19th of October, 2018

What has been merely 5 Years on an Earthly cyclical scale, for me personally has been more than 30.000 Years of energetic remembering.

That Friday, just after noon, I returned to my home in the Heart of Budapest after having a somewhat normal day (considering what the 10 past days had given me).

I felt a little strange and after drinking some water decided to sit down on my sofa to meditate and find out what this feeling is.

Barely 10 minutes into it, it was like an infected bubble that burst to release all the negative energy inside of it.

I saw it so clearly that I didn’t even have a second to doubt that this was true.

I was revealed the darkest Truth I had ever had to face: I violently and brutally raped young boys in a previous incarnation of mine while seeing myself as a dark-haired man whom I could vaguely make out to be a Witcher – even though that detail wasn’t entirely clear to me at that moment.

It is difficult to accurately describe what I felt at that moment as past life memories have a different imprint than current life emotional releases.

But let’s just say that INFINITE GUILT would be the correct word.

I felt and thought once more what I had felt during my San Pedro Awakening a good month prior to this experience:

How do I deserve to live?

Why am I not dead?

Why would I do something like this?

I broke out in tears and for a moment just wished to not exist.

Shortly thereafter, I saw my phone was ringing…

Synchronized Memories

My Twin Flame on Bali, 6h ahead and 11.000km away from me, was calling me.

Due to the connection we had formed, I already knew that she knew as well.

She was shocked and told me the details of what she just saw – which was exactly what I just saw.

That confirmed all the more for me and my freshly spiritually awakened Human: This was the Truth and there was no denying it.

I had to face it and own up to it – however exactly that worked because I had no idea at that time.

Asking for Forgiveness is what came to me.

After having a very negatively-charged emotional conversation with her in which she was full of judgment and fear for herself (understandably so at that moment in time), I was left with that day to contemplate what I had done and to simply allow what I had just witnessed.

Once you have a conscious past life remembering, there is no turning back from that.

Be it negative or positive, it changes your reality and perception of self forever.

And thus it began

I had a lot more insight the coming weeks, also because of a female shaman that my Twin Flame connected me with and that I visited just days after to receive activations that were long overdue.

Yet it wasn’t until I landed on Bali and reuniting with her again that I delved a lot deeper into what was my greatest Karmic Lifetime to resolve.

Remembering this lifetime of Dark Magick presented the by far greatest opportunity for integration of my Shadow into the Light.

After making the conscious decision to leave my old life behind forever, giving up my home in and as Budapest, no longer focusing on business and dedicating my life entirely to Spirituality, I boarded a plane to Bali.

This much anticipated reunion with my Twin Soul was to be the next and last chapter in my Full Awakening (that was completed in December 2018).

This was to uplift me to a completely new level and perception of Self, recognizing Spiritual Truths that I never perceived nor thought possible.

I remember waiting for my luggage at the carousel at Bali’s Denpasar Airport, thinking ‘this all better be worth it’.

The joke was on me and the irony was great because it was about to get A LOT WORSE before it got even remotely to the point of being any better.

Starting with our frequencies not matching at all (I could not see her), we went to the Tree House that we so romantically booked for ourselves.

The first day, while feeling a lot of latent dark energy, was still somewhat agreeable.

I remember the typical Balinese Heart made of Flowers on the floor that I unconsciously stepped into, destroying it. I knew this was a foreboding of what was about to happen.

The day after my arrival, once again with the help of small doses of San Pedro, we both embarked on a journey of discovering past-life-karmic entanglement.

It turned out that, in that very same lifetime, I had killed her in the most brutal way, torturing her first (cutting her open specifically at the ovaries) as well as killing and torturing our daughter in front of her before finally killing her.

In an attempt to redeem myself from this infinite guilt, I went down on my knees and asked her for forgiveness.

I ate the very manifestation of my fears in the animal kingdom: a spider.

Lastly, I went outside into public completely naked to show that ‘I have nothing to hide anymore. This is who I am and that is all there is to it’.

