All these Archetypes only hold true while living in an existence of below 5-dimensional Consciousness (and thus a closed Heart).

Once a fully 5-dimensional existence has been reached, all these Archetypes start to become an integrative aspect of your being.

Be it The Warrior, The Killer or The Nice Guy – all Dark Archetypes start serving The Light of the Sacred Masculine.

Once a 7-dimensional Existence is reached, formerly Dark Shadow Archetypes have been transformed into Pure Light.

The Darkness has ceased to exist.

The Dark Masculine

The Dark Masculine is the Inversion of The Sacred Masculine.

As far as Dark Shadow Creations go, The Shadow Feminine & The Dark Masculine make the perfect couple for Crime, Chaos, Hatred, Hell & Distortion.

The Masculine leads into that Destruction with ardent Hatred for Life – while The Feminine supports him with her never-ending bitterness and deceitful intent.

Also Luciferian Consciousness can be found here – but that warrants another article entirely.

Like with The Shadow Feminine, the Archetypes of the Dark Masculine are repeatable and applicable to any Masculine Being of a below 5-dimensional consciousness.

He will embody and enact either of these archetypes, partially or fully, to make up the disconnected-from-Source Male.

Taking a more recent historical perspective, The Masculine Collective on Earth as a whole has done quite well for their Ascension.

These Dark Masculine Energy Traits & Archetypes, have largely been acknowledged and processed while still being accepted and integrated.

Think of it like this: How many Men with their Masculinity somewhat intact and present easily and readily admit to not only being “all good” ?

The same cannot be said for The Feminine Collective.

While there have been amazing female Light – or truthfully Loveworkers – like Dolores Cannon. the collective consensus amongst human females had led to rampant Feminism and an utter lack of Morality and Decency.

Coupled with the inversion of Masculinity – Gays and Rainbow Flags everywhere – the Foundation of Human Society has disintegrated progressively since the 1980s.

While there have been distinctly “psychopathic” and tyrannical Males as well, purely driven by Hatred, they were the absolute exception in recent Human History.


Jordan Peterson serves as a modern embodiment and spokesman of a 4D Masculine Shadow fully integrated, speaking from a higher 4-dimensional perspective – at times even 5D.

Teal Swan can be seen as his feminine equivalent in Frequency and purpose – albeit a lot more spiritually-oriented than human psycho-analytic.

To truly understand The Dark Masculine manifest on Earth, we have to utilize the Energies of before The Earth Year known amongst Humanity as “1800”.

On Earth, Human Males have accrued A LOT more Karma than Females – due to extremely dark deeds in the days past (The Dark Ages / “Medieval Times”, especially).

Their Karma was paid through Sacrifice & War – just like I chose to “die a hero” in the fires of Chernobyl in 1986 – after commiting crimes almost too grotesque and evil to put into words.

Men have come a long way on their Ascension Journey – since the 1990s, specifically.

Now, with the Year 2024 and 6D Energies fully manifest on Earth, Sacred Masculinity has returned and is here to take the lead, protect and rule a New Atlantis, an Empire of Love & Light.

To successfully lead with an open Heart and Mind, knowing all aspects of the Dark Masculine is absolute Key.

For you can only know your inner Light when you have conquered, accepted & integrated your inner Shadow.

This is what many have called “The Hero’s Journey”.

Dark Masculine Archetypes

These are Archetypes of the Dark Masculine.

These Archetypes are a reflection and manifestation of the Suppression of Sacred Masculinity due to having a closed Heart.

For any Man to truly step into his Power, he has to work through and integrate all these Dark Archetypes to truly know himself and wield Power in the Light – as any Man of Sacred Masculinity is destined to do and to be.

The Leader

The Leader of Darkness is blinded by hatred, filled with anger and ready to burn the entire world to the ground to fulfill his self-induced ‘mission’.

Adolf Hitler is one of the best examples of an effective Leader that led into the Darkness.

Dschinghis Khan, Mao, Stalin, Alexander, Caligula and many others come to mind as well.

The Leader assumes Power and Responsibility – at the cost of everything and everyone else.

He can only be the Leader because he subjugates his subjects, reminding them that they are lower in rank.

The pecking order, like amongst animals, is well-defined and reinforced.

Whenever the Leader perceives a threat to his rule, he will see to it that the threat is eliminated before it can ever manifest.

The Leader is the beginning of any Empire – and its end, simultaneously.

The last time that Earth experienced true (5D) Leadership was in the days of Atlantis.

5D+ Leadership will always empower and guide others towards The Light, remembering his True Nature as an Arbiter and Servant of Light.

