September 17, 2018

During my 2nd  Retreat, this time ‘Deep Immersion’, longer and more medicine options, I felt that San Pedro would bring me the experience I needed for my next breakthrough.

The 2 Nights of Ayahuasca before were very eye-opening for me regarding my first 2 experiences in August.

A lot of Darkness and Black Magic was practiced and I simply got to witness it happening, without interfering or needing to do anything about it. I simply was there to be a spectator and learn from what I witnessed.

During the 2nd Night, I also connected with my Twin Flame, feeling an intense bond with her, a powerful draw. I could only describe it as a cosmic relationship.

While on my San Pedro Journey, I had to face my own deepest Fears & Demons that I did not even know I had.

When we returned from the fields because of an incoming Thunderstorm, I found myself in the same room with the Shaman, even though it physically seemed impossible from where we just came from.

The moment I engaged with him, all I could see was Dark Spells and Evil Intentions.

Like a scene from Hänsel & Gretel, but a whole lot worse.

I ran away, barefoot and shirtless, to find myself on top of a hill where my inner struggle was laid bare open to myself:

I got rid of all my clothes, ripping apart the bracelet that my 1st long-term girlfriend gave to me many years before (I just found it and started wearing it a couple months before).

I realized that it had a dark spell of “clinginess” on it, so I broke that spell by destroying it.

Then spent at least 4h straight battling the Darkness in a scenario of Cosmic Warfare.

Standing there naked, trying to defeat Evil, I felt my Brain-Mind being torn apart.

In infinite suffering, I kept on fighting, knowing that I cannot let Evil defeat me, no matter how much I would have to suffer.

At first it seemed like I was winning.

I saw the shaman coming in as an adversary, trying to convince me of “there is nothing bad to see here”. I fought him to the Death, then took on more.

I wanted to end all Evil in the Cosmos, so I kept on fighting…

By the end of it, I was down on my knees and gave up the fight, realizing that I cannot go on.

I knew I was about to die – not even being afraid of it at this point, I just gave into it.

After succumbing to Pure White Light, finally, after a few more minutes and moments, I returned to my body.

I knew I had just died.

Yet I found myself living and breathing again.

Collecting my clothes, seeing that the sun had just set, I started wandering around.

I felt extreme hunger and it being September in Spain, there were many fruit trees bearing fruits such as figs.

When I looked at it, I felt an extreme sense of guilt: Like Adam & Eve, if I were to succumb to my desire of eating the forbidden fruit, I would have to bear the consequences – for myself and potentially all of humanity.


So I kept on walking, feeling weak and confused, wondering why I deserved to be alive after realizing all that Evil within myself.

Walking on a road, I saw something looking like a car coming onto me. I walked to the side, only to have a car without a driver pass through the right side of my body.

At this point, I started realizing that I must be traversing a different Dimension, parallel to physicality.

While I could recognize a few traits of the island of Mallorca, seeing cars looking like space ships jump through energy portals made it clear to me that I must be on a 5D Version of Mallorca.

While walking the road in Twilight, I could see he energetic figures of corpses.

It looked like a higher-dimensional battlefield – after the fact.

I kept on walking. Directly thereafter, I saw a Light in the Distance. I wanted nothing more than to be with that Light. I kept chasing it while it kept avoiding my grasp. Appearing and reappearing.

When I grew a bit hopeless, facing the Darkness of the Night, I started noticing UFOs in the night sky.
They communicated with one another through Frequency – Vibrations in the Air that I could perceive and feel. Yet I couldn’t understand what they were saying, all I knew was that these are very benevolent beings. This was my first conscious experience with Telepathy & “Aliens”.

I kept on walking and found a shed. It was destroyed – I was very tired and was thinking of staying there, like giving up.

But my inner voice strongly advised me to keep on walking. So I did, finding myself on another road now.

Another car came and did not see nor acknowledge me.

I grew hopeless again, this time looking up to the perfect half-moon, shining bright above me.

I asked it, its Light specifically, for Help. I communicated to the “Aliens” that I want to learn from them, be their student.

I walked up the road as I was told. An energetic being looking like a Jaguar stared at me. I threatened after I felt threatened, then it disappeared.

Another car was coming – this time it acknowledged me.

Finally, after all this Fear that I may be stuck in an inter-dimensional Prison or Space Station, not belonging, I had once more confirmation that my environment acknowledged my existence.

I turned around, walking all the way back.

I noticed a road sign with peculiar marks on it – geometric figures.

I could see that it was a Portal – so I walked through it.

Shortly after, I saw something further down the road. It looked tall and slender, with several arms, looking towards me in curiosity.

I asked it for help, pleaded with it to end my journey of lost wandering around.

It disappeared in a flash of light, leaving me thinking that I won’t receive any help.

Then, a car started moving in my direction – and for the first time, I could see Humans. Or rather hear them as I recognized the Spanish words spoken.

After a confusing get-together with these young and old Spaniards in which I had to remember my human languages and even name to make any sense of anything.
Talking to a police lady in English, I quickly found myself getting picked up by the Retreat Host.

When I arrived at the Retreat Center, I saw the clock at 00:00.

That was the End of that trip – which I now had to start making sense of.

What I knew for sure, without a single doubt in my mind: I finally broke out of the Matrix.

My aspirations of being like Neo in the Matrix have been fulfilled – and then some.

I had consciously died completely – to reincarnate on the spot.

That which I had trained to do in Egypt I had no succeeded in repeating on a much denser level of frequency – physicality.

Everything would change extremely quickly form here on…