The Next Great Shift is here

After March 2020 effected the greatest Ascension Upgrade and thus increase in Frequency to date, with its completion in September of 2022, throughout 2023, we have been transitioning towards the next great Shift.

That Shift is now imminent and it begins on March 3, 2024.

While there will be no such thing nor symptoms of Human Fear Paralysis as experienced previously, it will be 10.000 as Big.

The Immensity of this Energetic Upgrade, a Jump of Planetary Consciousness from 5D to 6D that will be completed in December 2026, cannot be understood yet.

What is certain: Ascension is accelerating its pace massively on Earth.

All those Humans who are not willing and ready to change – and change fast – will very soon be just a memory of an Old World past.

My Message to Humanity

The Times of Darkness are over.

The Light is here.

NOW is the Time to make your Decision for the Light.

Since 2012, Time is running out for an unconscious Humanity – and the New World is already here.

By 2033, Ascension will be complete on Planet Earth.

All those who have not made their choice for an least 5-dimensional existence (The New Earth Baseline) by 2028 will be left behind.

The Old World is dying – The New World is prospering.

You have been warned.

Now make your Choice.

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