Part I

Ayahuasca – Spiritual Healing Medicine

Ayahuasca. The name itself carries a lot of power that makes many either think very fondly of healing Trauma or that induces a very deep fear of exactly that trauma which needs healing.

Ayahuasca is like a magical passphrase granting access to higher dimension — and the medicine itself is the potion acting as the key & portal.

I will never forget the moment I first learnt of this funny-sounding plant – the moment I first heard it, my Soul kicked my unconscious Ego Self into awareness: REMEMBER THIS! – Making me aware of my need for it and that I will eventually experience it.

While the word Ayahuasca is rightfully associated with the sacred medicine, ready to be drunk in various settings, on a more intricately botanical and spiritually detailed level, it actually does consist of 2 distinctly different plants and spirits.

The Ayahuasca itself, the tree botanically referred to as Banisteriopsis caapi, of which the root vines are taken to prepare the tea, is the cleaning agent of the medicine. It is bio- and neuro-chemically referred to as the MAO-Inhibitor.

That means when you purge, it is always induced by the vine itself.

A very visceral, guttural and energetically super-charged purge.

You have never felt a release like this before and hearing others purge is an equally unprecedent experience.

This is testimony to the depth at which Ayahuasca cleanses.

The other component, the DMT-containing leaf chacruna or psychotria viridis, is mixed with the Ayahuasca Vine, a lot of water is added and it is cooked down to a thick paste over a period of 9-14h.

This paste is then re-constituted with water or, in rare cases, the tea is cooked down to a drinkable level for immediate usage during ceremony that night and the few nights thereafter as it ferments very quickly under the climatic conditions of its heritage.

The DMT is what is responsible for letting you navigate the experience consciously and vividly-visually.

What is called ‘hallucinations’ due to lack of a higher understanding, I call LightSight.

Your vision gets enhanced, upgraded and uplifted, along with all your other senses.

You see more, hear more, feel more.

A rapid and distinct increase in Consciousness allows you to perceive your Reality/World much more accurately and intricately.

4D Karmic Shadow Shamanism

What is still being praised as traditional and the only right and proper way of doing Ayahuasca has now, and since 2012 already, been a disservice to Humanity’s as well as Planetary Ascension as a whole.

Just because something has been done ‘like that’ for allegedly hundreds or even thousands of years (a ridiculous claim given Incan traditions), does not translate to it being helpful nor positive.

It is a religion, with dogmatic principles and false assumptions at the core, and no more than that.

As you can read in the 4D section of this essential article with specific remarks in the Astral Dimension section, traditional shamanism happens in a frequency band that is way below 5-dimensional Gaian existence – the baseline consciousness for any Plant Medicine since 2012.

So instead of just allowing the 5D Frequency of the Plant to do its High Magic and to support its work, the Human Ego goes forth and appropriates the medicine for its own purposes.

The vast majority of what is being practiced is Astral Black Magic.

As of 2012, I really cannot recommend anyone interested in Ascension and thus healing Trauma to attend a traditionally-held Ayahuasca circle.

Amongst receiving the Teachings of the Medicine, the Human factor and setup is most likely going to traumatize you.

Ask yourself this: How can mental-emotional trauma of a 4-dimensional nature be healed by attending a ceremony of the exact same frequency?

It is most likely going to do a whole lot of nothing but give you ‘a trip’ and ‘hallucinations’.

The notion of hallucinations alone is testimony to the unsconscious use of substances.

Where there is consciousness, there can be no hallucinations.

That in itself is a defense mechanism of the Mind & Ego to protect its latent beliefs and thus keep you trapped in the exact same cycle of the Trauma you would have a chance of healing if you were to attend a 5-dimensional or let alone 6-dimensional ceremony experience.

The only exception here is if you had the intention of consciously engaging (from a 5D standpoint) with your own karma of a past life in which you practiced unconscious shamanism and Black Magic (a very worthy and worthwhile lifetime choice in a pre-Ascension earthly experience).

You would be able to witness, through someone else’s practice, what and how it resonates with you – why you did it and what has to be cleared for you to live free of your karmic past.

As a comparatively more conscious, higher-dimensional Being, going to a lower consciousness ceremonial experience to make others aware of their Shadows can also provide great joy and accomplishment.

It also serves as a direct test for your Healing Progress.


5D – A Deep Healing Journey within

As of 2023, there are a great many practitioners around the world who offer a fully 5-dimensional healing experience using Plant Medicine of various sorts.

Even some traditional shamans are operating on this Frequency as they have opened themselves to a New World with an ever-climbing Frequency.

As the 5th Dimension is the first dimension of True Love and an organic merge of the Heart & Mind, Healing can only take place here and above this Frequency.

