The Cult of Yoga

What once started as an alternative to Pilates in the West has long since become a fully-established Deity-worshipping Cult, rooted in the externalization of Divinity.

What is most horrible is how Yoga has become synonymous with Spirituality.

Mention Spirituality to your average Joe and Jane and you shall hear “Burning Sage, Yoga, Meditation & Veganism”.

Coming from the most karmic History there is, White Westerners specifically have sought spiritual amnesty in Ashrams, Yoga Poses and all sorts of strange practices such as Tantra to alleviate their Guilt & Shame.

These people run away from their Heritage which is in dire need of clearing (from Medieval Times all the way to modern Slavery & Exploitation), seeking refuge in another people’s religion.

Religion, by definition, can never be spiritual as the entire premise of Religion is to externalize and reject one’s Godliness, offering it up to some artificial and false idea of Spirit.

Hence and therefore, all practice of Yoga, worshipping Gurus and the likes, is entirely non-spiritual.

Factually, it is even worse than that: ANTI SPIRITUAL.

One can practice Yoga in a free, sovereign and fully 5-dimensional way ONLY once these Truths have been recognized.

Acknowledged and seen for what it is, one can then find their own way of doing Yoga – completely integrated into one’s own BEING, removed from the Succubus Energy of surrendering Energy to be siphoned.

False Spirituality

Sitting down with a being of great wisdom – such as a Guru can be – can illuminate your own path to a great degree.

Receiving the right guidance is key to overcoming those challenges that you don’t know how to overcome yet.

Asking for help is incredibly powerful a tool when done honestly, humbly and not from a place of desperate victimhood.

Being a Yoga Guru as per the Practice of Yoga does not in any way constitute Wisdom, Truth or Enlightenment.

Bending yourself like a pretzel and chanting Ganesha Mantras is not going to bring you closer to your Inner Divinity – as long as you don’t truly understand that you are worshipping yourself, learning to embody your inner Ganesha.

Religion and Dogma have always been the Death of Truth.

Perpetuating these doctrines via the Exercise Insanity of the West (go harder Bro, harder!) is not getting you anywhere near a 5-dimensional existence.

Most importantly, the Origins of Yoga are concealed due to its Dark History. Which brings us to…

The Truth of the Vedas

The Vedic Age can be dated back to about  5.000 Years before Christ (as per the Western calendar).

It ended with the Emergence of Buddhaic Consciousness and thus Old Age Enlightenment around 2.000 Years after that (3.000 Years B.C.).

The Vedas, a direct energetic continuation of Ancient Egypt in lower-conscious form and manifestation, practiced Black Magic, Sacrifice of Thought & Energy.

If you go to modern-day India, you will find the entire country being under a spell to this day.

The Black Magic and Spells have formed Karma that is yet to be broken or understood.

The financial Poverty, Lack of Hygiene and overall Scarcity experienced by Indians is a direct result of that Karmic History.

The Enslavement of Mind had become static and thus karmic, eventually leading to easily being colonized by the British Empire.

The Vedic people established Yoga as a practice to appease their Deities (many of which are now known through Hinduism, a modernized form of the Vedantic Beliefs and Energy Templates), not as a form of Healthy Exercise or connection to Inner Divinity.

Western Karma

Western CULTure has adopted Yogic Beliefs due to their own unresolved History of Spiritual Abuse of Power.

Instead of resolving your own Karma, it seems convenient to the Human Ego to be in denial of one’s Heritage – therefore adopting another of a somewhat similar energetic Template, disguising their own Shadows by doing so.

The Vatican & Modern Christianity have destroyed and mentally enslaved many Civilizations for about 2.500 Years.

The current karmic purge of Racism & Slavery by the Western Civilization is not even the tip of the iceberg.

Once you choose True Spirituality and Ascension, you will step into True Sovereignty, becoming the Conscious Creator of your own Reality.

Thus, you will free yourself of Karmic Beliefs – be it those of your Ancestors or your individual Past Lives.