Maximum Ego

Lost Humans need their False Leaders. The Blind lead the Blind, it has always been this way.

Desperate, lost and gullible people will always look to someone to guide them – no matter how bad their intentions are.

Luciferian Consciousness always looks to fill the inner void by having others give their energy to them.

When all you can hear from someone is how great they are and how great everyone else is not, then you know what you are dealing with: The Human Condition. Ego. Narcissism. 0 Self Love. An individual that lives entirely in a dark world of their own making, externalizing their Shadows entirely.

It takes a particular kind of small Man to say such things.

Thinking and contemplating completely ego-driven thoughts is part of the process of being Human (and ascending out of it).

Sharing such statements with the intention of the entire world listening to it takes a special kind of insanity at this time on Earth.

The Famous & Rich Lowlife

I’m the greatest Man alive.

You are all losers.

We’ve discussed this before

Dedicating one’s Life to gain Humanity’s idea of Fame, Wealth and external Recognition (while being in constant denial of that) is one of the lowest choices there are to be made.

It is called “sell your Soul to the Devil” for good reason.

Having been in Prison for 3 Months while having absolutely zero honest self-reflection in the Year of 2023 is yet another feat of a dumb human.

Andrew Tate and his Brother Tristan are little boys in Big Men’s Bodies.

If you are an 18-year old Male who has never had any Guidance, the allure of “Pussy, Dough and Muscle” may seem very tempting.

Just know that their Game is short-lived, pathetic and utterly without Integrity.

No Man of supposed “High Value” uses his Wealth to buy 30+ cars and then tries to absolve himself of his inherent guilt by donating to charity – just make sure to get it on camera, Bro!

Jordan Peterson, while still bound to the Karma of his Past Lives and the un-illuninated Shadows of his own Psyche, is an infinitely better male role model to listen to and follow.

Being a 4D Male Human can be done with utmost Integrity and Honor (Jordan Peterson).

Or it can be done the Andrew Tate way – and thus the lack of all Morality, seeking it in the Abyss of inverted Human Spiritual Delusions (aka Religion).

Escape the Matrix, so you can join mine instead

Making money by “pimping out hoes” through webcam sex to prey on gullible and desperate men all the while concluding “I am a genius” is one of the lowest points to be made when talking about Andrew Tate.

For reference, watch this 12 minute video which is a self-indictment shortly before he served his well-earned prison sentence in Romania (after claiming that he is untouchable and the Mafia itself there).

Teaching other Men how to do the same is a completely different level of Low Morality.

The absolute lack of Integrity is a product of False Masculinity, all based on ‘little Andrew never felt loved by Mommy’ and “my father was a piece of shit – and so am I.”

Which brings us to all the Hatred for Women.

His lack of self-reflection coupled with a great guilt complex led him to Islam.

Which leads us to…

Andrew Tate Handcuffs
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Dark Masculinity = No Light, No Truth, No Power

The Absolute Loser

Embodying all the Qualities of the Dark Masculine, naturally, Andrew Tate has to talk about the Shadow Side of Femininity.

He finds his match in surrounding himself with women who have absolutely 0 self-esteem, just like himself.

Closed Hearts & narrow Minds abound, Energy always finds its Match.

As this Consciousness is entirely based on their own Shadows, no Light can be found here.

All advice, all opinions, everything is completely false and will never hold any true value.

I have seen good-hearted male friends getting dragged into the vortex that the likes of Andrew Tate have created.

Any Man below a 5D Consciousness will have some level of Congruency and Resonance with what Andrew Tate says.

However, such profoundly undealt-with Shadows are in no way to be taken as an example for anything.

Heed your Heart’s Guidance, Illuminate your own Consciousness and make yourself immune to the Insanity of all those in the 3/4D Human Matrix – especially those who are fully in it, claiming to offer a way out.

They know what they are doing: Being Lost, leading others astray.

That is one of the hallmarks of Luciferian Consciousness and thus the Essence of Dark Masculinity.

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