You will experience a Heart-opening which will in turn open your Mind, reprogram beliefs of lower frequencies (lower than 5D congruency) through an alchemical merge with the 5-dimensional intelligence of the plant.

To enable a 5D Ayahuasca Healing Journey, Practitioners, Facilitators and New World Shamans simply have to have a baseline of Healing experience themselves and then guide the ceremony via instructions given by the Spirit of Ayahuasca itself.

In contrast to 4D, this also exemplifies how the shaman has to actively suppress the 5D organic potential of the Plant’s Spirit to accommodate his lower frequencies.

It is very much like stunting the growth of a fruit plant that would grow well and eventually bear fruit if left to its own devices.

As a participant in a 5D Ayahuasca Journey, you can expect to leave with a deep sense of peace (even if you had a seemingly negative experience at times), knowing that you have become a better, lighter, more ascended version of yourself.

6D Light Ceremony

With 6D Light Ceremonies, I want to offer an experience that goes far beyond what you know or may have tried before.

Based on my very own Ascension, I have created a ceremonial offering which is completely dedicated to YOU EXPERIENCING YOUR HIGHER SELF.

By making myself available as a grounding channel for higher-dimensional frequencies, you can tap into the field of Akashic knowing.

Or in other words: Pure Enlightenment.

This is also where your Spirit Guides reside. Through the Activation of your Lightbody, You get to talk to your Spirit Guides face-to-face – through the alchemical merge of your consciousness with theirs.

For more details on this New World Offering Healing Ceremony, refer to this page.

Human Ascension

Part II

Preparation – Diet & Medication

Unlike what you may have heard of or already be familiar with, there is absolutely no need to prepare yourself for a 6D ceremony in a physically-focused way.

You see, traditional Ayahuasca had its roots in clearing the gut, getting rid of parasites and, in my words, softly opening a portal from 3D Physicality to the 4D Astral Dimension.

In a World prior to 1980, that was the correct and only proper way of working with this Medicine.

Everyone was so dense and physically-focused, a clearing of the physical was absolutely necessary.

Now, with a 6-dimensional ceremony which focuses SOLELY and ONLY on consciously activating your Highest Self, this would be the wrong focus entirely.

While I do not in any way recommend binge-drinking or -eating within 48h of your ceremony (both trauma-induced choices and thus consciousness lowering), it is entirely UP TO YOU to prepare yourself accordingly.

Taking great care of yourself while focusing on the purity of your intention is about the best you can do.

If great care means 1 week of veganism and 3 spa visits or enjoying some beer with a steak is once more your choice to make.

This is all about empowering you to listen to your Body, Heart and Soul.

Everything outside of your Intuition are just friendly reminders or guidelines.


SSRI Antidepressants & Medication


If you have read any of the established scientific literature, you will have read about the presumed dangers of drinking Ayahuasca (MAOI-inhibitor) while being on antidepressant medication.

That is the exact same reason that you SHOULD be drinking Ayahuasca in the first place.

The only thing that’s dangerous here is to rely on pharmaceutical poison, made by humans of a VERY LOW consciousness, and doing nothing to remove the underlying reasons and causes for your depression (dependency, just what the doctor prescribed).

It is true: Ideally, you don’t have any artificial substances in your bloodstream by the time you are drinking Natural Spirit Medicine of an infinitely higher consciousness than anything made my unconscious humans ever could be. 

Artificial Intelligence will never stand a chance against Organic Intelligence.

So, to conclude: You can do and eat whatever you want and take whatever you wish prior to a spi-ritual of such an advanced nature as a 6D Light Ceremony.

However, if your intention is not pure and you seek an artificial high rather than a natural high (that can only be achieved through realizing & healing the Blockages), you will be taught a harsh and necessary lesson by the Spirit of Ayahuasca.

La Purga – The Power of Purging

Along with “panic attacks” and death itself, Purging is the most erroneously feared aspect of an Ayahuasca Journey.

One of the most powerful ways of letting go you will ever experience is the Purge during an Ayahuasca Healing.

There is something so deep and visceral about it, it really doesn’t compare to anything else.

Unlike getting sick (an unconscious clearing of negativity), you are consciously clearing your negativity in a way like you never have before

There are different ways of how the purge can manifest, of course.

The most powerfully condensed version is vomiting.

What may seem undesirable und unpleasant is, exactly for those strongly negatively-charged emotions, the most effective way of ridding yourself of old energies you are holding onto yet are no longer in any way supporting you.

Then there is of course pee & poop on the toilet which can be an amazing relief as well.

Especially the amount of guilt held by the intestines (hence they are called guilty pleasures) can very effectively be released going number 2.

