Incarnation as the Spiritual Truth

Unlike various branches of Religion such as Buddhism or Hinduism would want you to believe – merely rooted in their own karmic past & dogmatic belief systems – Reincarnation is a choice you make.

No one forced you to be here.

You carefully planned and executed that plan.

The result of which: You are in (somewhat) physical form, capable of reading these words.

Congratulations! Your experiment of densifying your Consciousness (Soul) into a limited, denser lifeform (Body) was successful.

Playing the victim card as far as your existence on Earth is concerned is going to do nothing for you – especially not in days far past 3/4D Consciousness.

As Humanity, being completely cut off from our existence as 5-dimensional Beings (which ended between 2005-2019 for every and all individuals here), we have come up with the most nonsensical explanations for our existence here.

As 3D Humans required Astral/4D Mediumship, Religion or other dogmatic belief systems were the “way out” from one’s meaningless existence.

The idea of a God or multiple Deities watching over and protecting you as a little, insignificant being of inherited Sin may be somewhat comforting for the Fear-Full – yet it in no way did any adherent realize any Truth by doing so.

In the Year 2024, praying to Jesus, Allah or the Buddha to be saved is no more than a good joke.

I sometimes cannot believe that Humanity is still that stuck in the past, playing victim.

Fortunately for everyone, that old Consciousness is now eradicated quicker than ever – leading to all 4D Dogmas (be it Science, Money, Christianity and others) leaving Planet Earth forever by the Year 2040. That includes all its believers.

All the Extinction-level projections manifest in Human-made Movies, Shows and other form of Media are a prediction of the future for those who are highly invested in their robot overlords and following inorganic, non-spiritual templates.

What happens upon Death?

One of the most important & pertinent questions of Humanity.

Apart from my own experience of dying and returning as well as remembering my Past Lives and how that process works, I have witnessed the physical demise of my earthly father from 2009-2014.

During the last few months, he consistently left his body and processed the end of his lifetime mentally-emotionally.

During his last 48h, in the Hospice, he then processed his existence spiritually.

Once I arrived with my family to see him, he was already gone.

While I was alone in the room, I could feel his presence – his Soul was waiting there, together with his “Transition Team” of Light Beings.

At the time, I did not have the Consciousness to see nor perceive that truly – yet my Intuition was very clear on him still being there somewhere.

Reflecting upon all those experiences, integrating my individual wisdom with Higher Spiritual Guidance, I have realized the Universal Truth of the Incarnation Process.

The (Re-)Incarnation Process

To gain a basic understanding of yourself as a Spiritual Being, as a Soul incarnate in a Human (and simultaneously galactic) Body, you have to learn & understand the Basics of the Incarnation Process.

In this article, I will explain to you the 6-dimensional process of Incarnation as well as the reasons and process for reincarnating (what happens after Death and thus in-between your lives).

The last Beings on Earth who could consciously reincarnate into another lifeform by projecting their Soul’s Essence into another Body (the Egyptians tried and failed very successfully, creating numerous abominations) were the Atlanteans of Old Atlantis.

Even the Atlanteans were only a higher 5-dimensional species at their Civilization’s Peak.

Hence, the 6-dimensional Truth I share here with you is unprecedented wisdom that has never been shared in any form of Earth before, ever.

The 6th Dimension is the densest level of Existence at which Templates of Higher Creation (10D) can be represented and interpreted correctly, true to their original form – while vastly simplified in essence.

True to the Human Experience and its perspective that we all know so well of, instead of describing the Incarnation Process from a 10-dimensional perspective (as if coming into the Human Form for the very first time ever), I will describe it from the perspective of just having died and then making the choice to re-incarnate.

The Process for higher-dimensional densification purely from Spirit’s perspective (10-12D) will be explained in another article, at another time. Upon its Inception, it will be linked right here as well.

Adding to the immense Complexity of the Incarnation Process (which literally took 1000s of Years of Galactic Trial & Error to perfect), it has changed quite significantly with the Astral Dimension (4D+) no longer being used as an Earthly Checkout or Check-in Station on Planet Earth.

