6D Light Ceremony

With 6D Light Ceremonies,we have upgraded the Frequency and Healing Properties of Plant Medicine on this Planet.


Free from the karmically-bound tradition of Old (3-4D), you get to experience Earth’s rich & supportive Healing Agents in their truest form (5-6D).


Without karmic clearing and processing, the Rituals of lineage are rooted in a World of much lower Frequency that is in no way aligned with Ascension nor Spirituality.


Providing a 5D Baseline of Love, you are able to access the Frequency of 6D.


This is where your Soul, your Soul’s Blueprints and your Highest Self resides.


It is here that you get to experience your Self in your truest Form – as that which can only be described as your Self as an embodiment of Light.

Our Healing Locations

at which we serve your Health, Ascension & Enlightenment with 6D Ceremonies & Retreats

Current Locations



Playa del Carmen

Future Locations


Puerto Morelos



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