Peeing while in an Ayahuasca-induced state can present a very effective way of clearing feelings and beliefs of shame – especially so for women as the female body holds onto shame more in the genital area than men do.

Even though most purging is usually being anticipated with great anxiety & apprehension, it is the surrender to the Purge that makes it pleasant.

Ideally, you don’t even think about it until it actually comes up via your body communication it to you.

By resisting the clearing energies or forcing them, you are doing yourself a disservice that will take away greatly from an experience that could (and should) very well be the greatest relief of your life so far.

Is Ayahuasca dangerous? What if I have a Bad Trip?

As already discussed above partially by mentioning The Medicine in conjunction with antidepressants, the perception of danger and its source lies within you and you alone.

You may have heard or read of people having Hell Trips, getting sexually abused by shamans or even dying.

All of this is contextual information which means a whole lot of nothing without knowing the details of when, where, who, how, why and, most importantly, the intention of the ones attending the ceremony.

What these reports don’t tell you is that someone wanted an easy way out of their life rather than hanging themselves, for example.

A woman with a lot of rape karma (doing and having done to) may experience something similar as a reminder of what she needs to heal.

No matter how ‘bad’ it may seem from an uninformed outside perspective, every moment is divine – nothing happens without Divine Will and outside the Infinite Love that we all truly are.

In short: If you go into a ceremony with an honest intention and a pure Heart, no harm will ever come to you.

If you do your honest research and Soul-searching, then choosing someone like myself as a Guide – a Being that stands in the integrity of his own Light & Experience – it can only be the greatest experience possible for you.

If you enter anything in life with more Fear than anything else, you will end up getting it.

However, with the proper guidance and TRUST & FAITH, even the most fearful experience will leave you with the most blissful realization of Love, Joy & Happiness.

Lightwork takes tremendous Courage.

And great courage ALWAYS gets rewarded accordingly – With Greatness.

Madre – Surrendering to The Divine Feminine Nature of Ayahuasca

Ayahuasca Femininely served

Many Journeyors and Facilitators of an Ayahuasca Experience refer to the Medicine as ‘Madre’. The Spanish word for Mother.

This serves as a direct reflection of the consciousness that one engages with and allows oneself to open up to via ingestion.

Due to the feminine nature of Ayahuasca, women usually have a lot easier a time surrendering to the natural Spirit of the plant.

Note: Mescaline-containing plant medicine such as San Pedro is very Masculine in Spirit as the name already suggests.

The Divine Feminine (5D- & beyond conscious Femininity) is Flowing, Gentle, Soft, Flexible and Cleansing in nature (think menstruation).

If you choose to resist and ultimately disrespect the Lessons of Love she has to teach and give, you may very well end up suffering through a large portion of the experience.

As much as she is kind and compassionate with you, if you choose your Ego over what is right and necessary, she will be merciless and teach you the hard way.

Most men have a rather violent purge due to the Ayahuasca-induced clearing of stuck energies.

Most women feel a deep sense of sadness and insecurity when they go through their deepest clearings – usually met by a relief and a deep rest, ultimately opening their Hearts to Love.

Everyone’s journey is naturally unique – and depending on the advancement of your consciousness, it will adjust to your current needs and what your Soul wants you to know through the teachings of Ayahuasca.

Integration: The Long-Term Effects of 6D Ayahuasca Healing

Now, you may be wondering: Is this going to have any lasting effects?

You may have heard of people whose life has been changed forever and for the better by attending just one singular ceremony.

But what can you expect from this?

The only honest answer is: IT DEPENDS ON YOU.

When I first drank Ayahuasca, I mentally prepared myself for it for over 2 1/2 years and when I first learnt of its existence, I knew immediately that this would have a very deep & changeful impact on my life.

Simply put: If you treat this like another drug to take that you haven’t tried yet, it will be exactly that.

It will not have healing effects beause you are not seeking them.

It may, however, be the best way to beat your healing-resisting Ego into submission.

I have witnessed many people find their own redemption by puking their guts out and being truly humbled for the first time.

The KEY is for you to take the lessons and teachings of your healing session and ACT ON IT.

If you live in a big city, work a job that you hate and live the consumerist Matrix life, then going back into that and not at least rethinking it and making plans to change it will get you nowhere.

If you, however, choose to humble yourself, change your diet, make amends for past mistakes, clean up your act and commit yourself to a life of betterment, then you will ride the wave of Healing continuously and permanently.

Establishing a new, higher baseline of consciousness for yourself from which you can make better decisions.

OR you can choose to be ignorant and disregard what you have been told and know to do in order to become who you want (and need) to be.

The Choice is Yours to Make.