fit for the job.

This Phase can also be called The Great Gathering of Lightworkers.

The End of Karma

As I announced on 11/11 of 2023, The Shift to 2024 also means the End of Karma.

No more unconscious patterns are possible – everything will have immediate consequences that will manifest momentarily.

Everything is broken up now, laid bare open to be seen for what it truly is – the old is forever made anew in the Light of Truth & Justice.

2024 – The Year of Light(Work)

As Human Science has started showing and confirming in the last days of 2023, Solar Activity is about to peak, marking the energetic Culmination and most intense phase of the 2020-2033 5/6D Ascension Phase throughout 2024.

Especially March, June and September (with their respective Anchors of the Equinoxes and the Solstice) will never be forgotten for the opportunities and changes they effected.

If you are reading these words, then you have A LOT to look forward to.

Make no mistake – this year will be more work than ever before and require more of you than you have ever considered possible.

Yet it will lay the foundation for that which Humans would call Paradise on Earth – for Yourself and for others.

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