This occurred around the Years 2006-2009 on Planet Earth.

1) Death

The way you experience Death is entirely dependent on the Consciousness that you embody.

Whichever Method you choose during your life cycle – eventually, you die.

Once a 5-dimensional Consciousness is fully embodied, you even get to reincarnate into the same bodily experience right away (this is what many have described as a Near-Death-Experience).

As a 3- to 4-dimensional Human, you will meet your Life Cycle’s end usually via Disease or simply the lack of Life Force as the Cells in your Body can no longer be a conduit for it.

Leading up to your Death, you will feel Life Force slipping away.

This is even the case when a young Body meets an abrupt end (a high-impact collision, for example).

In the moment of your Death, you will feel the Life Force completely leaving you.

If you are below 5D, your Heart will jump and increase your Frequency automatically – all the while you are experiencing nothing but Fear, meeting your Death with Agony. All you know is: This is it.

If your Consciousness is 5D, you will simply surrender yourself to your imminent Death Experience – without any Fear or Negativity. You embrace Death, knowing that Love is who you are, ready to move onto your next destination – whatever it may be.

If you were able to embody 6D Consciousness (impressive!) upon meeting your chosen End of Life moment, you will already know what to do: Completely surrender your current form and move onto your next destination. No help needed.

In short: 3D Consciousness dies experiencing an ending of their fleshly existence – usually via pain & agony of some sort.

4D Consciousness dies in the Mind first, then in the Body. The anticipation of Death is much worse than the actual 3D carnal end of life.

5D Consciousness surrenders lovingly to “whatever happens next”, knowing that their eternal Soul is moving on to another adventure.

6D Consciousness gets to leave their body entirely on their own terms. This Level of Mastery and Frequency lets the individual make the decision as to when, where, what and how their Life ends.

Death marks the definitive end to an individual’s life cycle.

Having a physical-carnal form, with such density that you believe your existence to be confined to your bodily form, it is one of the most amazing experiences to be had in the entire Universe.

Death is just the final chapter of that wonderful experience.

2) Evaluation

Once you have passed on, coming from a 4-dimensional Consciousness, you have to pass through different processes of remembering.

In essence, you are fully reconstituting your 6D Light Body.

This is a process that everyone below 6D needs help with.

Once again: Until about 2009, this was always the Astral Realm, the upper 4-dimensional realm of Consciousness.

Since 2012, everyone has been going directly to 5D, making the Astral Realm obsolete.

The purpose that the Astral Realm once served has now been replaced and upcycled into The Realm of Light (6D).

Whatever it takes for you to make it to your 6D Lightbody – once you arrive there, you meet friendly Beings of Light. Most of which you will already know as they are usually your Galactic Ancestors or other Friends in the Light that you met you before.

Upon the completion of your life cycle, you upload your information into the Akash (what 4D Science calls “The Quantum Field”), both storing and sharing all your life experience with others – and for later use for yourself.

You can think of this as The Archive of your Soul.

Once you have freed yourself from the experience you just had, you are now free to assess the success & the failures of your experience.

Did you live up to your promises?

Have you fulfilled your Soul Blueprint?

If you have an important Soul Mission – and you have failed – you may find yourself being judged quite harshly and justly.

3) Decision

Depending on the success of your lifetime, given the counsel of your “Team of Light”, you can then proceed to either make preparations for reincarnation – or to live a different experience somewhere else.

You may also choose to return to Source, giving up your Lightbody and truly returning all the way Home – into the All-that-Is Universal State of Consciousness.

If you have accumulated too much Karma by enacting Dark Deeds, you then have to make amends.

You knew the rules before playing the Game (such as Karma) – now, you have to abide by them.

To balance your Karma, you usually have to reincarnate into a similar experience that you just created for someone else. Have done unto you as you have done unto others.

Whichever choice you make, even by just surrendering to the guidance of those wiser beings counseling you – it will always be in your best interest and for your Soul’s Evolution to heed it and follow it.

