The 5-6D Empire of Love & Light

When The Fall of Atlantis became complete, 16.000 Years ago, there was hope that – one day – Atlantis will be restored.

With the 5D Shift of 2012 to Gaia, the Frequencies of the Old Atlantis have become once more accessible and recreatable.

With the 6D Shift to Metatron in 2024, the Original Templates of Light that created Atlantis itself are now made available and to be worked with.

In effect, this means that we as Humanity now have the possibility to live as 6-dimensional Beings of Pure Light Frequency on Earth – with great ease.

It also means that we have entered the BY FAR Highest Frequency that any being on Earth could ever have experienced.

To properly channel this new Frequency, a New type of Governance will be necessary.

New World Governance & Power

In the Old World, the Human Ego ruledĀ  through well-known corruption of the elitist few that sell their Soul on the way to becoming a career politician or gain economic influence via Greed.

A New World requires a completely new kind of energetic structure to be called governance.

Instead of a sadistic few “elites” ruling all those willfully disempowered by identifying as eternal victims, the New Atlantis will see a government that is truly equal in Spirit.

Equality means that every being, let’s call them the Citizens of New Atlantis, is a sovereign and powerful voice in their own right.

Highly conscious, powerful & wise.

An at least 5D Embodiment will be necessary.

Humanity’s current idea of Power has prevailed on the planet for many 1000s of years:

Power over others, take Power from others for self, and Power is never enough – recently culminating in the idea of Feminism and totalitarian Power via Money, led by a few psychopathic males.

While there are always individuals uniquely gifted to perform certain tasks, they will be given power and thus be empowered by those who already know that they have power.

The only reason that the Human Governments are so corrupt is because weak individuals of no Morality, Integrity and devoid of Light are electing others to do their dirty-work for them.

Externalizing their Shadows, they then have someone to blame for everything going ‘the wrong way’.

The people are finding representation in whatever they are themselves.

Governments are a mirrored match for the average, karmically-loaded 3/4D Shadow Human.

An Empire of Light – rooted in Love

While the word ‘Empire’ makes you think of the Americans, the British, The Romans and many others throughout history – the New Atlantis will not be an Empire that seeks to enslave others.

It is not an Empire that wants to “rule over”.

It simply emanates the Energy of Power.

Of Atlantean Priesthood.

Of a Powerful Kingdom.

Every Being will stand in the Integrity of its own Light & Love.

The free Flow of powerful energies will enlighten all and everyone living within the realms of the New Atlantis.

Such a Frequency uplifts all those who need the extra help to be a powerful and sovereign contributor to such an ideal Society of Human Light.

The Divine Feminine loves, nurtures, allows, flows, surrenders and birthes to create it.

The Sacred Masculine protects, strengthens, rules, upholds, leads and seeds to create it.

The Hierarchy of Love & Light

In the Old World, weak and lost humans are still striving for their illusion of equality which never existed in the first place (everyone is divinely unique and uniquely divine).

In the New World, the Light, The Sacred Masculine, commands and directs the the flow of Energy.

The Love, The Divine Feminine, creates that Energy to be used and given form.

Furthermore, within the Masculine Collective of Light, there will be Hierarchy – according to the Experience, Wisdom and Abilities, tasks will be filled organically and automatically.

The same applies to the Feminine Collective of Love.

Those most experienced, nurturing, fertile and capable will lead the others into their own Tasks of Divine Purpose.

Unlike the Old World, there shall be no Jealousy, no Competition, no negatively-charged nonsense that led to the Fall of Atlantis.

There can never be Equality between those who are more conscious and those who are less conscious.

The acknowledgment of LightLove Competence & Power is the very premise a well-functioning Society is based upon.

Those who lead, lead.

Those who support, support.

Those who build, build.

Those who think, think.

Everyone gets to be the best – because everyone’s unique abilities are fostered, nurtured & empowered.

And everyone gets to benefit from that.

The Citizens of New Atlantis

Just like the Gates of Heaven are sealed to all those who do not deserve entry (Law of Frequency & Law of Resonance), there will be no access to The New Atlantis for all those of a Frequency that is below the 5D Embodiment.

Just likeĀ only you have the key to your Heart, to your Mind, to your Freedom & Power, only your embodiment of Love & Light shall grant you access to those Frequencies that are a manifested match for yours.

The Citizens of the New Atlantis will have to prove themselves and pass tests – everything is earned here, nothing is just given to you (unless you earned that, too).

As everyone creates their Reality, there will be an infinitude of individual Pockets of Reality – that all will make up The New Atlantis.

Since Planet Earth is massively accelerating towards its final Form (2033), there will not be much time for Humanity to follow that call.

It is either In or Out now.

Until 2027, there will be a selection of New World Leaders who are going to build the energetic Foundations of The New Atlantis.

Its Creation will be an ongoing process – and probably only be fulfilled in 2045.

Until then, Humanity has a lot to learn and let go of.

Many will choose the traditional Exit route: Death.

Many more will wait with their decision-making until the very last minute.

Quite a few are already on their way to being worthy of the New Atlantis.

And a select very few are already living in the first Template of The New Atlantis right now, in 2024.

The choice, as always, is yours.

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