Ancient Practice – New Results

The Practice of Retreating into a (Himalayan) Cave, going through the different Levels of Spiritual Initiation in the Great Pyramids, or simply sitting in Nature for extended periods, a “Dark Retreat” has always been an effective method of reaching enlightened states of consciousness (relative to its baseline of consciousness at the respective time).

Now, in Times of Planetary & Human Ascension, especially since 1999 – a state of immersive and distinct Astral Enlightenment all the way to 6D Embodiment of Kryst/Buddha Consciousness is easily reachable with the right preparation and practice.

For a select few, under my training, even 7D is possible to reach within a few months.

In this article, I want to share with you the Power of Dark Retreats – both from my own experience as well as in a more general-energetic sense, explaining the mystical nature of it and how to best prepare yourself for this life-changing experience.

If you prepare yourself well for your Dark Retreat Experience, you can rise through many Levels of Consciousness, face many Shadows, heal a lot of Trauma and embody a much higher Gradient of Light than ever before (LightBody).

All that in just a few days.

My Dark Retreat Experiences

Amithaba Dome 2
Amithaba Dome scaled

Having always been very self-reflected and meditative since I was a child, the idea of a Dark Retreat was first brought to me in late 2018 and came at absolutely no surprise to me.

I immediately knew that I had to seize the first opportunity.

After the most intense personal Shadow Work from September – December 2018 I ever had to do, I felt like immersing myself in complete Darkness would be the next great step-up on my journey towards Greater Consciousness and personal Ascension.

After my then Twin Flame / Spiritual Partner decided to once again run away and not do any Shadow Work, I was more resolved than ever to do this for and by myself.

Being on Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand, I visited the Dome made of Earth, about 2.5m in diameter and height, to gain my first insight into what I could expect from this experience.

I already felt the immense transformation I was about to experience.

Anxiety was not there because of Pure Excitement.

Just a few Nights before my Retreat began, I had the most intense Dream in which I was told and then realized: I am going to Die in that Dome.

Once more, this did not frighten me at all – It excited me.

When it finally was time to go into the dome just around sunset on the 26th of January, I was ready for whatever was awaiting me.

Once the door was closed, I immediately felt a sense of relief: While I felt a little closed-in due to the small size of the Dome, it was exactly that which condensed my Aura and made me increase my Energy Potential to make myself Lighter.

In the first 3 Days, I settled into a State of Deep and Permanent Meditation.

Everything within the Dome – drinking water, eating my small daily meals, having a shower or using the toilet – became the most conscious and intentional act I had ever done.

I minimized my physical movement and focus to an absolute minimum.

After Day 3, I started what I would call in hindsight ‘Light Bootcamp, FAST’.

Using my Lightbody, exchanging energy between the Sun and the Moon, visiting various planets and truly existing beyond Space & Time.

This was my Training to go from fully 5D to fully 6D, the embodiment of Pure Light and a fully-activated MerKaBa.

On Day 4 through 7, I met my Spirit Guides in Full Light Embodiment.

Previous Telepathy from Above to Below had now become simply Channel of Communication at the very same level.

For the first Time, I experienced myself as a conscious equal to my Spirit Guides.

Around Day 5, I realized that I was navigating myself through the same consciousness that I first experienced in full on the Day of my Complete Awakening on 08/08/18.

I DID IT. Within just 6 Months, I reached my goal of spiritually enlightening myself to a level of feeling Pure Love for Self (Full 5D Embodiment) without taking any substance.

Little did I know then HOW MUCH FARTHER I was about to go and be when I was done.


At the End of Day 7, my LightWork Training and LightBody Bootcamp had been completed.

On Day 8, I was told that 9 Days out of my original 14 Day Booking were much more than sufficient – I had already surpassed everyone’s expectations and there was nothing else to be gained in staying here.

So come Nightfall on the 8th Day, I informed my Retreat Host Santosh of my necessity to leave the Dome at the End of Day 9.

Having eaten very little and keeping my water consumption at an absolute minimum, I decided to spend my last 24h in dry-fasting to integrate everything as fast as possible.

The last 12 hours felt incredibly long – I could not wait to get out and see what I had done to myself.

How far did I go? What could I do now?

 When I got out with the sun barely set and the sky still blue, ALL I could see WAS LIGHT.

The one Star immediately visible to me seemed like an Orb of Light that I could touch – within the reach of my palm.

Wandering and somewhat stumbling through the Jungle, using my newly-developed LightBody, I saw Fireflies, the plants were breathing and I was talking to the entire Universe while watching the Stars come through and the Night Sky unfold.

I used the Dome as a bed overnight, with the door open and the air fresh.

The next day, the following video was made of me:

A few days after my Retreat ended, I went to Rishikesh, India.

The level of Spiritual Insight and Divine Connection that I experienced there was ENTIRELY based on my baseline of Conscious LightSight and LightWork that I trained for in my 1st Dark Retreat.

None of it would have been possible as it was – if it hadn’t been for my absolute breakthrough experience of realizing The Power of my Light in the Darkness.


Later that Year, In April and September of 2019, I did 2 more Retreats in the exact same Dome of 5 Days each.

The one in April was to dissolve my Illusions around Love as well as the idea of myself having a Twin Flame – which was so prevalent and almost dominating for me at the time.

This was the Moment I left anything 5D behind (to then consciously re-create a 5D Body for myself at the beginning of 2020).

6D was my new normal once I left my 2nd Dark Retreat.

Much later, when I was already in the middle of my Planetary Light Grid Alignment Work, in mid-September of 2019, I intended to do 11 Days at first.

After 3 Days, I knew that anything more than 5 Days was a waste of my time.

The galactic-oriented work I had to do was done within the first 3 Days.

When I left my 3rd Dark Retreat, I knew that I had mastered the Discipline of external Darkness for inner Enlightenment.

Your Inner Light: Love Your SELF

A Dark Retreat will show you the way to your Inner Sanctum of Light.

With the right Preparation – being well-adjusted to some degree of Fasting, a more vegan diet, a meditative practice, Plant Medicine Experience, and a conscious-experiential understanding of Shadow Work, The LightBody and other Basics for Ascension, you can accelerate your spiritual growth by several months and even years in just a few short days.

As a Man, you will fight and vanquish your inner Shadow to discover your inner Light.

As a Woman, you will surrender to your Fears to discover that you can be filled with Love.

What may seem like a very daring task ultimately just becomes a very intimate experience with and by yourself.

A sick mind would consider it solitary confinement.

A sane mind simply sees it as a way to discover your innermost Truth.

There are many different paths to Enlightenment.

Provided a good and pure Intention & Heart, Dark Retreats, just like Plant Medicine, are amongst the most advanced Tools to get there.