4) The Galactic Waiting Room

If your Decision has been to return to Source, or to choose an existence that does not require any densification from Soul to Body, you can proceed without interruption to your next destination.

Like waiting your turn at the Doctor’s Office, you will be in line with others.

Depending on the complexity of your incarnation, you may stay here for a long time.

However, unlike in the physical realm, you are not bound to stay here and just wait around.

You can go anwyhere – as long as a part of your Consciousness remains, willing to act once your turn has arrived.

This is all figuratively speaking – as all this is happening in a purely energetic reality in which neither time nor space truly do exist as a construct.

But this aids in the understanding of how it works in the Spiritual Realm, in direct comparison with the Physical Realm that we know from our own incarnational experience.

Obviously the point with all this is to remember the Spiritual Truth of your Existence while still being in the physical-incarnate form.

For that is Ascension.

5) Incarnation

If you have chosen to re-incarnate, or even if it was to be your first experience as a Soul in a physically-densified form, you will now choose the Family that you will come into.

This even applies to extremely advanced 7-dimensional Beings such as some of The Arcturians.

Even though their birthing process has never been in any way comparable in density with the Human Birthing Experience, the process leading to the Inception of Life (Masculine seeding Feminine) is the exact same.

Let us assume that you have chosen earthly-human, 5-dimensionally conscious parents:

Your parents will be greeting you with Joy & Love, knowing that there is a great Soul coming into their Family.

They are aware of Soul Contracts made and will show you true Love as their Hearts are open.

In the older days of 3D to 4D, all these agreements were of course made purely in Spirit – and none of it was in any way consciously processed nor available.

In many cases, the pregnancy was even by surprise or entirely unwanted – or only after many failed attempts, by artificial means even (because their organic structure is blocked and does not allow for conception).

Coming into a family with parents that have their Heart closed will teach you some of the harshest lessons that there are to be had in the Universe.

Taking on their karmic and traumatic imprints, your life will be usually hard, harsh and difficult.

Such are the lessons and challenges that you choose – for your own Soul Growth, for the betterment of the entire Universe: Thanks to you, Spirit learns more about its Nature.

Obviously, no unconscious Human Mother or Father knows what Soul is coming into their family, if they met before, what qualities the Soul has and so on.

You can choose to begin your journey in your mother’s womb from the Day of your Conception.

You can also choose to fully bring your Soul into your Human Body the very moment that your Mother starts her birthing process.

Depending on what experience you wish to have: Anything is possible.

The Human Host Body that your Soul comes into carries the imprints of your Ancestors (genetic Family) as well as your very own Blueprints that you chose to incarnate with.

This may also very well be a disability.

Anything that you consider right and useful for your learning, it will be possible.

But remember this: Held in infinite Love and being protected by the Light, you can never truly get hurt.

Ultimately, Your Incarnation & Life Experience is entirely your own Creation

YOU chose to come here.

YOU chose your parents.

YOU chose that, at this point in time and space, it was a your desire to incarnate yourself into the Earth Experience.


Playing victim will not help you.

Rejecting your divine purpose will only make you suffer.

You have come to Earth to experience Ascension – and to consciously co-create it.

Adding your own positive Essence to it, remembering the Truth of your Existence.

Since the Majority (~66%) of Humanity are still hell-bent on being in Hell, creating all but Negativity at the most auspicious time that ever existed, my question to you is: What will you choose?

If you have just begun to awaken now, then the Road to your Ascension is long and it will take an immense amount of courage for you to succeed.

To make this as easy as possible, you have to learn and understand the basics of your Spiritual Nature.

The sooner, the better.

If you do not make haste now, then an unconscious Death is all that you will achieve.

All that in a Time when being God (6D) on Earth is not only possible – it is wanted and requested by Spirit for you to do so.

Anything else would be the greatest waste in the Universe.

Choose your Ascension now.

The time is running out to be a part of Team Light and co-create Heaven on Earth.

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