To understand this article fully, read this first (minimum 3D to 6D).


Guiding Planetary Ascension on Earth has been my personal focus and declared goal for over 30.000 Years – before I first incarnated in Atlantis.

Speaking from a Galactic Perspective, Earth’s Ascension is a Manifestation of the Cleanup of the lowest Frequencies in the Universe (no one has fallen deeper in Frequency than Earth & Humanity).

It is thus the most difficult place to ascend from – yet everyone who came/incarnated here knew that well in advance, choosing their designated role & purpose beforehand.

In all cases of those choosing a leading role of whichever capacity, they had to incarnate into multiple challenging experiences throughout Earth’s History, gathering the necessary experience for this experiment to be successful.

The Earth Game as we have played it has provided us with unique lessons that were unattainable anywhere else.

Now, it is time to bring it all Home, return to Source, and Ascend the Human Species together with the Planetary Body – so that we can find our place amongst our Galactic Brothers & Sisters.

1980 – 3D Earth Ascends

The very beginning of Planetary Ascension. Going from a 3D Template to a 4D Template, effectively opening the Astral Realm to all while retaining energetic templates for later use. This emerging 4D Version of Earth can be called Terra.

1990 – 3D Earth to 4D Terra

Through the continuous unification of old energies, thus closing old karmic cycles, the Old World ends and a New World is on the horizon.

This manifests most obviously and significantly through the End of the East/West separation, a commitment to dearmament, the quick uprise of transformative technological means and the first effects of those Souls incarnate known as ‘Generation Y / Millenials’.


The last Moments of a Millenium and an entire Era.

A lot of old Energy is processed, Karma broken, History rewritten.

The Old is dying, pushing towards the New.

1997 / 1998

An entire Millenium is wrapped up, creating natural borders between The Old and the New that is yet to come.

An energetic separation is necessary to allow for new patterns to emerge and let old ones die out.

Technology is about to gain a permanent foothold in the developed countries like never before.

1999 / 2000 – The End of an Era

The End of a Millenia and the beginning of a completely New Era is marked by an astrological Jump in Time.

4D Terra has been fully formed now – Old Rules cease to exist, Technology explodes with the beginning of the Internet and its widespread use.

Psychically-spiritually gifted Individuals experience a massive upliftment of their Abilities, at least subconsciously.

All those Souls on Earth at this time have the possibility of Ascension (come 2012).


With 4D Templates active and running, Technology quickly spreads across the Planet. An old karmic feud between Orient and Occident manifests through Wars in the Middle East.


With 9/11, a Massive Earthquake & Tsunami and various War Activities in the Middle East, the Old World is destroying itself, making it known to Humanity that change is coming.


The Planet makes haste, increasing its Frequency to a 4.5D State of Balance in which the Old is already on standby while allowing the New to trickle in.


Having prepared the Genesis of a New World for a Decade, everything is set for 2012 now.


The last phases of the Formation of Terra are concluded – 5D Earth (Gaia) is on the horizon and almost ready to accommodate those who are ready and willing to make this massive leap in Consciousness.

An End to the Old, a lot of Karma is being released at this point to give birth to the New.


A transitional Year, a Gap Year of Sorts. 4D Terra is completed, 5D Gaia is ready for its energetic replacement.

11/11/2011 marks the beginning of the transition to 21/12/2012

2012 – The 5D Mayan Prophecy Fulfilled

The Year that changes everything forever.

The prophesied End of the World as per Old Mayan Astrology is complete on 21/12/2012.

5D Gaia is here and shines brightly, upgrading ALL NATURE to a 5-dimensional Template, ending previous Hostilities.

The next day, with 22/12/2012, a 7-year cycle begins for the full Manifestation of Gaia and its Templates.

Activating many Humans to remind them upon their Soul Promise of helping Ascension, being of Service to the Planet, to Love, to Spirit.

On 22/12/2019, this cycle finds its conclusion.

5D Telepathy & Consciousness manifest as 4D Technology – Smartphones become a worldwide phenomenon.


With 5D Energy in Full Flow upon the Planet, for the first time, there are unprecedented opportunities.

Money, Travel, Technology – everything can now be done in 5D for those who choose to.

A reorientation of Human Life happens while the Unification of Humanity continues, showing in the rapid global spreading of Smartphone Usage and the Digitalization of “3rd World” Countries.


The first Time Earth shifts into a Higher Frequency than ever before (Atlantis was 5D at its Peak).


An Opportunity for Personal Change, Growth, Freedom & Independence.


A Leap Year of Consciousness. Harmonizing Frequencies, revealing Fears & Worries.



Revisiting the Old, going through Old Patterns for conscious Change.


New Ways, New Opportunities, More Possibilities than ever before.

The last Year before the Grand Shift is initiated.

Death of the Old.


In March, The Great Shift toward 2020 is initiated.

5D has been fully established and all old Templates have been replaced.

With the end of a 7-year cycle on 22/12/2019, Gaia shifts into the next phase – a transition period we can call 5.5D Earth.

2020 – 5D Human Telepathy, Organic Templates, Galactic Unification

5D Human Ascension is now a Fact and now unraveling FAST.

Every single Human that has not started its 5D Journey now has to get on it.

This Shift hits those the hardest that are in deep denial and profoundly stuck in an Old World.

The polarization of Light & Dark amongst Humanity now becomes obvious LIKE NEVER BEFORE.

The War is energetic, it happens everywhere.


2021 is the Fruition & Manifestation of the 2020 Shift.

In almost all cases, Those who take the Vaccine try to shut off their given DNA Activations.

This attempt backfires, leading to even more Fear (and thus “Boosters”, Lockdowns etc.).

Tyranny happens on a global scale now – for everyone to witness the Insanity of the Human Condition.

Ascension-aligned Alterations are made to the Human DNA that are irreversible.

The attempt to suppress it makes everyone sick.

2022 – A New Beginning

The last Waves of The Virus Fears are integrated, Frequency is being redirected towards Light. The End of the Pandemic aka Telepathic Frequency Sharing based on Fear.

War in Europe breaks open very old Karma, leading to the next polarization of Humanity.

Old Human Ideas of Relationship, Friends & Family are replaced & re-evaluated.


Lightwork & Cleanup follows the Great Fear Pandemic.

A lot of positive changes are implemented in the background to teach Humanity the lessons of their past 3 Years.

A Genocide in Palestine reveals old religious Beliefs & Shadows.

The East overpowers The West energetically for the 1st time since 1990, making way for a truly balanced World.

2024 – 6D Earth, 6D Human DNA Activations

For the first Time ever, Earth is going 6-dimensional.

6D as the Template of Pure Light Consciousness (Kryst/Buddha/Enlightenment/…) is established, creating a completely new World on Earth.

This 6D Version is called Metatron.

The Difference in Consciousness between normal Humans and 5D Humans is now more obvious than ever – naturally leading to more alienation than ever.

The Old World before 2012 is now phased out (dying).

The New World is thriving.

Galactic Integration starts to happen at a massively accelerated rate.

2024 is a Big Year of Decision-Making: Ascension. Yes or No? In or Out?

Time is running out for all those who are not aligned with their Soul’s Purpose yet.