All these Archetypes only hold true while living in an existence of below 5-dimensional Consciousness (and thus a closed Heart).

Once a fully 5-dimensional existence has been reached, all these Archetypes start to become an integrative aspect of your being.

Be it The Whore, The Witch or The Priestess – all Dark Archetypes start serving The Love of the Divine Feminine.

Once a 7-dimensional Existence is reached, former Shadow Archetypes have been transformed into Pure Love.

Thus, all Shadows have ceased to exist.

The Feminine Shadow

Shadow Work, for both Females and Males, is the absolute Key to Ascension.

Without knowing how you reject yourself, you will not be able to accept yourself.

Linearly, the Allowing and Opening of your Heart (5D), comes first.

Then comes the Realization of your own Shadows.

As a Female Human, that means your Feminine Shadow.

Upon completing the Divine Femininity & Sacred Masculinity articles, the next logical step is, of course, to talk and learn about the Inversion of either.

Like every Consciousness below 5D and thus dualized, disconnected and unconscious of its Divinity, it will live in the Shadows of its own egoic assumptions and makings.

The Shadow Feminine has been very obvious and easy to observe in recent Earthly History.

While Masculinity was the dominant energy since 1914, since 1980 and the advent of Ascension on Planet Earth, The Feminine has effectively been the “dominant” energy – and thus in charge.

Only with 2024 has that now finally changed – as the karmically-loaded interaction between masculine & feminine energy has now shifted into Unity Shadow Consciousness (5D Baseline).

While there are still plenty of Shadows in 5D, they can no longer be suppressed or held in disregard/ignorance of its Creator.

To help you navigate the Feminine Shadows, here are the most common archetypes that any Woman (or completely inverted Male) below 5D will embody fully, with either archetype embodied to some degree.

With the Activation of Divine Feminine Energies on Planet Earth in 1980, the Feminine Shadows have come to the fore like never before.

In need 0f much karmic clearing, it is only now, 44 years later, that a karmic balance has been reached between The Masculine & The Feminine on Planet Earth.

While the Dark Masculine Traits lie much further in the past (before 1939), Feminine Shadow Traits can be observed in real time and with most recency.

The Shadow Archetypes of the Feminine

These are Archetypes of the Feminine Shadow.

Every and any Woman below a fully 5-dimensional consciousness (ascended) will have resonance and embody at least 1 of these archetypes fully and completely.

The Whore

Devoid of Morally, Decency & Purity, solely focused on short-term gain & pleasure, the Whore has made a true Shadow comeback on Earth since 1980.

Having absolutely no moral compass, becoming the receptacle for all things foul and reprehensible is the path the whore chooses willingly.

Be it for karmic redemption or simply to experience the most vile of sexually inverted energies (Perversion), being a whore will lead to its logical conclusion:

She will waste her youthful energy while her Beauty will fade away.

Why honestly contribute to a Man’s honorable endeavors when she can just slut it up and offer her vagina as a form of payment to anyone and for everything?

When Whores are normalized and desired, a Society has utterly failed at its very core.

The Femme Fatale

Lady in Red.

Like Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct (1992), the Femme Fatale is the ultimate sexual Predator amongst Women.

Her sexual allure and physical attractiveness is her weapon.

She uses her feminine features and ultimately her vagina to get what she wants – no matter the cost, no matter what it does to her.

If other people’s relationships get destroyed or someone dies in the process – to a woman of absolute determination to get what she wants, it is all fair game.

She lives to manipulate and is highly aware of what it takes to get a Man (and other women) to envy her, worship her, bow down to her.

Just like The Whore, this is another main Feminine Shadow Archetype of “Modern-Day Humanity”.

The Goddess

Together with “The Whore” and “The Femme Fatale” Archetype, this is the Ultimate Feminine Shadow Dream become Reality.

The Tantric Sex Goddess wields ultimate Power and say-so.

Droves of Men are queuing up and at her feet, ready to fulfill her desires.

She seeks worship above all.

She is the most demanding of them all.

Unlike The Queen, Minions are not good enough.

Devout and pious worship of her oh so Divine Ego Complex gone rogue is paramount for The Goddess to uphold her self-image.

In more ways than one, this is the ultimate form of The Ego.

Her Existence alone is proof that God exists – she just happens to be a woman that graces lesser beings with her presence.

If the Path of the Goddess does not work out for her, she either rejects her spiritually activated Shadow and settles for “The Queen” – or reverts right back to where she came from:

The Witch

Witchcraft is pure Deceit & Manipulation. Casting Dark Spells to gain someone’s favor or simply to lie and to deceive.

While this archetype had its Shadow Heydays a long time ago (The European Dark Ages), it still permeates the kitchenettes and daily workings of women whenever they feel like they are not getting what they want (or someone needs to disappear out of their lives).

The Witch does not know Mercy and will cook her own children if it will get her the desired outcome.

Burning them on the stake was a kindness when it happened, in the Dark Days.

Purifying Evil by Fire has worked its Magic against all those who have abused their Magical Powers.

As my darkest earthly incarnation was that of a Witcher, I can attest to the effectiveness of it.