That all happened within 36h of my arrival.

Suffice to say that there was a lot more to all this with a great many more details – but I feel that for the sake of relating my story of remembering dark past life deeds to you, this is sufficient.

My Shadow Work Journey

Every waking hour from my arrival on Bali (November 9, 2018) to my departure (December 23) was entirely dedicated to illuminating and facing more and more aspects of my Shadow particularly related to that past life.

I learned more and more of the scope of what I had done: Practicing Dark Magick via the sacrifice of humans, adults and children alike, raping and torturing them to harness energy to cast dark spells, bewitching the world (The Plague), carrying a dagger with which I closed the Hearts of my victims, and much much more.

Along with that journey came the Complete Healing of my Sexuality.

I no longer had issues with erections or my image of Masculinity like I had before.

I also no longer had the issue of looking babies or young children in the eyes and feeling a very uncomfortable guilt arising in me (the mirror of innocence).

Along with a very deep physiological & mental cleanse that hurt in all my organs of detoxification (liver, kidneys, lymphatic system, skin, etc.), by the time Christmas had arrived, I had cleansed myself of all my karma associated with that lifetime.

The degree of surrender and forgiveness that I sought and eventually gave myself was so great that within but 3 months, I had succeeded in purifying my Soul from the karmic debt that I owed due to my dark choices of the past.

My direct own experience serves as a great example of how Karma works – and how it can be efficiently dissolved in a very effective manner.

Also note that, to his day, I have yet to meet a Soul who came even remotely close to the karmic debt that I had to pay.

Which brings us to one of the most falsely used sayings there are, yet I can say this truthfully: If I could do what I did, then so can you.

In more accurate terms: If I could dissolve that level of karmic debt within just 3 months, then you can take care of yours lovingly with the support of Ascension Energies on the Planet in probably but a few weeks or months, depending on how dedicated you are and what exactly your Karma is.

Transforming Shadows into Light

Now, did it end there?

Yes, from a karmic perspective, it did end there.

However, from a teaching perspective, it continues to this day and I am only truly getting started now.

You see, without a conscious and experiential understanding of how Black Magick works, I never would have been able to do what I did in the 2nd half of 2019 – opening Portals to Light while closing Dark ones.

Fighting the Vatican and beating them at their own game.

And so on and so forth.


If you are afraid of someone with a gun and you are willingly submitting yourself to their tyrannical rule because of them having that gun, then ask yourself:

what would be your very first move once you had a gun and knew how to handle it?

You would lose your Fear – and Courage would take its place.

You would fight for your Freedom instead of being wrongfully imprisoned.

Why your Greatest Fears are the Indicator for your Greatest Powers

Your Fears, your Demons, your Shadows – those are all YOUR BEST FRIENDS.

They are all a creation of the genius of Source – making you remember your Truth and your Power by forcing you to acknowledge your Pain, your Suffering, your Problems.

You can no longer outrun nor ignore them as the Frequency of the Planet rises (this in itself explains what came to be known as ‘CoronaVirus’).

You have to courageously face your fears and, if need be, kill them.

Find the tools to fight for your life.

And also learn when it’s time to give up, surrender and to die.

How do you overcome the Fear of Death?

By dying, again and again, realizing that it is merely a tool for learning.

The more you make Death your most intimate Friend, the more you become filled with LIFE.

You realize the Truth and Power of Life itself.

And you realize that Death, ultimately, is merely an illusion.

Death is the process of letting go, surrendering and giving in to your Fears.

You can only fight for so long – eventually you will have to stop fighting and simply allow it.

I saw that exact same process with my own Human Father: He fought his cancer for 5 Years.

But when he finally let go of the idea that he will get better and simply surrendered to his life ending, he finally was at peace.

He finally had found the courage to trust the Light to take him away.

And within less than 48 hours, he had left his body.

What are you doing to face your Fears & Illuminate your Shadows?