Free Your SELF

Forgiveness is one of the most misunderstood concepts in human existence.

Many believe that Forgiveness means waiting for someone else’s approval. For someone else to release and relieve them of their guilt.

The Priest says “Lord X forgave you” and the King pardons you – yet quickly you will come to find out that none of that matters.

Because your Guilt is YOUR Guilt.

No one can alleviate it or make it go away.

Forgiveness is Remembering.

Remembering what happened, knowing what was wrong and what is right now.

Asking someone for Forgiveness is about the humblest of things you can do.

The pain, the shame, the guilt – it all leaves you.

It also simply means that you are ready to receive Divine Judgment.

Whatever happens now is out of your hands entirely.

You become powerful by recognizing that there are Greater Powers than you.

Learning from them, listening to them, heeding their guidance.

All that becomes possible through Forgiveness.

Step 1: Self-Awareness

Realizing what you did.

If something is haunting you, then that’s for good reason.

Until you start facing your demons head-on, you will never learn what it means to receive Forgiveness.

Step 2: Asking for Forgiveness

Now that you’ve realized, through the act of honest remembering, what you have done wrong: Go to the recipient of your wrongdoings and ask them for Forgiveness. If they are already dead in this current lifetime of theirs, then simply ask their Soul for Forgiveness.

Even though the person you wronged may still accuse you or insult you, perhaps even wanting to fight you: It is done.

Invoking the Law of Forgiveness, you can absolve yourself of your karmic debt. Neutralize it.

Once that has happened, you now need to…

Step 3: Self-Inquiry

Now that you have owned up to and taken responsibility for your wrongdoings, you need to understand WHY you did it.

Where does the belief come from that made you feel compelled to act in such a way?

The answer to this lies somewhere in your past. How far in the past? That depends on the case, it could very well go back many lifetimes.

Always look for the ROOT Cause.

You weed out that nasty root on your first attempt, you never have to deal with it again.

Step 4: Integration to Integrity

Now that you have learnt what the problem is, choose to act otherwise. Have every intention of not doing it again and see how that works out for you.

You may discover many things along the way that will help you understand your SELF better.

Make sure to LEARN from it. Spirit does not reward the lazy but the curious and bold.

If you are given lessons, you better start learning them.


Now, after the full processing has happened, it is time to empower yourself and ask for forgiveness. From Your Self. Ultimately, you have to be the Judge of your own Actions.

Spirit always seeks to empower & remind you of your own Powers. And that those Powers are to be used for good.

So, ease up on yourself and give yourself a pass.

Step 6: Forgive Others

The final stage. Now that you have been put into a position of power by your own Self, you get to forgive others. Those who may have wronged you, forgive them. They didn’t know any better, whatever happened to you.

We always seek to heal ourselves from whatever ill has befallen us.

That always works only when we are ready to face the root cause for that suffering.

Ultimately, you come to realice that only you have ever been punishing yourself. No one can do anything to you – you are not a victim and never have been. It’s time to let go of the old story.

Step 7: Enjoy your Freedom

You have mastered the lesson and now get to walk in the Integrity of your own making and wake.

That which has been your Shadow now has been transformed into Pure Light.

The more Darkness you transform into Light, the more Powers & Rewards you shall receive.


The more you realize how that which wronged you, traumatized you, hurt you – actually, it has taught you a very important lesson for your Soul Development.

Any Trauma always calls for Acceptance. It is only when we reject our Trauma that it becomes a problem, part of our Shadow and potentially karmic beliefs.

Based on my own direct experience, I have created a proven Ascension Process for integrating Trauma, Karma & Shadows into pure Joy, Consciousness & Light:

1) Forgiveness

2) Gratitude

3) Grace


You can read moer about it here (link coming)…