I know this post is absolutely sure to polarize (as in those not aligned with The Truth polarizing themselves) – and that is why it is so timely for Israel to get their Ass Karmically kicked right now.

What makes all this even better & more effective: From a simple Human perspective, I am German, blonde & blue-eyed. Having a Jewish Family Name, I also understand that side of my past Karma around money very well.

So, Israel got attacked by those they stole their land from in the first place.

2 of the 12 Tribes of Israel are at war with each other, so to speak.

And no one around Israel particularly likes them – surrounded by enemies.

If only anyone knew why?

They are surely just poor victims and are treated badly by evil Muslims!

Enough of the nonsense, let us get to it.

The Forbidden Truth

Having had many centuries worth of direct influence in the way money is made, managed, handled, loaned and so on, Jews were known for seeking Power and using their intelligence to take advantage.

Fair enough, everyone else tried to do the exact same with what they had available.

Europe, an Ancient Site and Theater for a great many Wars across modern History (modern meaning somewhat accepted and recorded by current humanity), has seen its extensive share of Jewish Business conduct and the manipulative nature of almost all of it.

The fact alone that this topic is so sensitive to absolutely everyone in the modern West is the indicator for how much negativity, trauma and karma is tied to it.

One has to openly and honestly talk about a topic, accepting differing perspectives, to arrive at a somewhat truthful and historically accurate conclusion.

Declaring one “Truth” (Holocaust very bad, evil!) as such and rejecting all else just tells everyone one thing, in plain English:

You guys sure have a lot to hide!

So where is Karma and the Universal Law of Resonance in all this? Nowhere to be found, according to the Israelis.

They have been the original victims, always prosecuted, always hunted and hated.

But they didn’t do anything, they are such nice, peace-loving and -making people!

Kosher at Heart.



Because who likes to admit to their Shadows and very own Evil, especially when it is done back to them?

How did I/we get ourselves into this situation, what does our idea of God want to teach us with this?

Having had a Zionist Agenda in Europe and the USA and as obviously a tyrannical business practice, all meant to enslave & conquer, all that can only lead to one result, eventually:

Karmic Redemption & The Day of Reckoning

Hitler was merely the orator, leader and mental architect of what came to be known as antisemitic actions and eventually the systematic oppression and destruction of the Jewish people.

It showed the Jewish people one thing: Neither were they untouchable nor did their God idea protect them – the chosen and holiest people of all.

Apparently, God-forsaken and fed to the most evil of people in all of human history: The SS.

A kill squad like any other selected for genocide. One of the many in human history.

The Israeli Military & Intelligence services, touted to be one of the best in the world and definitely backed by the very Zionist USA in ideology (stemming from Freemasonry), just got surprised and absolutely steamrolled by supposed savages.

Those same savages who merely want a home to themselves that is not fenced in by a prison cage, controlled-patrolled 24/7.

If you are a very small population of people that isolated itself and truly believes to this day that they are so special, God’s chosen people, then resentment and hatred will eventually find its release.

Oh no, look: The prisoners have escaped and armed themselves, fighting for their own Freedom that we have taken from them.

Terrible Terrorists, bomb them all!

Jerusalem – Cradle of Civilization, Birthplace of Modernity

The inner Old City of Jerusalem, walled-in, contains the spiritual origin templates for 5(!!!) religions all at once.

Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Zionism & Freemasonry

Upon visiting in late January of 2020 for an activation-remembrance Journey, I was deeply impressed by the amount of knowledge contained within the City Walls.

Every City Gate offers a different way of accessing the hidden wonders awaiting the spiritually awakened wanderer.

If you spent 1 week just visiting the inner City, it would never get boring interacting with the richness of its energetic templates and potential imprints/activations.

With all that said: This is for everyone. If the Israelis are being bad hosts to these sacred energies (which they have been, very much and increasingly so), there will be a forced opening.

Going to Bethlehem, for example, is only possible by crossing into Palestine through a prison-turnstile-death row walking complex, leaving your car behind.

The standstill energies in this region had to be let loose like an avalanche around this time.

So now that it finally happened, it is sure to intensify and escalate more to quickly pay a HUGE karmic debt.

The price paid for life taken wrongfully & mis-aligned is either life given and sustained or one’s own life. That is The Law of Karma. And no one will escape it.


The true History of Israel is directly linked to Ancient Egypt.

Amun-Ra, descriptor of the Ultimate God, The Greek Alpha & Omega, is in the name.

The knowledge and wisdom hidden in the old books of that time are either no longer physically available or hidden in plain sight: The Vatican, Egypt from Alexandria to Luxor, The Dead Sea & Sinai, & much more.

Instead of Israel cowering down under their ‘Iron Dome’ of self-imprisonment, isolating themselves and the energies of their land from the rest of the world, they need to open up and integrate into their immediate surroundings, letting everyone participate in the richness that these very Ancient lands have to offer.

If they do not, then the Israeli people won’t be much more than chosen for the history books very soon.

They choice is theirs, as it always has been.

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