This is a guest article by Dragon Rinpoche – an extremely powerful and gifted, fully 6D Lightworker.

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What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is a blanket term used to refer to spiritual and healing practices, often having ancient roots in various cultures, tribes, or traditions around the world.

Shamanic ceremonies and rituals typically involve a practitioner, known as a Shaman, who is believed (often falsely) to have the ability to enter altered states of consciousness, to communicate with and leverage earth spirits and to relieve humans of ailments and other such troubles.

Shamans often serve as intermediaries between the physical and spiritual realms and are generally deemed to address issues such as illness, spiritual imbalance, and community conflicts.

The Duality of Traditional Shamanism

Humanity as a collective is coming from the dark ages, particularly with regards to beliefs, religion, and society, but really all areas of mortal existence. Traditional shamanic practices and lineages are no exception to this, meaning that they harbour a vast amount of karma, dogma, and shadows.

Without true consciousness and ascended presence, it is the shadows that are pulling the strings and orchestrating the ceremony or ritual. This also means that the flow of cosmic energy will be filtered through these impure mediums which, as you can imagine, is by no means conducive to the optimum healing and expansion of anybody involved.

Entering into a traditional ceremony can be a magnificent training opportunity for those already adept in their lightwork; allowing them to hone their sense of discernment and attain deeper understanding, immunity, and compassion towards the karma and traumas of mortal humans.

Each ceremony may serve as an intensive ascension and lightwork training program, through which One may discover, among other things, that the deeper progress they have attained in their own healing journey will be directly proportional to the degree to which the darkness and ill-intention of the shamanic practitioner (and all shadow beings) is illuminated and nullified.

They may also realise the ways in which they are still in resonance with the manipulation, clearing any karmic debris which creates such resonance.

These learnings will likely be tough for even the oldest and wisest of souls but are immeasurably rewarding and necessary at this time for Ascension.

Additionally, through the heightened consciousness enabled through One’s own shadow integration work, greater levels of immunity to any black magic that is present, in all situations and environments, shall be revealed and put into practise.

This will inevitably provide a natural increase in energetic sovereignty and, in many cases, the lightworker will be granted rightful stewardship, of the ceremony and its participants; steering the course of the event and directing the currents of energy, in favour of Truth, Love, Source, and Ascension.

This takes place far beyond mental concepts of egoic control, so any attempt to manipulate this from the human level can only be met with great pain and immense disappointment.

What is Shadow Shamanism

A Shadow Shaman is nothing more than a person who, drastically misguided by someone they unconsciously deemed holier, acts as a conduit or an emissary of humanity’s collective darkness while leveraging and feeding off of the trauma of individuals or a group. In order to successfully do this, they will masquerade as a healer, holy man, or saint. They may never openly proclaim themselves to be such things, however, for those with eyes to see, it is highly evident that this is the persona they hide behind in order to further dark agendas and to maintain severely outdated and obsolete power structures of old.


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