2-0-2-0 Galactic Node Point

The Earth Year 2020 marked the beginning of a New Era.

The “Age of Aquarius” is a Western-Judaic interpretation of just that.

This New Era would bring an unprecedented Frequency Shift.

One that would upend all Old Systems to install the New Galactic Earth Grid.

I personally have prepared this process through my global travel in the latter part of 2019.

At the time, I called it Energetic Grid (Light) Work.

Now I would simply refer to it as a Galactic Node Point Integration of our Planet, readying it for the Process of Planetary Integration into our Galactic System.

 Since the 2020 Shift, phasing in and out of this Reality on Earth has become entirely possible.

Jumping Dimensions from 5D to 6D and even to 7D has become possible.

The Opening to our Galactic Brothers & Sisters (manifesting through the opening of the Ozone Layer, for example) has happened already.

Earth’s Planetary Shift of 2020

When I was doing Lightwork in Glastonbury for the Summer Solstice 2019, I stood atop the activated Tor Hill, seeing what would unfold in 2020 between March to June:

A global shift that would affect every single human on the planet – no matter where they were.

While I did not know that it would primarly manifest through a Virus, I knew that big Events such as the Olympic Games would have to be postponed.

The World would contract in Fear upon being shone Light upon and make traveling extensively impossible.

Because of that, I knew that my time to do Planetary Grid Energy Alignment Work, necessitating my physical presence around the Planet, was well-defined and limited.

While opening the first 2 Planetary Chakras in Glastonbury that summer (Heart & Eye), I saw the finale of that year’s work: The Great Pyramid in Egypt for the Winter Solstice – which also marked the End & Completion of the 7-year 5D Ascension Cycle since 2012.

Then, on 03/03/2020 while Opening the Crown Chakra of the World (Latin “Corona”) in the Himalayas, I knew that the Work was done.

Now what was next? For me, resting and doing nothing, learning to enjoy my more Human Self now.

For the Rest of the World?

When 5D Telepathy met Human Fear

Due to the Great Dissonance between 5D Frequency already firmly rooted in Earth’s Planetary Reality and the currenct Consciousness of Humanity, all Hell broke loose. Literally.

There was not a single human unaffected by this.

And even I had trouble coming to terms with how incredibly unconscious Humanity was.

I knew it was bad – but not even remotely how bad it actually ended up being in its actual Fear-Full Manifestation.

The Energetic Templates of 5D Telepathy had been unlocked for Humanity.

That is why those who chose Fear & Evil over Love and Light needed a hazmat suit, masks and a 2m(ile?) distance.

Everything and everyone was hostile to their existence.

And the Government served its electing Slaves very well: Let’s try to force this on everyone.

Fear, Death & Disease is our Mantra and we shall convince everyone of it.

Polarization: The Split of Worlds

And we all now what happened since then.

2021 saw the final decision-making of all those who live in Fear: Take the Vaccine.

And then there was everyone else.

While there are a few cases of those who actually took the vaccine in 5D Consciousness, they are the tiniest percentile.

Taking the Vaccine separated those living in Fear and going with the same Old World Narrative from those who ventured in to a New World, devoid of Fear, ready to be initiated into the Higher Disciplines of Light.

It really was that simple.

To this day, the Unvaccinated consider themselves right and righteous based on their choices – just like the so-called Conspiracy Theorists.

And they are absolutely correct in doing so.

They made the choice for Humanity, for Live, for Truth – no matter how uncomfortable.

They stood up for what they felt was right.

The reasons may vary vastly – yet the bottom line result is simply that: Freedom or Prison.

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