How to Guarantee Soul Evolution

Before you incarnate into an existence that is below any Divine Consciousness (5D), you carefully and consciously map out your Soul’s Journey for that particular incarnation.

Depending on how challenging and intricate your Life’s Experience is supposed to be, many Individual Souls contribute to that Plan, investing lots of energy into the Perfect Alignment and Fruition of it.

This is your 6D Soul Blueprint.

Once you incarnate into Unconsciousness, below the 5-dimensional, disconnected from Source and any Manifestation of Truth, forgetting who you are entirely – how do you then make sure that your Soul’s Plan will be followed?

Soul Contracts

These Contracts are of a 6-dimensional Frequency in the individual experience while being anchored in 8-dimensional Unity Consciousness – which is where they are formed.

Depending on the vastness of the “Job” to be done, even Higher Divine Templates are being used, those of a 10-dimensional nature.

Soul Contracts bind at least 2 Individuals to one another, seeking to fulfill a defined experience.

This can be a Marriage, an Enterprise of a criminal or legal fashion, the dissolution of Karma, creating a child’s body for a Soul to incarnate into, or any other chosen endeavor.

The more complex the sought-after Experience, the more expanded the Soul Contract needs to be.

For an entire Group of Souls to come together at a certain time in a certain space, a very complex Group Soul Contract has to be formulated (8D or 10D).

When someone feels about another like they are ‘Soul Mates’ or even ‘Twin Flames’, there is a very ornate (think in Geometry here) Soul Contract in place.

Look at how many Humans find themselves in a relationship that they do not want to be in.

Or, more generally speaking, in a situation that they do not want to experience.

“Why is this happening to me? What did I do?”

The Human Ego (aka lost Existence) will fight what the Soul has set out to do.

Free Will = Spirit’s Will

Free Will, from a Human-unconscious perspective, is merely an illusion in the Days of Ascension (since 1980).

Especially since 1999, Free Will of Humanity has been completely replaced by Spirit’s Will.

The Human Ego has effectively been defeated in the Year 1999

Obviously, as the 25 Years since then have shown, the vast Majority of Humanity is resisting this Truth and Reality.

In fact, Soul Contracts have been so tightly knitted at this point that most Humans are just stuck in their daily Karma – without making any progress at all.

While this has been the status quo for the majority of humanity since 2012, living in their daily karma (with this energy peaking between 2019 and 2022 via “lockdowns’ etc.), 2024 has changed everything.

With Karma being replaced by Divine Justice, everyone previously stuck in their karmic imprints are now being forced to take action and make good on their promises & divine agreements.

When Soul Contracts are Fulfilled

A Soul Contract can only be fulfilled through CONSCIOUSNESS.

The Conscious Remembrance of the Soul Contract, with its Manifestation taking place in the current reality, fulfills the Divine Agreement.

If, for example, the Contract’s Essence was to get married in the Human Reality, the moment that marriage manifests through a Ceremony, that contract is fulfilled and thus dissolved.

If a Soul Contract is in place for the dissolution of Anger & Violence, it can only be fulfilled by realizing the root cause for those Emotional Belief Systems.

This equates to Healing, the Awareness of Trauma and ultimately Karma.

Depending on the depth of the contract and the corresponding consciousness, it can easily be fulfilled by a physical action or will take an entire lifetime of daily effort (very rare).

Through Ascension, ALL Soul Contracts become dissolved and by merging into the Light of Consciousness, are no longer necessary.

As a God Conscious Being, you can make or break contracts, depending on what you want to learn, with whom, when and where.

Once more, Consciousness is the Key to Everything.