The 144.000 Codex – Warriors of Light

Rather than thinking of the 144.000 as an absolute number, it simply represents an energetic encoding.

Like the term Lightworker, Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, Kryst and others – these are all variations of Source Energy that manifest themselves via Energetic Templates.

No one is inherently born with a certain trait and keeps it forever.

Everything is attainable – Spirit makes it happen at will.

Whatever you need to fulfill your Earth Mission, you will have. DNA can be re-written at any time.


Every StarSeed on Planet Earth is part of the 144.000 Codex – The Codex of Light Warriors & Light Workers.

In absolute numbers, as of 2024, the number 144.000.000 is much more accurate when speaking of LightWorkers currently present on Planet Earth.

Unlike what many believe, these Children from the Stars are not exclusive to the younger Generations (Indigo/Crystal/Rainbow Children).

At this point, there are Lightworkers of all age groups, across the entire planet.

Just like the Mayan Calendar correctly predicted the End of the World in the Year 2012, the scriptures of old Worlds long gone, such as the Bible, had something to say about the 144.000:

Revelation 7:4, “Then I heard the number of those who were sealed: 144,000 from all the tribes of Israel.

Understanding the Tribes of Israel as the original Human Species, God-Conscious like in Atlantis, the 144.000 are the Sealed Servants of the Light.

Sealed as in Hermetically Sealed, with 6D Imprints, carrying Sacred Codes of Divine Justice and a New World within them.

Indigo, Crystal & Rainbow Humans

The Children who incarnated since around 1980, co-incidentally the beginning of Earth’s Ascension, were more and more labeled as ‘Indigo’, ‘Crystal’, or ‘Rainbow’ Children.

This is a manifestation of incarnating with different Codes, Keys & Codices.

Whatever it was that Spirit required from Humans who volunteered to come here, they were imprinted with as Souls, in their Spiritual Form.

These DNA Blueprints then express themselves through the Human Form, leading to observations of ‘this generation is this’ and ‘that generations is so and so’.

Every being fulfills it purpose – even when it is completely out of alignment and has forgotten what it came here for, who it is, where it is from.

It is true that the younger Generations, specifically all those born since 1990 and especially the late 1990s, have a very different set of beliefs about themselves and the world.

Their focus is not on money – but on bettering the world. Adding to it, improving it, making it a better place.

These are all Manifestations of a 5D Consciousness.

It has been a well-known fact that, the older a human gets, the less flexible and the more stuck they are.

Their Trauma drags them down – not having access to any conscious healing modalities makes them unfit for Ascension, hence they are not in a position of uplifting & bettering themselves or their host planet.

With the incarnation of younger Humans who are more Light-activated and less influenced by Old World Trauma, Ascension can happen in the way that it needs to.

Like any DNA imprint, it can be transcribed and transferred to someone else.

That is why many seek the presence of certain individuals who embody a noticeable Gradient of Light.

Their Energy is a Blessing and their Light gets absorbed simply by being in their presence.

To a much greater extreme, unifying your own being with a being of a much higher Light Gradient, for example by having Sex with them or receiving their Mentoring, will change your Life forever as you are directly receiving their Codes of Love & Light for your own Ascension.

An Ascended Being acts as a Catalyst for the Ascension of others.

Game Changers

The Earth Game has changed more in the past 44 Years than it has in the 16.000 Years prior to that – all the way back to the Late Empire of Atlantis.

While the Frequency of Earth has significantly increased in those years, with massive jumps in 1988, 2000, 2012 & 2024, the Humans who incarnated in those few decades past have had a massive impact on the Global Frequency.

Due to their influence and presence in their families, defying and ignoring authoritarian structures – practically going their own way and saying NO to the Old World, they have changed the World since the 1st Day of their being here.

Once these Humans had grown up, they started changing the Systems that they found and inherited: Banking, Politics, Economy, Ecology and Society in general.

Those of them that became consciously aware of their Spiritual Nature and started embodying their Light are now the Leaders of the New World.

Giving Karma-free Births (energetically the same as the story of Jesus and Virgin Mary) is now slowly becoming possible by those who resolved their own karmic lessons and then choose to become Spiritual Creators, creating an opportunity for Souls to incarnate into an enlightened family & host body.

The Time of the New World has come – and its Leaders are gathering more and more to get ready for the next lessons and shifts that are imminent now.