Dark Leaders will seek Power to satisfy their very own egoic motives.

The Savior

The Savior comes to absolve everyone of their Debt & Sins.

In essence, he is the ultimate Redeemer.

He can absolve Humanity of their Karma and make them all forgiven and forgotten – without those who accumulated their Karma doing anything at all.

Those who feel guilty will come to The Savior to confess their “Sins” and Transgressions. To then go right back to doing the same thing all over again.

Just like in Church: There is always another Sunday in which we can all agree to be stuck in Hell forever.

Karma as a perpetual Sin.

The Savior is the Spiritual Hero to Humanity – just as long as they don’t have to do or change anything.

The Genius

Trying to solve the mystery of existence, The Genius considers himself omniscient and declares himself God of his reality.

Not realizing that the “scientific evidence” that he finds is merely a reflection of his own creative process, he considers all that to be objective truth which some artificially sterile lab experiment produces (4D non-organic Intelligence).

In other words: The Consciousness of the Scientist dictates what he will find in the externalized world.

The nature of Science is to always have a reference for a reference to a reference.

Nothing is organic, nothing is original and nothing is ever derived from a Source of Truth.

It is all an inversion of the Human Mind, thinking that it is smart.

The Genius is not even capable of making his own bed – yet finds the hubris to “know” the answers to life and the universe itself.

NASA cannot accurately predict the weather in 3 days from now – but finding black holes in some illusory Galaxy 50.000 “Light Years” away with precision is no problem at all.

Since the year 1999, the Human Genius is officially the most educated fool on Earth.

The Hypocrite

Always quick to give advice and claiming to have the answers, the Hypocrite has no Experience nor Moral Compass to base his advice on.

Perpetually Complaining about the World, Politicians and everyone else, he does nothing to better himself.

Instead of creating Solutions, he creates Problems.

Deceit is his Basis, Manipulation his Weapon of choice.

There is no Integrity nor Honor in what he does.

He knows that he is a Liar of no Substance – yet pretends to be a Leader of sorts.

Modern Politicians embody this Archetype more than anyone.

The Traitor

The Traitor is thoroughly explained in one of my first articles ever written – The Judas Archetype.

In short: He lives in the Shadow of greater Man who have achieved what he seeks to do (or thinks that he wants to achieve, anyways).

They will follow their Inspiration – until the time comes to seize the Throne for themselves and backstabbingly kill their Idol.

In the most ideal case, he does not have to do it himself – but gets someone else to do his dirty work.

After all, he needs to be able to present himself as a good person in the public eye.

A true Career Politician in the making.

The Fanatic

Cheering on others and deifying them for their achievements while trying to absorb their identity is the hallmark of The Fanatic.

He has not done anything with his own life that he can feel proud of and that has given him a sense of direction to form his own identity in life.

Wearing the Jersey with the name of others, he knows that all he can do is pay his taxes, do as he’s told and continue being a Slave to the Matrix.

He feels pathetic about himself and does not command any respect either amongst men nor women.

It is only with an open Heart filled with Courage, facing the challenges and adversity, that a man truly learns who he is.

Before you can truly support others, you have to become a Fan of yourself and your own Doings.

Self-Acceptance is the Key to turn the Fanatic into a Supporter.

The Warrior

The Warrior thrives on War – especially when there is absolutely no reason for it.

There is no Warrior in Garden Eden.

And there is no Gardener in a War.

He is always looking for another fight – for his very identity depends on either defeating or getting defeated. To then repeat the same cycle.

The Warrior only finds Peace in his own Death.

The Wizard

The Wizard uses Spells to bind & control.

Just like the Witch, he inverts Reality to control the outcome and manipulate Energy.

Just like in The Lord of the Rings, there is an item or totem, imbued with magical powers and spells, that promise great power.

That Power comes at a great price: Your Spiritual Being is torn apart, fragmented and corrupted.

“Power corrupts.”

Because it is not truly Power, just the Illusion of which for all those who do not know nor seek true Power.

The Wizard, like the Witch, is an old Archetype that has not been present on Earth for many Millenia.

For both Men & Women, it has only recently (2012) reawakened for karmic Integration.

As is the case for all of the Darkest & Most Evil Archetypes enacted throughout Human History.

The Nice Guy

The Nice Guy is a Weakling that stands for nothing and agrees to everything.

In an effort to avoid any and all conflict, he will bend over backwards and seek to appease.

He will try to appease and acquiesce to everyone with the intention of being liked by everyone.

If you hear “everyone likes him” about someone, then you know that he stands for nothing and has no Honor Codex by which he lives.

