Narcissism & The Human Ego

Narcissism, in essence, is the acknowledgment of Self in complete disconnection from Spirit.

If you incarnated into an unconscious Human Experience (hint: if you are reading this, then you did), you have gone through the process of making yourself unconscious.

This disconnection from Divinity, a lowering of Consciousness from 5D+ to 4D and even 3D (before 1999), led to the development of The Human Ego.

This has been Human Reality and thus History for the past ~20.000 Years on Earth – since the Beginnings of the End of Atlantis which existed entirely in 5D in its true and original template.

Human Psychologists claim that only a small percentage of humans have narcissistic traits.

All Humans are Narcissists to varying degrees.

Some in Moments, others all the time.

Social Media has proven this to be self-evident in the past 10+ Years.

Look, Attention!

Here, Me, Me, Me!

And even those who stay off the Social Media Virus Platform entirely have their own form of virtuous narcissism (I am better than that).

It is to say “I am Love” without knowing what Love is.

It is a belief derived from and rooted in Fear.

Fear attempts to describe Love.

As all Fear-Full Energies, it is akin to an energetic Darkness – A Black Hole of sorts.

All Love and Light that is given to it will disappear into Nothingness.

It is never enough.

It is never good.

Everything is nihilism to the Human Ego that does not know Love of and for SELF.

A closed Heart that pretends to be Love (Feminine Shadow) or a closed Heart that pretends to be Light (Masculine Shadow).

The Ego always dies

“In Life, only Death is certain”

That is indeed correct – but only for those who never knew Life at all.

The Human Ego cycles through a Human Body and its inherent DNA restrictions (let’s call this a pre-destined template), knowing that its time is coming to an end eventually.

Every moment that you spend in Fear, you will get closer to Death.

Every moment you spend in Love, you will know Life – Death and its entire existence will disappear entirely.

If you choose Ascension consciously, the opening of your Heart and the Awakening of your Soul in the Human Form, your Human Ego will merge with your Spirit Self in an unprecedented Adventure of Divine Remembering.

If you choose to resist the Light of Conscious Awakening that is Ascension, you will suffer and eventually die.

As always, the Choice is yours.

Understanding the Root Cause of Narcissism

Through the Human incarnational process until the Year 2020, going below 5D Consciousness and joining the Human Unconscious Collective, a sense of Self is derived from your environment in the first years of your human lifetime.

That is why everyone can agree on the first years of any human being so pivotal and important.

This pertains to all energetic levels of the human experience – physical, mental, emotional & spiritual.

This sense of Self is, by definition of the Human Unconsciousness, an Identity completely disconnected from Love.

The false Love of the Mother Shadow and the false Light of the Father Shadow will give the child the illusory idea of knowing Love (Feminine Traits) or Light (Masculine Qualities).

There are some cases which make this more obvious: Children growing up as an only child and parents channeling all their energy through that one child.

Especially when there is some idea of wealth involved, the child will feel entitled to everything while nothing is ever good enough.

The world should bow down to it as it is centered around the child – once more, a definition of narcissism.

To come from Narcissism into Self-Love, Healing has to happen.

That Healing starts at the very core of the being seeking Love: Itself.

False Beliefs, Trauma and Karma stand in the way of knowing, experiencing and embodying Love.

Healing of Narcissism can only begin when the Lack of Inner Love – Love for Self – has been acknowledged.

Without this realization, a Human will never go beyond a 4D Consciousness (the absolute baseline of Human Existence since 2021).

True Love for Self

So how to embody True Love, then?

How to break free of narcissistic relationships that are rooted in your own Trauma (Trauma Bonding)?

All you have to do is become honest with yourSELF.

Once you increase your own Frequency to a 5D Human template by opening your Heart consciously (usually, this happens through a Twin Flame Activation first), you will learn what Love truly is – and how the idea of Love that you held was an absolute illusion.

Love for an unconscious Human is merely an interpretation of bodily-hormonal processes on a physiological level and Mental processes (Feelings & Thoughts) on the mental level.

When has anyone ever felt “butterflies” and thought the most loving thoughts and felt loving feelings for THEMSELVES?


That is an experience that only exists between 2 unconscious humans who are projecting the idea of Love onto each other, co-creating human-unconscious Love.

Once you embody 5-dimensional Consciousness and thus Love of a Spiritual Nature – even just for a few moments through mediums like Plant Medicine or Meditation – you will never go back.

Once you fall in Love with your Self, you have mastered the Human Unconscious Experience – because you have seen through it all and realized the Truth.

The Truth of your Soul.

As a Human, only Ascension will lead you to that Truth.