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The (Un)conscious Community

As you begin to awaken and expand into new levels of perception, feelings of aloneness or that you are isolated from those you once felt a connection with are common.

If you have recently experienced the grandest shift in consciousness that you ever have, it is completely natural that you would want to share this with others, along with all your many groundbreaking revelations that have accompanied this process.

You may begin to seek community, camaraderie, and friendship among what you perceive to be like-minded beings and depending on your level of discernment, this may be a positive thing and yield very positive results, providing a sense of accountability on your journey.

However, especially for those who began awakening before 2019, this may not always be the case, at least not without a veil of deception and karmic strings attached.

Between the realms of the Third and Fifth Dimensions, a territory which all of us may cross at some point, are numerous 4D Cults. So-called ‘Conscious Communities’ are among these cults.

Karmically inspired by 60s Hippydom, shamanism, and yoga, yet they’re their own animal entirely.

These are beings who have not chosen ascension, instead opting for a kind of alternative fashion statement and a set of hobbies, including tantra workshops, ecstatic dance, and anything that can have attached to it the terminologies such as ‘sacred’ or ‘ceremony’.

False (externalized) Healing

This seeking of external validation allows for optimum amounts of unconscious shadow expression and avoidance and the maintenance of a facade of superiority.

While often mentioning things such as 5D and Healing, the roots of their consciousness and their actions are solely 3D and 4D in nature (egoic and self-serving), only occasionally poking their shrouded crowns into the realms of Fifth-Dimensional territory.

The levels of consciousness achievable when the intentions behind the actions are rooted in within humanity’s deepest fears of loneliness, survival, and connection are meager when compared to those attained when moving from your innate wholeness and completion.

We are not to be misled by external manifestations as a marker point for how ‘healed’ somebody is. An Eternal dedication to Truth is key in order to pierce through any and all deception and lies.

Looks can be deceiving and those who place themselves at the forefront, as community leaders and spiritual elders, may be in fact among the most abhorrent, double-dealing harbingers of trickery, deception, and lies, propagating the seeds of shadowy deceit in and amongst their subjects.

As of 2024, the majority of ‘Shamans’, Yoga/Health Gurus, Teachers, Healers, Messiah Pretenders, and Practitioners find themselves falling into this category. One must work with light to pierce through every word they speak in order to unveil the energy which truly motivates them, revealing any and all hidden intentions.

The ‘Shamanism’ which transpires in and around these unconscious communities presents one of the more overt and obvious displays of cult-like behaviors currently in rampant propagation. Dark, demonic, karmic imprints express unconsciously due to the practitioners themselves not having reached a baseline of true healing; far from embodying anything close to a Fifth Dimensional and love-light oriented consciousness.

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