The Snake

Like in Garden Eden, the snake whispers into your ear to lead you astray and help you accomplish Evil.

It is no wonder that so many Women are obsessed with the Apple iPhone Branding (The Forbidden Fruit out of which a bite was taken) while focusing on the I in iPhone (all about Ego). This serves as a direct reminder of their Shadow which has been described as the Original Sin throughout historical records that eventually became religious-fanatical nonsense.

The Snake’s Poison will numb you and make you susceptible to her desires.

This is also how Women rape and take advantage of Men.

Poisoning the Well is the most apt example of how a Woman can invert a Life Source and turn it into a Cesspool for Death.

The Victim

She can do no wrong. Women are Good, only Men do evil. A Woman is always an honest and outstanding citizen – her word is the Law and she shall not be questioned.

Whenever she does commit wrong, it was all a misunderstanding and merely a reflection of how oppressed she is.

If only she would be allowed to be innocent again.

She cannot break out of her (self-induced) victimhood because she is being held back.

She is powerless to stop herself from being abused because there are “Glass Ceilings” installed by “The Patriarchy” everywhere.

While trying to lie & deceive, incite Violence and manipulate for her own benefit at all times, when she is found out, she claims innocence and shifts the blame to whoever makes themselves available.

She is her own conundrum and serves her own prison sentence while breathing fresh air

The Damsel in Distress

Rooted in a state of powerless self-victimization (see above), The Damsel in Distress eternally seeks to be saved – ideally by a White Knight, just like The Princess (see below) imagines.

The Victim & The Damsel are the perfect “get out of jail free card”.

There is nothing that she could do wrong – she is just an innocent, young, stupid girl who needs saving.

Be it Jesus, The White Knight, The Millionaire, The Killer or The Rapist: A Dark Masculine Archetype will eventually respond to the Damsel in Distress.

When Women Cry out for Help all the time without any true reason present, Good Men will stop caring and eventually not even hear her.

The Princess

One word that describes The Princess: Entitlement.

Like Disney, everything is always super lala and rosey when you are a little Princess.

Growing up with diamond chandeliers and gold-plated driveways, the Land of Milk & Honey is her reality.

Nothing is ever good enough and she is always owed something or someone better.

The Throne is promised to her – and whoever stands in her way has to go (this is where “The Innocent Girl” & “The Snake” come in handy).

She is the Queen in waiting – that title is owed to her and no one shall get in the way of her claiming it (one of the many reasons that Game of Thrones was as successful as it was – it resonated deeply with the individualized & collective feminine shadow).

The Queen

The Completion of the Princess Syndrome.

She reigns supreme and is always above it all.

She only deals with “Kings” and considers herself the top 0.001% of beings incarnate.

She only deserves the very best, which is barely good enough – ideally for just sitting around and doing nothing.

The Queen has her minions to do her work and never fails to remind everyone that she is above them.

All the busy Bees work so that the Queen can ration out a small fraction of food to them – barely enough to keep them alive and working.

The Priestess

The Priestess is the Healer and Servant of all.

She has spiritual superiority over others and considers herself a direct channel for the divine.

Her word is the word of God (or the Goddess) and thus must be considered the correct choice.

She lives to serve her externalized idea of her own Divinity while asking for that entity to be worshipped.

She makes herself available to channel that energy which is being offered up for worship.

Choosing anything else but her established idea of Divinity is Blasphemy.

The Matriarch

False Mom to the rescue!

Her Bosom is always ready to be suckled on, making others dependent on her so that she can enact her matriarchal Manipulation – and pull everyone into the Dark Abyss of Femdom.

She is always there to save all those she claim to love and hold dear – while suffocating them with her insidious effort at creating the trap of False Love.

There is no room for Masculinity here – The Matriarch makes sure that a Man is no more than a walking dildo plaything and a walking ATM, at best.

The Matriarch weaves her web like a spider, waiting patiently for prey to stick to it – the allure of shiny things like diamonds attract only the weakest of men.

Just like with Spiders, they end up serving as food to her Majesty.

The Boss Bitch

An Archetype that only truly emerged in the 1990s in Western Culture, The Boss Bitch is the female equivalent to “The Billionaire”.

This stems from the extreme self-rejection of the Feminine in Western Society, looking towards Dark Masculine Archetypes to emulate.

“I don’t need a Man” – because they become their very own inverted version of Masculinity.

She is always busy with business, everything she does is always super important and there is always more Money to be made.

Telling others what to do and when to do it – while she is wearing the pants to make all the important decisions.

She is too busy to take care of children or taking on any feminine role of real value – she freezes her eggs and then continues “the feminine hustle”.

In short: This is the ultimate destination for all modern self-proclaimed Feminists.

Walking hand in hand with Humanity’s greatest karmically-charged topic since 1800 – MONEY – she finds absolution of all her guilt and shame by finding “success”.

Not even the patriarchal sky is the limit for her.

A Selection of Dildos always at the ready, emasculating Men is her chosen hobby.

There is no teaching or learning here – she will die bitter, frustrated and filled with regret.