The Old World is Burning Down

With Planetary Ascension nearing its Completion Point in 2033, more Light Frequency is reaching the Planet every Day now.

Due to the sheer Unwillingness of Humanity to change their INNER CLIMATE, i.e. choose a Better Life/Higher Frequency and thus ASCENSION, they perceive the Higher Light Gradient (and thus Temperature) as life-threatening.

They are indeed correct – it is threatening their Existence, their Lower-than-acceptable Frequency.

They have to stay away from the Sun and its Solar Flare Power Activations.

For all those choosing the Old World that has a time stamp of expiration on it: Nature will take care of you.

Your Suffering is not Infinite – it ends when your Cowardice comes to an end.

And you have found the Honesty within to end your own Existence.

Not for Death.

But for Life.

For that is Ascension.

That is Remembering Who You are.

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