A True Man will always polarize – he will either be hated or he will be loved.

Until his surrounding/Planetary Frequency has reached 6D, that is.

The Cuck

The Cuck (as in Cuckoldry) is a Man who has no Self-Respect nor Self-Worth.

He resonates with Women who share the same beliefs – and who want to humiliate him as much as possible (the Dominatrix comes into play here).

As a reminder for his lack of Masculinity and Manhood, he is just fine with having other men sexually please his wife – perhaps he can watch and learn to enjoy his own humiliation?

Energetically castrated by choice, he believes that Masculinity is bad and needs to be suppressed.

Other Men, while usually of equally low self-worth, will enjoy humiliating him and use his wife intimitely to achieve just that.

The Billionaire

The Billionaire is a modern version of The Savior, The Genius & The King.

He makes more money than he can count by creating his own empire.

The more successful he becomes, the more he realizes: Money can never fill the inner void.

And most importantly, his idea of value creation is rooted in Poverty.

As his Money is created by the means of Energy Consumption and Absorption as well as an established Pyramid-style Hierarchy – using other people’s Energy to fill his own pockets – eventually, Guilt takes over.

That is when The Billionaire becomes the Philanthropist: All the Guilt has to somehow be cleansed and washed away.

The “legal” (or rather human-societally accepted) way of “Laundering” huge amounts of Money is to give it to Charity.

The more Guilt you feel, the more you donate.

The “dirtier” the Money, the more it has to be “laundered”.

It has worked in Church for Ages – now it works for “poor Africans” or any other choice of supposedly meaningful cause.

While he is considered the pinnacle of Human Success (in recent History), he really just is a poor man who is constantly afraid of having it all taken away.

He knows that he didn’t earn it – and he knows that his Empire will not last.

“Working hard” is a justification for the theft, nothing more.

Like every other construct rooted in dishonesty, it starts failing the moment it peaks in success.

In more ways than just one, The Billionaire is the same as The Beggar Archetype.

The Beggar

The Man without Value.

He does not know how to be of service or how to create Value – therefore, he needs to ask others for Charity without ever offering anything in return.

Nature is telling him that his life is endangered – hence the survival spiral he finds himself in – yet he does not make changes to support his life.

He also is not courageous enough to just surrender to the possibility of his life coming to an end.

The King

The King is like the Old World Emperor.

 His Servants are at the behest of His Majesty’s Biddings.

While he barks orders and always comes up with new ideas (that he usually got from someone else), he will never work to implement them himself.

He is just there to eat grapes, drink wine and enjoy the palm leaf fanning.

A good King reminds his Minions of how inferior they are to him – a choice of public executions or other showings of power-over are essential to his rule.

His family is vying for his position while making a nice face to him and swearing loyalty.

The Scientist

Analytical, cold, closed-hearted and highly “left-brained”, The Scientist believes his external reality to be The Truth if only he can replicate the same idea everywhere else (the scientific circle jerk).

Like The modern-day Genius, he believes himself to be of superior intellect to all others.

Once the PhD is attained, everything that he says becomes practical-factual law.

The MD is the labcoat God – in white robes, he is here to save humanity with science.

Science is God – it is the ultimate Redeemer and not believing in it will make the low IQ outsider (we have all seen how that worked out in the wake of Coronavirus).

The Perpetrator

The perfect Match for the feminine Victim.

No Victim without Perpetrator.

He likes to feel Guilt and assume Responsibility for everything “wrong in the world”.

The Perpetrator is a necessary stepping stone towards The Savior Archetype.

The Rapist

He takes what is his, no matter the cost.

Be it physical, mental or emotional – The Rapist will find a way to penetrate his victim of choice.

Rape, at its core, is about overpowering another.

The Rapist, like The Thief, takes away from others and claims what he considers to be his.

Rape & Conquest are synonymous words.

Those who feel especially guilty will try to restore their Innocence by taking it from those who still have it – children.

The institutionalized Abuse of Children in Church is a direct result of “Being a Sinner” – feeling guilty and remining oneself of that Guilt every day.

The Killer

He takes Life just for the sake of proving that he is “Powerful”.

The Sacredness of Life means nothing to him – driven by pure hatred for himself and all that is good, he seeks to destroy.

Children, Women, innocent Men – to the Killer, their lives are all for the taking.

Be it through his own sadistic motives or simply enjoying the sight of Fear while getting paid to take life without asking questions – The Killer is one of the most common and dominant Shadow Archetypes of The Masculine, rooted in a History of Evil Deeds.

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