The World of Plant Medicine is as vast as Nature itself.

For every disease, there is a natural remedy or adjuvant.

In this Guide, we are going to focus on what is known as Psychedelic Plant Medicine, also called Sacred Medicine, Master Plant Teachers and other names.

All Medicine in this guide I have extensive personal experience with, both healing myself as well as helping others heal by leveraging the Power of Mother Nature.


Frequently called ‘The God Molecule’ by those who experienced it, 5-MeO-DMT is hands-down the most direct route to experiencing Source/God Consciousness.

All you have to do is to surrender to the experience – and off you are.

While in Earth minutes, the experience will be over in about 25-45 minutes, you may need months or years to integrate the lessons you just learnt.

I like to look at 5-MeO-DMT as the Ultimate Ego Breaker.

Your sense of Self is completely removed so that you can experience something much greater and vaster than your Self.

There are 2 used modalities that are used as medicine: one is plant-, the other animal-derived.

Bufo Alvarius

Bufo Alvarius, in short simply called Bufo, is the secretion of a Sonora Desert Toad. It has glands that secrete 5-MeO-DMT.

Dried, it gets inhaled by lighting a fire to it, turning it into pure DMT Smoke.

You lose your current bodily-human consciousness immediately after you inhaled the smoke – some don’t even remember lying down after inhaling while seated.

The experience is EXTREMELY ACCELERATED, allowing you to experience many things in the shortest time-frame. Usually within 25 minutes, you will return to your bodily-physical consciousness. Either remembering some things or absolutely nothing.

Due to the nature of smoke and inhalation, Bufo is even more direct in its application than Yopo.


Having the powdered dried fruits of the yopo tree ready and waiting to be blown up someone’s nostril, taking Yopo is exactly like receiving Rapé.

Being blown right up your nose towards your Pineal Gland, the effects usually start within a minute or two.

Compared to Bufo, you have much more time to consciously navigate the experience, lie down and ease into it.

As the core ingredient is the same, the experience is 5-MeO-typically intense, short-lived and colorful.

I have personally found Yopo to be a better option for Ascension due to the kinder nature of the journey itself as well as the increased level of conscious experience, allowing you to remember more and thus work with & integrate more.


Di-Methyl-Triptamine, DMT, is a psychoactive substance that can be derived from nature in many various forms.

By many called ‘The Spirit Molecule’, it is associated with very strong visuals or so-called ‘hallucinations’.

Truer to the ancestral usage, DMT is often the first compound thought of when using the term ‘Entheogens’ – filled with God.

DMT can also be synthesized – a form that I cannot recommend due to the artificial creation process, needing energetic cleansing upon usage.

Until you are a fully 5-dimensional being, Natural Medicine is infinitely better and much easier to process for your body than any artificial substance could ever be.


Ayahuasca Femininely served
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DMT-containing leafs + Ayahuasca Root Vine make up the special Amazonian Brew “Ayahuasca”

The cleansing aspect of Ayahuasca is very unique.

The Ayahuasca Vine itself is the caring & loving cleaning lady – the DMT is the navigational Roadmap of Consciousness.

Your trusty Google Maps in the Psychedelic World.

You can find a comprehensive Guide on Ayahuasca here.


Changa, like ayahuasca, is comprised of DMT, as-well as an MAO inhibiting plant.

In the case of changa, the DMT has been extracted and then infused into MAOi containing plant matter, so that when it is smoked, the effects of the DMT last noticeably longer.

Where as smoking pure DMT you can expect the effects to have mostly subsided within 20 minutes where as changa is likely to last about an hour in total, while being noticeably smoother ascent and descent.

Its important to note that smoking DMT is not nearly as intense as 5-MeO-DMT is. However, once again, due to the nature of inhalation and the quick dispersion in your central nervous system via your lungs, the trip does not last long as other methods of consumption such as ayahuasca.

Within a maximum of 1 hour and 20 minutes, you will have fully returned.

This is a great option for those who enjoy smoking and who want a to try lighter version of 5-MeO-DMT, while still opening up to an extremely profound experience.


Magic Mushrooms & Truffles

Fungi Mycelium
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Mushrooms know a seemingly infinite amount of variety.

While they all share the same essential psychoactive ingredient – psilocybin – and thus provide a very similar experience, all the different varieties have their own unique twist and experience on offer.

Fungi (FunGuy) are very playful, happy Spirits.

They love to teach via Joy, Laughter and being a bit crazy-silly.

Usually, especially to Humans from ‘The West’, Magic of Mushrooms are the easiest way to get started with Psychedelic Medicine.

It is often used as a Starter – to be followed up by Ayahuasca.

If you struggle with Depression, feeling disconnected or having a stressed Central Nervous System, Psilocybin is perfect for you. 


Mescaline, naturally derived from Cacti such as San Pedro (Huachuma) or Peyote, provides a very powerfully masculine (hence the name mescaline) experience.

If you dose it higher according to your own subjective needs, you may very well have signed yourself up for a 12-14h trip, perhaps even more.

In ceremonial quantities, I would always make sure to have walkable terrain (a bit hilly/mountainous), like going on a field trip – which is exactly the right wording in all regards here.

In small quantities, you can usually

I had a very special experience with San Pedro myself, leading to the final breakthrough towards my Spiritual Awakening & Life Choice.


Cannabis Marijuana Plant Legal
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Used by many and by now the most accepted substance previously labeled a ‘drug’, Marijuana has helped several Western Generations keep their sanity throughout hardship.

Cannabis comes in many forms, yet the effects are largely the same.

If Hash Brownies, a rolled Joint, vaporized THC or just some CBD oil:

The Plant that carries an energetic imprinting of Mary Magdalene – often lovingly referred to as Mary Jane – provides a deep sense of Relaxation, Calmness and Serenity.

It eases the Mind and relieves Stress almost immediately.

A noticeable ‘Buzz’ is usually experienced for a short time, and can be extended by consecutively drawing in more, like an upward spiral, leading to the well-known HIGH.

Memory Loss, losing train of thought and getting easily carried away are other effects of the medicine, often considered undesirable.

Like with any natural substance: If you honor the inherent Spirit of the Plant, you can never abuse it.

Rapé / Hapé

The snuff tobacco from the Amazon knows many variants.

Like Yopo, it is administered through the nostrils.

The singular purpose of Rapé is to cleanse your Energy Meridians and align your energetic blueprint with Spirit.

A purge is not uncommon, a deep sense of relief and lightening follows.

It is often used by those who feel they are in need of a purification or those who want to experience a deeper state of meditation.

Often served right before drinking Ayahuasca, it can help clear blockages to prepare for the journey itself.

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