Digital Wealth Creation

Creating Wealth and Abundance for Yourself has never been easier.

The Opportunities created through the Global Digitilization of everything since 2012 have changed the way that Money works and is created.

Coming from an Old World Office or Physical Labor Job, having a digital (what many falsely call “passive”) income stream changes the way you view money forever.

While the Human Condition aka Unconsciousness with all its Scarcity, Lies & Egoic Arrogance still reigns supreme for the vast majority of people (we can call this 3D & 4D Wealth), 5D or let alone 6D Wealth – manifesting through Light Currency – can most easily be created by some form of Digital Enterprise at this time.

Physical Creation is always the last to manifest when looking at Energy Flow as a linear concept, from top to bottom (Higher Frequencies manifesting as Lower Frequencies via Physicality).

As the field of Digital Technology has little physical grounding other than its Hardware, it is much easier and faster to transmit ideas and bring them into a Manifestation of Wealth.

In 2024, it is easier than ever to conduct business successfully in a way that it earns you money without having to actively work on it all the time.

Beware of Internet Marketers

Cryptocurrency is not going to save you or make you rich.

Neither will selling useless nonsense via FBA, Dropshipping, Casino Subscriptions, plastering a website or 10 with Google Ads or whatever other scheme desperate and poor people use on the Internet to gain the illusion of wealth.

You see, if you do not conduct yourself with Integrity & Honor, you will not suceed at anything – online, offline, anywhere.

Sure, you may make Millions and consider yourself rich.

But that is for poor Humans who don’t know any better.

Just like Fake Countdowns, False Scarcity, over-pricing your offer in a vain attempt to gain self-esteem, and so much more.

Also, definitely make sure to be Google’s Bitch and do whatever it tells you to do – Google truly owns your Internet Business, not you!

Internet Marketing so far, for the most part, is just a reflection of an unconscious Humanity trying to feel good about themselves – thinking that they can get away with it due to the perceived anonymity the Internet used to provide.

If you truly want to build an Empire of Wealth that lasts, you will have to consistently provide Value that is in Alignment with the Light.

All those Empires throughout Human History that fell did so because they did not serve the Light.

If you make your money by engaging in any Negative Frequencies (being positive and smiley on your Social Media only makes it worse) at all, you will be punished.

It is 2024, after all.

In my unconscious days of being an Internet Marketer myself, due to sheer naivete and not having any guidance, I also fell into a few traps – laid by those who prey on the less-knowing.

The space of Cryptocurrency is probably the best-known example: 1% True Potential, 99% Scam for the Desperates.

The Wolf of Wall Street has gone fully digital.

What it Takes

Now, with all that out of the way, let us talk about the intricacies of wealth and how to create & keep Abundance.

If you have ever met and known anyone who did what they did solely ‘for money’, then you know how happy that made them.

They sold their Soul and their Divine Talents to a Matrix Corporation or, even better, enslaved themselves in their own business.

There is no better prison than the one you build for yourself, thinking that it is really comfortable in there because you have ‘stuff’.

What can you learn from that?

No matter the financial reward, DO WHAT YOU ARE HERE TO DO.

I personally had to learn to live without Money for 4 Years in order to get to where I needed to go.

Never choose convenience over your Mission.

As a Woman, you should never even consider getting close to the poisonous ‘Boss Lady’ or the even more deluded ‘I have my own Business to get rich’.



Now obviously, that does not mean that you have to have a partner to create wealth.

It simply means that you have to understand the Basic Principles of Universal Energy – they guide the Flow of Energy and you either go with it – or you shall struggle, fail and die (in business as everywhere else).

To create true Wealth, you have to remember your Soul’s Mission on Earth first.

Once you know what you are here to do, you can then do your Work in complete alignment with The Light.

Effectively, this means that no true wealth nor value can be created or sustained below a 5-dimensional Consciousness.

Once more, your Ascension is the Key to getting what you want in life.


Heed these words and mark them well – they shall liberate you from The Corporate Slave Matrix and set you free financially forever.

You will not succeed in life without being free from Old World Money and all your attachments to it.