5D Activated vs. 5D Embodiment

First of all, the extreme difference between a 5D Activation and a 5D Embodiment has to be made clear.

a 5D Activation describes the first opening of a Human’s Heart, while still being rooted entirely in their 3- to 4-dimensional existence – with all its limitations and the Clock of Time ticking, taking Life away.

Every single Human on Planet Earth experienced a 5D Activation in the Year of 1999 when the Planet went from 4D to 5D in its Evolution of Consciousness.

As of 2012, with 5D Gaia as Earth fully manifest, Humanity should have worked with these Activations and reached a conscious understanding of their 5-dimensional Self.

A Self that is dedicated to ‘bigger than me’, to Love, to Healing and some faculty of Love.

As we all know, that did not happen.

Rather, most of Humanity cowered in Fear, and closed their Hearts, Eyes & Minds to The Truth – while a Minority led the charge and dedicated themselves to Freedom, Truth, Love & Light.

While the Planet ascended further between 2012 to 2019, offering all sorts of new opportunities to those willing to receive it, 2020 forced all of Humanity into 5D Submission.

5D Embodiment requires a conscious choice for Ascension, Healing Work and going with the Frequency of the Planet – what women intuitively call “Flow”.

A 5D Embodiment, as explained in the Article explaining the 12 Dimensions of Consciousness, is a full commitment to Truth, Love & Ascension.

Very few Humans embody this Consciousness even in the year of 2024.

Most spiritually-awake Humans have a very strong 4D Grounding, even with 3D Elements, while focusing on 5D Consciousness and continuos Healing.

A Full 5D Embodiment, devoid of any 3D/4D Frequency, will be the norm for many Spiritual Humans by mid-2028 while unlocking 7D Frequency as a “Test Playground” and Dream-State Frequency in 2027.

5D Life = Ascended Mastery

So what does life as a fully 5-dimensional Human look like?

You are always aware of your Divine Self.

You are always in the Frequency of Love.

When you do experience Fear, it gets automatically folded into the Frequency of Love – therefore, you never make decisions based on Fear.

Even when you don’t have money, you still have a baseline of Abundance – Trust & Faith into the Universe that your Life is supported, no matter what the material circumstances you find yourself in.

You will always find well-priced items, homes or other necessities.

Your sexual-romantic partners will all be in alignment with you.

The food you eat will nourish your Lightbody.

You will not suffer from disease – other than purge & clear incidents such as a flu.

You cannot become the target of Dark Intentions, you are immune to physical and mental Violence.

 In other words: You will have reached a Consciousness that was embodied by the Ascended Masters of Old.

Living in a “modern world” with different technologies and opportunities, in the Days of complete Planetary Ascension, being a fully 5-dimensional is both attainable and simple at this point.

How do You get there? 

Like everything, it is a Process.

It all begins with your Choice for Ascension.

All you have to do is leave your unconscious Human Existence behind.

Easier said than done?

Not anymore.

The Energies of the Planet are so conducive to Ascension, if you are resisting the Flow of Light coming through at this point, all you are doing is taking your Life Force away, making life incredibly hard on yourself.

Because you are going against life.

Here is what it takes

1. Be Honest with Yourself and others.

2. Making a Commitment to Love, Self-Love most importantly.

3. Surrender to Universal Flow.

4. Become aware of your Trauma, start Healing it.

5. Take Responsibility for your Actions, Thoughts and Feelings.

6. Nourish your Body, Mind & Soul with great food, minimal drug use and frequent Plant Medicine use.

7. Come to terms with the fact that you are God/Goddess in the Human Form.

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