A Sin so Sweet…

The original Story of Human Sin as per the Bible equally portrays Eva & Adam as the perpetrators of eating God’s Forbidden Fruit.

That is not truthful.

While the Masculine betrayed the Light (and thus God) first, the Feminine betrayed Love (and thus Goddess).

The story of The Snake, Sin & the sweet, forbidden things is one of the historical Human Feminine Shadow on Earth.

The Logo of the Apple Brand is The Forbitten Fruit itself – with a bite taken out of it already and thus after the “Original Sin” had been committed.

Together with the unjustifiably (from a pure technology standpoint) high price for Apple devices, Humans are carrying the reminder of their own Sin with them all day.

Not only that, it also powers their entire online identity, all communication and business that is conducted through it.

Apple Devices, as per human-karmic imprinting, serve the purpose of reminding Humanity of their True History.

All Actions conducted through Apple Devices, without having conscious Awareness of one’s own Human Karma & Shadows, is inherently a Guilt-filled Endeavor.

Apple Technology & its Galactic Origin

Initially a Brand for Computer Geeks, Programers and Enthusiasts, since the iPhone and especially the Death of Steve Jobs, the Apple Brand has become an absolute Must for most Women who can (or cannot) afford it.

The technological barrier of entry is a lot lower than Android – a lot less technical knowledge is necessary to properly navigate the Apple Platforms.

Just like Instagram would not exist without Women and their desire to showcase their feminine Shadows excessively, obscenely & perversely (I also used to call it BeMySponsor.com), the Apple Branding would not exist without Women.

┬áLike Android & Google represent the Masculine Orion-galactic Energy of Control (with all its Karma), Apple & Windows represent the Feminine Draconian-galactic Energy of Manipulation – with all its Karma.

The Apple Cult turned Sect

steve jobs original iphone

” If you don’t have an iPhone, well, you don’t have an iPhone. “


With the release of the iPhone, announced by “Super Genius” Steve Jobs, the global Cult around Apple truly started.

The Apple Stickers on the back of everyone’s car, the enormous arrogance and superiority complex of Apple Users over Android & Windows Users.

Droves of people camping outside of Apple Stores for days or weeks, making sure they can lay claim to the latest and most recent model.

The almighty Apple Logo ruled them all.

Once Steve Jobs died, just before the Big 2012 Shift, The Cult of Apple became a Sect.

Upon his Death, the singularly-focused Energy onto one Cult Leader became a Sect (the same Dogma remained, yet there was no mythical Leader anymore).

In the wake of this transformation, simple Apple Store employees became “Apple Geniuses”, now believing that they can be like Steve Jobs themselves.

The feeling of being crept up on repeated at various Apple Stores throughout the World.

Slithering into my Ears like the Snake, she said “Join us, you can become superior to everyone else, too”.


With the Activation of the Original Sin given technological form with a human-accessible interface, coupled with more recent Human-Earthly Karma of Royalty & tyrannical Hierarchy, the Apple Branding has become the perfect representation of The modern Human and its incredibly inflated Ego.

Just as the Night is always darkest before dawn, the Ego is always biggest just before it dies – while making its last stand.

Such has been the process of Human Ascension since 1987.

Female Guilt = Modern Society

Women can do no wrong. Women are alwazs right.

If bad or evil happens, it is always Men (“The Patriarchy”).

Women Good. Men Bad.

The Karma accumulated by the Feminine Collective manifests via the Feminine Shadow.

Right here, right now.

The greater the desire to give oneself importance and seek superiority, the more obvious the admission of one’s own guilt.

“If I don’t enrich myself and keep it all to myself, then I will never have anything.”

If you need to steal from others in order to have something, then it clearly wasn’t yours to have.

If Spirit wants you to have something, then you shall have it.

When Women without an open Heart use Apple Devices, they are inheriting the Original Sin of Eva.

The Evidence is at their very fingertips: The Sacred Fruit that just got eaten.

Lastly, it shall be mentioned that “The Apple” is what became known as Adam’s Apple.

Eva that ate Adam’s Apple…this opens up an entirely different and much darker chapter of Humanity.

That is the History we have come to know as “The Dark Ages”.

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